Unreleased Garden Amphitheater

The series of buildings continues in Farmville! And this time, the Farmville team is all set to release the “Garden Amphitheater”… Once placed and built you will get the chance to harvest it for Coins, Coconuts and Jade currencies, and of course you will gain another building to decorate your farm with! Check out this post for more info about the soon to come Garden Amphitheater!

A look inside the building:
Here is a preview of the different stages of the building, followed up by a high-resolution preview of the fully built Garden Amphitheater:
Parts you will be needing to build and complete the Garden Amphitheater:
Stage Total
Garden Bricks
Garden Vines
Garden Steps
1 12 12 12 36
2 6 6 9 21
3 8 8 12 28
4 10 10 15 35
5 12 12 18 42
6 14 14 21 49
7 16 16 24 56
Total 78 78 111 267

Well, that should cover all concerning the soon to come Garden Amphitheater… Keep checking this post for more info when it becomes available, and do share with your friends if you find this information helpful!

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  1. For heavens sake, isn't that what we get out of the wishing well???!!!!

  2. I will say that this does look quite nice so I will likely build it but, just like pretty much all the other "buildings", just one only.

  3. Quite frankly, I am sick of crafting!! I can't get anyone to join, it takes forever to load the craftshop and it seems like there's never anyone with bushels and I don't get the 'ask' button a lot of the time. Probably will not build this thing although it is pretty.

  4. A lot of you people are really jerks. If you don't like something, just don't build it. Stop whining like spoiled little children. Cathy Hamilton and Lynn (above) are some of the few people posting who actually *get it*

  5. I like buildings that are not dacoration only (and cost FV). Thank you Zynga for free decorative buildings which can be harvested too. Please continue releasing them!

  6. Can't fine object..or haven't had access to it?


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