Farmville Market Vault

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Farmville is all set to add a new feature to the Market screen in the game… A new section called as Vault, where you will be able to access items from the past for purchase… As per the unreleased info, we can gather that the vault will be reloaded with new batches of old stuff every 2 weeks… Would make a good opportunity to grab those special items that you wanted to have, but missed out for whatever the reason… Here is a preview of some images and animations associated with the feature…




What do you think of this new expected feature… Are you one of those that are excited to get the old stuff back in the market? Do let us know…

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  1. I hope You arn't gonna wreck it and make it on by getting it paid by FC.. Or You can Keep it.....Other wise if it can be paid with Regular Cash,,FANTASTIC.....and How soon can it start,,,,and hopefully it isn't gonna have ridiculous prices that it will end up being another unaffordable stupid thing that has been done, Hope fully it is soething you are doing that is good and great for the players,,cause we are looking forward to this,,so hopefull it is soon.... SOOOONNNNN.. <3 <3

    1. Dianne of course its going to be wrecked just like the mystery treasures were that were once free to open and now cost 10FC to open

  2. Diane, this isn't Zynga.


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