DAIRY: Video Tutorial

Come get a first hand look at the new Dairy that hit Farmville recently.
A new Crafting Side Game that has it’s Pro’s and Con’s…See what you think.

Please Note: We have discovered that Awards in the Dairy are in a random order.
Different Players are receiving different prizes at different levels
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  1. I spent 20 minutes got nowhere fast so not sure but will give a 2nd try. Wonder if you start a process and do not go back in 4 hours will it die?

  2. It seems the release is not complete. Well for me anyway.

  3. Video is no good to me, I don't have sound. Crafting is simple to work out, I just want to know what the rewards are going to be

  4. the dairy farm project is quite simple to figure out. I've done it and on level 5 since last night. I love how it's accessible in all farms. Will check the tutorial on here in case I missed something. THANK YOU Dirt Farmer

  5. Cannot figure out how to upgrade silo, all I get as a reward is thermometers.

  6. Thanks for the video. It helped me with the Dairy.


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