Want an Atlantis Farm? Let Zynga know


Well, don’t get too excited so fast… The next farm is not going to be Atlantis theme as of now… This is just a suggestion from Zynga, and they need your opinion to know if you would love to have one such farm in the upcoming farms… The image was posted on Zynga’s Farmville Sheep Facebook page… You can check out the post here… Also, to participate in the survey to cast your opinions, click here


So, what did you vote for? Are you all game to farm underwater in a new style and look? Surely the design team ideas are going in the right direction… We want a space farm next Zynga…

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  1. I totally would love an underwater farm, that's very original and exciting. Awesome idea!

  2. I'll take another farm but this looks dreadful !!!! It's all muted and gray! Maybe you should go scuba diving and see how beautiful and colorful things are underwater !! That looks ugly !!!! Hey I kind of like the Heaven theme idea tooooo!


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