Mistletoe Lane – Double CP, Unwither Rings and Shipping.

For those willing to pay for convenience and ease, Farmville and Zynga will soon be releasing a Double Cheer Statue, Unwither Rings and a storage transfer license to our markets. These items are unreleased and there is no guarantee that they will become available, but we still want to offer you a sneak preview. Check out the details below and please do share with friends.

First of all the Double Cheer Statue

This will double your earned cheer points forever, with no expiration date. Two versions of the double cheer statue have been coded, both identical in appearance with one priced at 225 FC and one priced at 200 FC. It looks like the less expensive one will not be available for several weeks, while the more expensive one will be available very soon. If leveling up cheer is important to you, you will have to decide if you are willing to wait longer for a lower price.

A storage transfer license also looks like it will soon be released. This item is priced at 250 FC. As always, there is a good chance but not a guarantee that the license will become available for free via completion of some task at some point in the future. It is up to you whether to pay to move your items sooner or wait and see what happens in the future.

Finally the Unwither Ring. As with prior farms, the Mistletoe Lane Unwither Ring will be priced at 250 FC. As usual, you will have several styles to choose from if you opt to buy this item.

Unwither Ring Box Platinum Pearl Gold Black Pearl Platinum Black Pearl
Gold Gold Emerald Gold Diamond Gold Pearl
Platinum Platinum Diamond Platinum Emerald

 What do you think? Will you be purchasing any of these new premium items to make life easier on your Mistletoe Lane farm? For discussion or questions on this or any other Farmville related topic, please join us in our discussion group on Facebook Ask The Dirt Farmer.

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  1. Apparently, FarmVille players, or at least the ones who post on this site, are nothing but a bunch of immature, spoiled children who only know how to whine and complain. How miserable your lives must be.


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