Pizza Shop Crafting: Delicious as it Sounds?

Farmville Pizza Shop

It’s going to get delicious around Farmville… Yes, you heard me right… Farmville is rolling out the new Pizza Shop, a new crafting building where you can craft the various ingredients for making the perfect Pizza… Well, my mouth is already watering listening to all the stuff… But will making this pizza be as good as it sounds to eat it? Check below for more details…

Tutorial images along with descriptions

1. Get Bushels from farming or from your friends
2. You need different kinds of Bushels to make different Ingredients.
3. Combine Bushels and Ingredients to make a Tasty Pizza!
4. When you make any recipe in the Pizza Shop you earn lots of XP and Coins. Keep making Recipes to Master them!
Reap the benefits of hard crafting

Expanding the Pizza Shop

Just like any other crafting building, you will be able to even expand the Pizza Shop… But as of current info, you will can only expand the Pizza Shop for 60 FC each oven… There are totally 6 ovens available…
Pizza Shop Expansions
Pizza Shop Cash Grab

Some facts about the new Pizza Shop

The new crafting building, the Pizza Shop, will require all new bushels, from all new crops… Not only that, but the mastery values for the crops are also insane, so are their grow timings…
Crop Grow Time Mastery Numbers

Crimini Mushroom
12 mins 35000+165000+360000= 560000

Durum Wheat
6 mins 42000+198000+432000= 672000

Genovese Basil
12 mins 23333+110000+240000= 373333

Green Pepper
18 mins 21000+99000+216000= 336000

Red Pepper
24 mins 16800+79200+172800= 268800

Roma Tomato
18 mins 19091+90000+196364= 305455

24 mins 15000+70714+154286= 240000

Sundried Tomato
30 mins 12000+56571+123429= 192000

White Wheat
6 mins 52500+247500+540000= 840000

Yellow Onion
30 mins 14000+66000+144000= 224000

Well, we almost discussed everything here, except the recipes… How did we forget that… Well, you can check out the crafting guide for the Pizza Shop here… You can check out the different recipe images below (hover over image for name)… Be warned that the crafting is not going to be as easy as it looks, or has been earlier…

Farmville Cheese PizzaFarmville Pesto Veggie PizzaFarmville SpaghettiFarmville Veggie PizzaFarmville Mushroom SauceFarmville PastaFarmville Pesto PastaFarmville Pesto SauceFarmville Flat CrustFarmville Marinara SauceFarmville Mushroom PizzaFarmville Deep Dish Crust

To make finding recipes easy, you have a recipe search box too

Search Pizza Recipe
Finally, a simple look inside the possible interior of the Pizza Shop

Keep checking our site for more updates on the new Pizza Shop, and also for the Crafting guide to the new recipes…

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  1. I just placed a Pizza Shop on Hidden Garden and it seems to be working.

  2. Why did I not know about this until a few days ago? I saw the crops in the market, but I had no clue what they were for. And I never had anything pop up on my farm telling me to place a Pizza Shop.

  3. why does it only let you sometimes craft 4 or 5 recipes?


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