Enchanted Glen: Enchanted Pond Escapade

The Enchanted Pond is dying… Imber the Fairy and her sister came to the rescue, and they are planning on casting some good spells so they save the Pond! will you be helping Imber and her sister gathering the good ingredients to save the Pond, and set up a good Enchanted Party?

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 1

7th January, 2013 till 9th January, 2013

We Need Rain!: The pond is dry and I need to perform a rain spell.  Can you help me collect pond runes?
Task Reward
Pond Rune Pixie Pond
Get 5 Pond Runes
Pixie Pond

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 2
10th January, 2013 till 12th January, 2013
Ready for Rain: We need more people to perform the rain spell.  Ask your friends to help sow the field!
Task Reward
Fae Tower
Get 8 Friends to help
Fae Tower

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 3
13th January, 2013 till 20th January, 2013
From Dust to Drip: We need Evergrass Dew, Cloud Essence and Evermist to perform a rain spell.
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
Evergrass Dew Cloud Essence Evermist Bighorned Beetle
Get 7 Evergrass Dew
Get 7 Cloud Essence
Get 7 Evermist
Bighorned Beetle

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 4
21st January, 2013 till 23rd January, 2013
Clouds Have Come: I think we overdid it! Could you help me grab the baby fairy frogs before they get washed away?
Task Reward
Amaryllis Tree
Get 7 friends to help
Amaryllis Tree

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 5
24th January, 2013 till 26th January, 2013
Umbrella Urgency: Before I try a sunshine spell we should gather some umbrellas.  Ask your friends for some Fairybrellas!
Task Reward
Fairybrella Fairybrella Fairy
Get 8 Fairybrellas
Fairybrella Fairy

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 6
27th January, 2013 till 2nd February, 2013
Sunny Skies: It's time I clear up this rain.  Ask your friends for some Everglow Leaves, Sunshine Daisies, and Western Wind so I can perform the sunshine spell!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
Everglow Leaves Sunshine Daisies Western Wind Rain Cloud
Get 9 Everglow Leaves
Get 9 Sunshine Daisies
Get 9 Western Wind
Rain Cloud

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 7
3rd February, 2013 till 4th February, 2013
Vine Time: Wow, all that rain made those vines grow super fast! Gather some friends to help cut through the brush!
Task Reward
Fae Bark Teepee
Get 7 Friends to help
Fae Bark Teepee

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 8
5th February, 2013 till 6th February, 2013
Nevergrow: Those trees sprouted pretty fast too! Do you mind giving them some Nevergrow Sap?
Task Reward
Nevergrow Sap
Get 10 Nevergrow Sap
Rain Fairy Costume

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 9
7th February, 2013 till 11th February, 2013
Pond Purification: Let's work on restoring the pond.  I'll need Pond Pixies, Purity Essence, and those Baby Fairy Frogs we saved.
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
Pond Pixies Purity Essence Baby Fairy Frog Baby Fairy Frog
Get 12 Pond Pixies
Get 12 Purity Essence
Get 12 Baby Fairy Frogs
Baby Fairy Frog

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 10
11th February, 2013 till 14th February, 2013
Party Planning: My sister would like us to throw a party now that the pond is back to normal.  Why not invite some of your friends?
Task Reward
Party Fairy
Get 9 Friends to help
Party Fairy

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 11
14th February, 2013 till 16th February, 2013
Pretty Lights: Before we throw this party, let's string up some pretty lanterns!
Task Reward
Pixie Lantern Pixie Lantern
Get 12 Pixie Lanterns
Pixie Lantern

Enchanted Pond Escapade Stage 12
16th February, 2013 till 21th February, 2013
Pixie Party: All we need now is food!  Could you find us some Starquench Cider, Blue Crumb Cakes, and Evercream Pies?
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
Starquench Cider Blue Crumb Cake Evercream Pie Bird of Paradise Tree
Get 15 Starquench Cider
Get 15 Blue Crumb
Get 15 Evercream Pies
Bird Of Paradise Tree

So what do you think? Will you be able to help Imber save the Enchanted Pond with her sister, and set up the big party? Keep checking up this post for more info in case Zynga decided to change the requirements, and do share with your friends if you find this helpful!

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  1. i've got the icon for this on my farm but when i click it, it doesn't do anything

    1. Seems true for a big bunch of us

  2. I am sick of begging for help on 3% of neighbors actually help and I refuse to spend another dollar of my hard earned cash when zynga has gone into hidding with taking away live support help when there are major issues with accomplishments disappearing from an event or even purchases....love the game but fed up with the bs!

  3. Donna G is unwilter ring Dirt farmer was running a contest and you was suppose to post UWR in the message to enter but it over now.

    Yeah Anonymous i have to agree it getting bad to keep having to ask the same neighbors over and over for help. But if you pay attention to the bottom of the screen on the game and sometime when your claim stuff off the game feed you can pick up free FVcash i know i gotten about 150 FV Cash that way lately.


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