Guide To Turbo Chargers


What is a Turbo Charger?
A Turbo Charger is a one-time use Consumable item that allows you to Plant, Harvest or Plow ALL plots on a farm with just 1 click! 
How do I get it?
Zynga released this time-saving tool in late June 2011 and are available in the Market to buy for Farm Cash, and come in 3-Packs, 7-Packs, 15-packs and 60-packs and cost 7 FC, 14 FC, 28 FC and 65 FC, respectively.

You can obtain them for free from doing some Quests that give them as rewards, from harvesting fully-built Bumper Cars on your own farms, (these give Single Turbo Chargers), from collecting from the feed when your friends post from harvesting their own Bumper Cars and from some Cross-Promos with other Zynga games on meeting certain requirements on those games.  They can be won too as prizes from various Carnival Booth mini-games that costs either Farm Cash or Coins to play, such as the Prize Machine and Scratch-Off. 


How do I use it?
Turbo Chargers go into your Gift Box when you have received them from the various methods mentioned above.
When you click to Use them from GB, they will be deposited as credits in a virtual storage, just like Fuel.  You can deposit ALL the Turbos you have in GB into the virtual storage and they will be waiting for when you are ready to use them.  They have to be OUT of your GB and in the storage in order for them to work.  It makes no difference what "packs" you have or if just Singles, they all work the same and all just add to the total quantity in the storage, as "packs" are just Singles, but in a higher quantity you get at once.  You will only see the storage and the total amount of Turbo credits you have available when you have selected a vehicle to use.  This meter you will see on the left hand side right above the neighbor bar.  There is also a Q mark on the top right corner that you can click on for more info.
One Turbo Charger = One credit
For each vehicle you want to use, it will use 1 credit:
Tractor = 1 credit
Seeder = 1 credit
Harvester = 1 credit
Combine = 3 credits (needs 1 credit per action-plow, plant, harvest)
After you have selected the vehicle you want to use, the Harvester for example, hover your mouse over the plots and all the plots will highlight, then simply click once anywhere on the highlighted area and it will harvest all crops and it's done!  This is the same step to take for any vehicle you choose.
When you have selected the vehicle you want to use, and the Turbo Charger virtual storage meter comes up over the neighbor bar, you may have to place a check mark in the little box for it to activate.  Sometimes it is default-checked already, if so, and you DONT want to use Turbo at that time, uncheck the box.

Some Tips: Turbos wont work to plow new plots.  So if the box is default ticked when you selected the Tractor, you will need to un-tick it for the Tractor to work.
IF you have multiple crops planted for Quests and DONT want to harvest all by accident, make sure you UNTICK the box before harvesting.
IF you have a large farm with a lot of plots, ZOOM farm out so ALL crops are showing on the farm screen so all crops will get done. 


Those times that you don't want to use a Turbo and the box is default ticked, if your mouse is touching the plots when you have selected vehicle, plots will get highlighted. 
When you un-tick the box, if mouse is still touching the plots, they remain highlighted after you have un-ticked.  To prevent that from happening, ZOOM farm out, and/or MOVE the screen, until you can move your mouse over to the box to un-tick without it touching the plots
Hope this Guide helps to clear up any confusion and answers any questions you have on Turbo Chargers....Happy Farming!!! :-)


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  1. Great informative posting. I would just like to add one thing for those that might have hard loading farms or slow internet connections.. Before you use the turbo's to play/plant/harvest or all of the above.. make sure all your plots are fully loaded. If you do not you may have a farm that is partially plowed/planted/harvested. You must be able to see that all plots are loaded for the turbo to work properly on all. It will not recognize the "unloaded" plots. Just a heads up from experience. :) happy farming all!

  2. I just got off of chat and they told me that for me to harvest my 2000+ plots it would take over 7 turbo chargers to just harvest. I always understood that one click using one turbo charger would harvest all of my ready crops.

  3. Today the turbo boost meter is not showing and I am unable to uncheck to prevent using my turbo boosts on a smaller farm I am trying to combine. Is there a shortcut key I can use to prevent from using my turbo boosts?

  4. Through the farmers squar world... I have the building that gives out the Turbos... I have many many MANY turbos in my gift box.. It is a pain in the but to load them one at a time into my turbo using thing.... sorry for bad phrasing... My Question/Suggestion is... Can Farmville designers put a "use counter" or even a "use all" in the gift box for the single turbos. PLEASE!

    1. It would be nice if they could just put them in the turbo bin like they should for fuel and currency of the realm (coin, coconuts, jade coins). Would save us time and would open up quite a few spaces in the gift box

  5. Which building is this please? I am new to farmers square x

  6. what building in farmer's square makes turbo chargers?


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