Unreleased– Mistletoe Lane Unwither Ring & Next Farm Hint

This afternoon brings some interesting breaking news. An unreleased Mistletoe Lane Unwither Ring and a hint at the next farm. Check out the details below and please share with friends if you find the post helpful.

So far, this is the only image available of the Mistletoe Lane Unwither Ring. There will be color choices as there always are and we will update you with them and pricing as information becomes available.

There are also hints at the next farm. We don’t have visible images to show you yet, but our images expert Gaby has discovered hints at an upcoming Fairy Tale or Enchanted Garden Farm.  It will have all new breeding pens and a new Gnome Garden to fit the theme.

Some Possible decorations include
Leaf Boat with a Fairy, Firefly Nets, A Giant Dandelion, Cobble Stone Bridge, Fairy Gnome, Flower Bed with Fairy, Fairy Riding a Frog, Twig See Saw, Glass Dolphins and a Light Post.
More information to come as it becomes available.

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  1. they are going crazy with all these farms... all they have to do is just let us expand the one farm, and if we want to make it with fairy decore we can decorate as such, like we did in the beginning. When it was Halloween I would put away all other decore and bring out my halloween decorations and make my home farm a halloween theme, then put that all away and bring out all Thanksgiving decore, then put all that away and bring out all xmas decore... but all these different farms just to have that decore theme is rediculous. I feel like a multi property owner and have to go from farm to farm to collect the rent. hahahaha

  2. when we had the one farm, everybody bitched and said they wanted more. now that they're giving more, everyone's still bitching. make up your minds, people.

  3. That's the one constant in Farmville: players that aren't happy no matter what they do.



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