Facebook Security Scam: A Video Explanation

For years, FarmVille players have been prey to a vicious SCAM that actually steals your facebook account…Farm and all.
We have posted hundreds of warnings about how to prevent this…Tonight I spotted a victim and decided to make a video on how to not only spot the SCAM but how to prevent it as well.
We hope you find this informative

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  1. Thank you very much this was very informative and helpful.

  2. Thanks, I had one of these and did not know who it was so I removed it. Thanks for letting us know what to do and even though my privacy settings are on the bonus check app I blocked turns up on a social graph and facebook ad listing me as a user.
    I am going crazy trying to get help removing this from my name/acct so I can get back to my friends and farm again.
    As it is, I'm not sure if my farm or my friends are protected and don't know if I should post on my newsfeed. The whole thing is making me sad and really creeps me out. =(

  3. You are NOT being a good friend to her! It is better to tell her to change her password & change her pic back! Even better, changer the email associated with that account! Come on! I help my friends get their accounts back instead & they know not to fall for it again! I call or text message my friends on what to do! They don't lose their accounts this way, but your way makes your friend lose his or her account, anywhere from a few days to permanently!

    1. How is Locke not being a good friend to her when he is making a video warning everyone about it and at the same time reporting the problem to Facebook so the account can be fixed?


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