Dairy Crafting Preview

Zynga Farmville is planning for another feature rollout… Possibly a new type of crafting involving all Dairy type crafts… What’s interesting is that we believe that there are building parts associated with it as well, and also some game characters associated with the event… Could it be a new type of Craftshop? Or a new variety of the Pizza Shop? Or maybe something totally new after Zynga learning from its previous mistakes? Well, more info as we find out later… For now you can just have a look at the below unreleased images and make your own guess…

This feature is now live - full feature guide here. Video Guide here.

Possible parts to be used

Possible items to use the parts with

Possible all new crafts to be made

Some characters associated with the feature

Some rewards associated with the feature
Cheese TreeGiant Cheese TreeMilkshake TreeGiant Milkshake TreeLineback CowLineback CalfCheese Barrel GoatDairy HorseDairy FoalCheesy SheepFreezer PegacowFreezer PegacalfMilk Jug Flowers
Here are some images that may give insight into how the building will work. . .
A look inside
A look at Inventory
A look at leveling up
& Finally a look at filling orders

So, what do you think the Dairy Craft feature will make you do? Do leave your guesses as comments till we hit you with more info, which should be soon…

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  2. I have it and am working it for the rewards, will ditch it as soon as I have those. Never bothered with the pizza thing.


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