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In keeping with the recent trend of hybrid features, Farmville and Zynga have released Angler’s Pond to our games. A cross between a farm of its own/mini game/collection and new mastery it is different than anything we have been given before. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.


When the feature is released to you, you should see the following pop-up upon refresh or travel


Not all farmers have received the pop-up. If you do not get the pop-up you can try travelling to your home farm and look at the lower left corner of your farm near the Mistletoe Lane billboard for the pond through which you can travel to and from Angler’s Pond. There are hints in the mix that suggest that we will soon be able to travel to Angler’s Pond from any farm.  At this time though, we can only do so from the Home Farm. Simply click on the pond on the side of your farm and it will take you to Angler’s Pond.


Angler’s Pond is being called a new farm, but it is much different than any farm that we have had in the past. There is no option to plant crops anywhere on land or water. Nothing at all can be placed on Angler’s Pond. In fact, you will not even have access to your gift box or the  regular market from Angler’s Pond. Your view will be simply that which is shown below.


To play Angler’s Pond, you must choose a spot, cast your line and try to catch fish. The fish are a hybrid of collections and animals. You do not get the fish to keep and they are not place able. They are masterable, however. There are 8 fish per collection and you get a mastery point for each one of each type of fish that you catch. There are 5 collections that you can complete and master. When  you complete a collection by catching one of each fish in the collection, you will receive a special prize, a unique level one tree. Each of the level one trees makes a giant level two.

The Basic Collection


The prize for completing the Basic Collection is the Basic Derby Tree

The Trout Collection


The prize for completing the Trout Collection is the Trout Derby Tree

The Bass Collection


The prize for completing the Bass Collection is the Bass Derby Tree

The Salmon Collection


The prize for completing the Salmon Collection is the Salmon Derby Tree

The Boot Collection


The prize for completing the Boot Collection is the Derby Boot Tree

Some things to know about the collections
  • You can do the collections in any order with the exception of the Boot collection. All of the other collections must be completed to unlock the boot collection.
  • You do not have to master the fish in a collection to win the tree prize- simply catch one of each
  • Each collection requires it’s own unique rod to catch the fish. The rod for the basic collection is provided for you when the feature is released to you. If you wish to participate in the other collections, you will need to purchase the rods for farm cash. There does not appear to be a way to unlock them for free at this time.
  • The rod for the boot collection would appear to be free, however completion of all three collections that require farm cash rods is required to unlock it.

How to play Angler’s Pond

To play the new farm/mini game you simply need to pick a spot to cast your rod and click to try to catch a fish. You will need a bait for each time you cast your rod. Your current bait will be shown in the upper right corner of your screen.


To change it to another type that you have, click on “Tackle Box”


Your tackle box contains the baits you currently have in stock. You can change to a different type by clicking on “use”. The worm is your basic bait. Other types of bait give bonuses to your chances to catch a fish. These baits are used for the basic collection. Baits for other collections may vary. If you wish to know the advantage that you gain by switching to a certain type of bait, simply click on the question mark beside it.



Mega Bait


Your tackle box also allows you to switch between rods that you have and use extras



Your free bait will replenish every ten minutes. If you run out, the number of seconds remaining should display.

free bait

If you do not wish to wait, or simply wish to purchase different baits, you can click on the Bait Shop from inside the tackle box or beside the dock on the farm itself to open Angler’s Pond’s own unique market.


You can purchase rods, baits or extras from the bait shop – of course all are only for farm cash




There is also another building on the shores of Angler’s Pond. The Fishing Lodge. This is where you will view and manage your collections.


You can use this building to see how close you are to completing a collection, to see how many mastery stars you have for a given fish, to see whether the one you are hoping to catch is common, uncommon or rare or to learn more about the varying species of fish found in Angler’s Pond

pike bluegill

Now you are ready to fish! Select a bait, cast your line and you will get the following pop-up


You will have 7 seconds to click as many times as you can while the reel is in the green section to attempt to catch a fish and win a bonus prize – note the limit of 5 bonus prizes per day. When time has elapsed you will either get a pop-up indicating what kind of fish you have caught and how many different fish you have in the collection that you are currently working on or one that you did not catch a fish or almost caught a fish.

eel caught kokaneel
fail failmarsh

Some possible bonus prizes that you can win


When you catch a fish you will have the opportunity to post to your wall and share a fish (not the same type) with your friends.


When you complete a collection you will get a pop-up letting you know that you have won the bonus prize.

basic complete

This will also prompt you to share a bait to your wall for your friends.


At that time, you can check your Fishing Lodge and decide whether to move on to another collection and try to win its prize or continue working on the current one to master the fish.


There does not appear to be a way to determine how many more you need for mastery at this time. When you master a fish, it does not appear to generate any sort of pop-up so check your lodge frequently.


When you master a fish, you should receive a mastery sign in your gift box.


It appears differently on the farm than in the gift box

sign on farm

Note – it may be wise to hold off on working too hard to master the Angler’s Pond fish for a while. This feature is glitched. The mastery sign did not automatically appear in my gift box, as a mastery sign normally would. I had to contact customer support to get it. They are not yet in the mastery tab to simply be able to purchase a sign.Also there appears to be a bug with mastery. If you master a fish and go back to try to master the others, of course what you will catch remains random. If you catch the fish that you have already mastered it is deducting a mastery point for each one that you catch. The carp went from 10 to 8 for me with two additional fish caught after mastery. The un-mastered fish tracked normally.

What do you think? Will you be playing Angler’s Pond? For discussion on this or any other Farmville related feature please join us in our discussion group on Facebook Ask The Dirt Farmer. For up to the minute Farmville news please also visit our fan page on Facebook The Dirt Farmer.

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