What to do with all these Farms: Some Ideas, Tips & Tricks


Since the release of the English Countryside Farm, we have been hit with new farm after new farm. The comments have not gone un-noticed by The Dirt Farmer. Every time we announce the details on the next new farm, the moans and groans begin.

All these Farms can be used as great game resources, So, we have compiled some handy dandy ideas, tips & tricks to help you to utilize the resources it all these farms.

please keep in mind that these are only suggestions

As always-Play Your Game Your Way

leaderboard_cropmasteryPlots & Crops: With the Crop Requirements of Quests, Planting for Crafting and Planting for Crop Mastery, actually planting and farming is still the heart of the game. Having specific farms designated to plot and harvest is vital for positive game play. You may choose to have one farm become your Quest Crop farm. A Farm with no crop restrictions that is close to or fully expanded is ideal for planting for the Thursday’s ALL FARM Quest. You may even be able to plant all the crops needed to complete for the entire Quest.

For those who Craft and like to have all 5 Market Stalls filled on all your farms may decide to have plots on every farm, Choosing certain “in demand” crops to be re-planted day after day in order to keep bushels from crafting as well as keeping your Market Stalls full for your neighbors.

Still, as we gain farms, some farms may be used primarily for planting Limited Edition Crops or The New Chain Linked Crops. For special events such as “BEAT” features, you can re-direct plots to obtain these goals.

unwitherringgolddiamondThe UnWither Ring Exception: Obviously if you are fortunate enough to have UnWither Rings on some or all of your Farms, then you should definitely place your crop plots on those protected farms.

xukhorsestableThe Horse Stables Decision: Long time players should have a Horse Stables on as many as 3 farms. You may have more, Basically you only need one working Stable in order to Force Breed your Horses. You need to decide if you want to designate one farm for Horse Breeding and line up all your Ready Mares on that farm. this will probably be one of your older farms and you are most likely already set with this decision.

leaderboard_treemasteryYour Tree Farm: If you are an avid tree farmer then you rotate your Orchards everyday. You may have decided to place orchards on every farm or have one massive array of Orchards on a single designated “tree farm”. You may even consider taking a lesser used or abandoned farm as a huge “Grove Farm” in order to master your trees faster. With the release of the Seedling Nursery, you may choose to build a great number of these and place them on a special farm.

dragon_arjeruThe Special Labs: If you have simply given up on a farm or two. You may want to consider turning that farm into your “Lab Farm”. Building multiple Dino Labs, Unicorn Islands, Dragon’s Lairs and even Bonsai Gardens in order to boost your ability to achieve parts and to share more with your friends. New lab features are being released every so often. So, a “Lab Farm” would end up being used a lot.
animal_breeding_horsepaddock_finishedThe Animal Pens: You may decide to have one of each Animal Pen on each Farm. Or, you may decide to build several of each on one specific farm. This will enable you to harvest animals in order to complete the All Farms Quest on a single farm.

animal_breeding_playpen_finishedAn Alternative Foal Maker: If you are unable to Force Breed your horses then the Baby Play Pens and Paddocks are excellent back ups. You will only be able to harvest once per day but they provide excellent storage for your rares and will allow you to share these critters with your friends. The more you build, the more you share.

dairyfarmThe Dairy Farm Money Maker: If you still rotate those Belted Cows I am sure you already have one or two designated Dairy Farms with dozens or hundreds of money makers lined up. If you do not have a Dairy Farm then try building and fully expanding several Cow Pastures and filling those with Belted Cows. They only harvest once per day but store huge numbers of Belted Cows. 


The Basics: Singly allowed items such as Bee Hives, Chicken Coops, Duck Ponds, Wishing Fountains, Arborists Centers and so on are recommended. But, of course, it is your farm and your final decision.

consume_englandXferThe Transfer License: Be sure to keep in mind that only Farms with Transfer Licenses have the ability to transfer stored items. This should be a huge factor in determining what you do with any particular farm.

 pkg_hawaiiXferVERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT: If you decide to pass on the new farm then that is your prerogative. Just in case you change your mind later, be sure to CLAIM the new farm. You don’t have to “play it” but it will be there just in case you want to later

So as you can see…those new farms can be used as a utility or a gaming resource…Don’t retire those old farms…use them
As always.

These are just suggestions.

Please Play Your Game Your Way 

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