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Recently, Farmville players have been complaining of multiple Shockwave Flash crashes in game and problems with plugins that they have disabled in Google Chrome mysteriously re-enabling themselves. What’s that all about and why is it happening? What is that mysterious Pepperflash exactly? We have some answers for you to check out below  and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Why don’t things I disable stay disabled?

The way Chrome saves your settings is via syncing data. To do this you will need to sign into Chrome. You can do this using your gmail or Google+ credentials. The benefits to signing in are that Chrome will then save changes you make to your browser settings and will also sync your bookmarks. If you ever have to un-install and re-install Chrome, or even if you get a brand new computer, all you will have to do is load Chrome,sign in and your browser settings and bookmarks will be exactly as you had them.
To sign into Chrome

1) Click on the 3 lines in the upper right corner of your browser. Then Click “sign into Chrome” Note that mine says “sync error, sign in again”. If you have not signed in before, sign into Chrome will be on that line, the sync error means that any time you change the password on your Google account, you will need to sign in again.
sign in

You will then see the following pop-up or screen (depending on Chrome version) where you can enter your credentials and click sign in.

sign in2

Once you are signed in, it will show that you are signed in and your user name when you click the 3 lines or access your settings menu. 

signed in
You can read more about benefits of signing into Chrome from Chrome’s website  here.

Note, if you are signed in and your settings are still not saving, it may be due to a tweak in Pepperflash for Linux operating systems during the most recent update. You can read more and report a bug to Google here. Thanks to Farmer Robbin from our Ask The Dirt Farmer group for the tip on the proximity to update.

Flash Settings

Chrome is prone to flash crashes because it is capable of using two different flash plug-ins and if both are enabled, it will cause software conflicts. Often when you look at the plug-ins on your browser which you can do by going to chrome://plugins, you will see that both are enabled by default. One version will need to be disabled to stop the crashes.

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Why are there two anyway? 

As pictured above Chrome plugins will generally include both the Pepperflash player and the System flash. Below, we will explain the differences to help you make an informed choice on which to use if the differences in your test are not noticeable.


Pepperflash is a custom version of Adobe Flash Player built specifically for Google Chrome. 

The difference between Pepperflash and system flash is that Pepperflash is contained in Chrome’s Custom sandbox environment. A  Sandbox means that it controls the flow of information and certain functions are prohibited. This adds an extra layer of protection for you, and makes it more difficult for viruses and other malware to interact with your computer. You can read more about Pepperflash on Chrome’s site here.

System Flash

The bottom flash is your system flash. The basic version that you will use with all other browsers and flash  content on your computer itself. It is more commonly used and very similar, just lacks the additional security built into the Chrome-specific version. Depending on how much web surfing you do an whether you might visit sites that have risky flash based content, this difference may not matter to you.

Which one should you disable?

Well that is up to you. The version that will work better is really your choice and depends on your specific computer system. The easiest way to determine this is to test for yourself

Disable one version of flash by clicking the blue disable line. Once you have disabled it it will appear greyed out as below. Then load the game and play for a bit. While you play, look for flash crashes and flash not responding notices and overall how smooth the game works for you.

In the screenshot, I have chosen to disable the system flash, as the Pepperflash works better for me to play the game. 


Once you feel that you have a good handle on how well the one you are using works, go back into Chrome settings and disable the one you have been using. Then enable the other by clicking on the blue enable link in the greyed out section. Then again load the game and play for a bit, again being mindful of the same issues.

After such testing, you will be certain which version of the flash player works better for YOU and can opt to leave the other one disabled on a regular basis. Remember to always disable NEVER un-install. If it turns out that Pepper Flash works better for you in Chrome, as it does for me, you will still need the other version installed for use with other browsers or local content.

In summary, your settings will be saved if you SIGN IN TO CHROME. If you TEST the game with each flash enabled separately, you will KNOW which one works best for YOU and your computer. 

Note - for explanation on checking current versions read here

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  1. Any clue on how to help with the Firefox flashplayer crashes?

  2. Thank you very much. I have been having issues with this for a couple of months now. :)

  3. I want to know if you can also help those of us who use Firefox flashplayer? Thank you

  4. Signing in doesn't seem to fix the situation. I have been aware of the PepperFlash issue for a while and keep checking to see if it's enabled. I am signed in with my Google/Gmail account but after disabling PepperFlash then closing Chrome and reopening the browser, PepperFlash is again Enabled. When I check the settings, it is showing I am signed in, so it appears being signed in and sync'd isn't a failsafe means of dealing with it.

    1. This did not work for me either.

    2. Doesn't work for me either, it stays saved, but still have issues with crashes and/or not responding shockwave no matter which one I click to run.

  5. I do not want to sign in to Google, as I disagree with all their tracking. I will just have to keep checking it. Most times I just leave my browser open, so it cannot update.

  6. Last year i sent as many repair and fix-it tickets to mozilla firefox and google chrome as well as Zygna as my farmville game crashed. Sometimes this occurred upwards of 50 times in a row per day. I figured i had to deal with the crap their techs should s well. I kept track of every techs name via zygna an every conversation i had with them. They all got to know me quite well especially when i had done every thing they suggested i do to fix the problem. I do so totally appreciate the dirt farmer site s it gives alot of insight to us who are not computer geek so to speak. I THANK
    YOU from the bottom of my farmer heart. <3

  7. I use mozilla firefox and my flash player keeps crashing all the time I try to load the game up. I've uninstalled it and re-installed the new version and it still crashes on me. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem and could help me out! Thanks!

  8. Thank you again,great job of giving information, very helpful.........

  9. I can't disable one without both of them going into disable (no matter which one I choose). My game doesn't completely crash but the flash player does give me problems in market stalls & craft buildings on all farms. The problem slows me down when I'm trying to get bushels from neighbors AND that's when time is very important so can be quite frustrating (especially as I pay to play) ! I use Google Chrome . . .

  10. I only have one on my Google Chrome, I only see the pepper flash, even if I download flash player. It just won't load in Chrome at all. Was playing in Firefox for a while now it's not loading my crops. UGH

  11. Plugins have vanished from the latest version of Chrome & so 'checking the plugins' is no longer available. If you type about:plugins now into chrome - there is an error message. According to a Chrome forum - it's no longer there as there are now only extensions.So there's no way to check. I run the latest version of Chrome and their very own extension that is supposed to work like Flash. Farmville now never loads on Chrome. Although I hate IE (security not great) it's the only way left to play the game. I get Shockwave Flash has crashed - every single time. Any help gratefully received!


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