Farmville Gnome Vineyard

Farmville looks to be in a mood to release new buildings that harvest currency (this one offers 6,000 coins per harvest)… Yet another buildable, called as the Gnome Vineyard, has been spotted which shows signs of being similar to the recently coded Garden Amphitheater… Well, here are some early images for your reference… More updates to this as and when we get more info…

The various stages of the Gnome Vineyard

Hi-Res view of Fully Built Gnome Vineyard

The parts which will be required for building the Gnome Vineyard & the quantities you will need. (Grand total 231 parts)


Stone Benches

Wine Barrels


1 Placement
2 6 6 9
3 8 8 12
4 10 10 15
5 12 12 18
6 14 14 21
7 16 16 24
Totals 66 66 99

So, are you excited at the opportunity to get more coins or other currency via these buildables? Or think that these are just a waste of time? Well, do leave your valuable comments below… Who knows when someone at Farmville is watching and takes notice…

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  1. I think that there is no need for something like this since we all ready have a gnome garden. I think that they are having us build too many things we cannot keep up with the quest and plant and harvest our quest for having to work on building all these things they keep throwing at us and we have to beg for parts all the time.

    1. Zynga is running out of ideas to keep the game "fresh". they laid off much of the creative minds so its become stale.

  2. What is too many? And who ever told you that you were supposed to build everything? Different people like different things and Zynga has to appeal a cross section of them. Some love anything connected to gnomes, others think they are creepy. Here's a good rule of thumb: if you don't like something, don't play it. The game isn't created just for you.


    1. the last time I didn't build something they put it in the quest......grrrr~~~

  3. WHY ?! What's the point ? If we harvested it for cool prizes or CASH that would be different, but coins they never left us use !

  4. Replies
    1. would LOVE something that gave instagrows!!!!

  5. Why don't they give us a way to close (like an X at the top) the ones we dont want to do. We dont have any choice but to place them when they are offered, If I am wrong please tell me how.

  6. Instead of placing the building click on your multi tool and it will go into your giftbox.From the giftbox you can sell it usyally for 0 coins but at least it is gone.

  7. OK. wonderfull, than we cann't get access again.......................

  8. Another waste of time we have so much junk now that gives coins and nothing to spend it on.Get a clue zynga.

  9. LOVE it..Can't wait to build it!!

  10. There are more than just 7 levels to complete -- next level requires 19, 19, 27 items

  11. Have they changed the requirements for the amount of things we need to build? I thought I was done with this building but now they are asking for 27 grapevines and 17 each of the barrels and benches...Any idea when its done anyone?

  12. Im sorry, correction, its 19 each of the barrels and benches and 27 grapevines...


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