NEW FARM BASICS: The Tips and Tricks for every New Farm


FarmVille keeps giving us New Farms. Each new farm requires some basic set-up that we often forget in our rush to dive into the new frontier. Here are a few helpful tips that can be applied to every NEW FARM that Zynga throws at us.

Please remember these are only our recommendations…By no means are we telling you how to farm. You may choose to make different decisions based upon how you want to use the limited space available upon arrival on the new farm.

activevolcanoThe CENTERPIECE Building starts every New Farm and always requires an obscene amount of parts…Recently Farmville has thrown in a twist…Making 1 of the 3 Parts a Broadcast Part instead of an ASKMAT Part…Meaning 1 Part will  post to the News Feed and you will only get a limited number each time you are allowed to ask. The ASKMAT allows you to send a Help Request to as many Friends as you like. The Dirt Farmer will post this work around for every new farm…Here is an example CLICK for TRICK

 chickencoopThe Chicken Coop…You may not necessarily need a coop…But, if you are like me you may want to put the New Farm Chickens on the New Farm.

craftingbakeryCRAFTING is a MUST on the New Farm…Nearly every New Farm will require Crafting in the early stages of the New Farm Quests…The sooner you start, the sooner you can achieve a 5-Star Crafting Building which will unlock recipes that will be used in later Quests…It is also a good idea to BUY GOODS from your Neighbors and ask them to do the same for you…When your GOODS are bought you move closer to Mastering that item and closer to upgrading the Crafting Cottage for Coins. You can also use the trick found here to level up your crafting cottage faster. Having trouble buying back your crafting cottage for coins? Click here for more info on how to do that.
Usually, Zynga will start you out with a Craftshop on your farm. The parts needed to upgrade the last two stations are unfortunately not in the special delivery boxes, so you’ll need to collect these on your own. You will need 10 Metal Wire, 10 Oven Rack, and 10 Copper Pipe.
 hatchstorageThe Storage Cellar may not be needed on day one…By Day 2 you may find yourself storing Decos in order to make room for plots. Starting with Haunted Hollow the Storage Cellar have come already loaded with at least 100 SHOVELS…Still, be sure to check each new farm…Recently…Adding Special Delivery Boxes to you cellar has granted Players a “glitch bonus”…The first SDB will give 2 Shovels and the second will give 10…Then you repeat.
xcovegarage_finishedGarages are easy and simple to create…A few nails, bricks and boards or a few Special Delivery Boxes will give you a complete Garage and allow you to upgrade your Plow, Seeder, Harvester or Combine.  You have the ability to ASK for parts from the Garage in order to upgrade your vehicles.

tractorVEHICLES…A simple and basic Tractor, Seeder and Harvester can be bought for Coin in the Market. You shouldn’t feel the need to pay FV$ for the farm specific vehicle. I always buy all vehicles just in case I need a specific function…If you don’t wish to spend Coins then you may choose to make your Tractor, Seeder and Harvester in your Craft Building.
swissarmytractorThe cheap COMBINE…A Combine Chassis or Broken Combine can be purchased for Coin in the Market…Simply add VEHICLE PARTS and you have a working Combine…You can also pay a ton of FV$ for a ready made Combine…I just don’t recommend it. **NOTE** The broken combine will not work on different terrains, only land. You can’t use it on water or on specific farm terrains like Zen (Sakura) or Icy Tarn (Once Upon A Winter). The combine that is usually rewarded for Early Access should work on all terrains. It is up to you whether you consider this worth buying Early Access or if you wish to deal with the limited functionality of the regular combine/vehicles.

animal_breeding_livestock_finishedAnimal Pens…Such as the Horse Paddock, Livestock Pen, Aviary, Cow Pasture and Zoo can be added as soon as you like…Some Players prefer to wait until they are needed in the New Farm Quests.

socialplumbingmysterygiftWe always know about the New Farm in advance…Thanks to the diligent efforts of the Dirt Farmer Team…Always find some time to start collecting Special Delivery Boxes before the new farm launches…They can assist in completing most of the needed buildings. One thing you can do to increase your ability to collect special delivery boxes is to build a Fishing Hole. Having a Fishing Hole on every farm can allow you to potentially collect several hundred SDB’s a day.
  Groves/Orchards: Depending on whether you would like to focus on having extra mastery for trees, or extra storage, you may wish to build Groves or Super Orchards. Neither the parts for groves or to upgrade regular orchards to super orchards are in special delivery boxes, so you will have to collect these manually. For each Grove, you will need 10 Mini Boulders, 10 Mulch Soils, and 10 Turf Rolls. To upgrade to a Super Orchard you need 10 Leaf Blowers, 10 Rakes, and 10 Pots to upgrade to 30 capacity and 20 each to upgrade to 40 capacity. Click here for more info about Groves.
Trees for new farms have been locked, starting several farms ago. This means that they won’t be able to be grown and shared unless you build a SEEDLING NURSERY on your farm, and grow the seedlings inside. If you want to share the themed trees that come with a farm, be sure to build this important building.
With so many new farms, everyone is feeling the crunch of the fuel crisis. To help with this, a GAS PUMP can be placed on each farm, and can also be built with special delivery boxes.

Deep Sea Cabbage BushelWith each new farm we have lots of new crafting to do, to level up our Crafting Cottages, make certain building parts and more. Be sure to use the BUSHEL SWAP feature to trade in non-usable bushels for some of the new farms bushels, depending on what goal you’re trying to accomplish. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to do quests. Be sure to swap for bushels you will need for Chapter 1 and 2 quests especially, as bushel yield is low when the farm is first released. You can usually swap for Chapter 1 bushels several days before release of the farm. More info about the swap can be found here.

For tips for specific farms, be sure to visit The Dirt Farmer’s COMPLETE GUIDE for each new farm, which can be found on our ALMANAC page.

As always…PLAY YOUR WAY…These are just a few Helpful Tips …Happy Farming!!!

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