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There have been many questions and rumors about the capacity of the gift box. Farmville does have set limits for both the amount of each item and unique items in the gift box (GB). Check out the details below and share with friends if you find the post helpful.

The Farmville Gift Box capacity has two different limits. The first is a PER ITEM limit of 
9 ,999 items. (increased from 10,000 total 17th July, 2014)  That means that you can have 9,999 Special Deliveries and 9,999 Shovels for example but not 10,000 of either or any one item. How can you tell how many you really have when it usually shows 999+?  You can either click to SELL or USE and it will show the true number. 

Since we are seeing some concern on our ASK the Dirt Farmer thread about possible impact to the game from the increase to 1,000 in the first couple of comments - yes we have been told in the past by the Farmville Studio that an increase would cause negative impact to the game. Yes those comments were completely accurate at the time. If you recall, our founder, Locke Michaels has been pushing for an increase as far back as 2013 in our interview with Heather Sinclair, and we have kept you posted on the possibilities. 

We asked the Studio to explain to us whether we had anything to worry about. 

Here is a quote from Farmville Executive Producer Srivatsa explaining how they were able to do this for us.

" Heather, we wanted to reduce the game memory usage first before increasing the Gift box limit. With the removal of mastery signs we were able to do that. We have also been working on improving the performance of the game for a while now. These are not drastic improvements, but all put together, they mean a lot. These are what allow us now able to increase the Gift box limit. So please don't worry and ask our players not to worry either  

The second limit is 1,000 unique items. (increased from 500 on 6th November, 2015) What is a unique item? Anything that takes up it’s own rectangular space in the gift box view. Each page will show you 6 unique items.


Mathematically, 1,000 unique items is 166. 66 pages – or 166 pages with 4 items on the 167th page. Many rumors have been floating around that are simply not true. Anything that cannot be seen in the gift box (seeds, quest items etc) should not count. The rumor that you are limited to small numbers by item or category is also false as seen in this article from the Zynga Customer Support Page.  Note: Total item limit was REMOVED in July of 2,014 and replaced with a limit of 9,999 of each individual item.


As you can see from their examples, the rumor that you are limited to 1,000 of each consumables or just a few hundred special deliveries is completely FALSE. You can have even 9,999 of a single item in the GB if you want.
What happens if you go over either the 9,999 per item limit or the 1,000 unique item limit? It is supposed to trigger an eviction process and remove non-rare items from your gift box. At times, many players have exceeded these limits without losing items, but others have lost items and hence it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is also possible to be fine for quite some time over the limit and then lose items when FV does a reset. 


What is likely to be evicted? Here is another set of examples from the Zynga support page.


If you would like to read the Zynga support article in its entirety, you can do so here

Hope this has answered any questions that you had about your gift box. For discussion or questions on this or any other Farmville related topic, please join us in our discussion group on Facebook Ask The Dirt Farmer.

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  1. I don`t have any eggs I collected, so I quit collecting

  2. my husband has 1793 total items/516 unique items and he keeps getting the message that his gift box is too full. I don't know how many unique items I have but my total is 2400 and I don't get the message.

  3. Thank you for setting my mind clear as to what is and is not true. Now I know what to work on to fix my own gift box. :)

  4. Thanks so much for the detailed information on how the Gift Box works! Now everyday after "helping Friends" in the newsfeed, I go to my box and see how many Pages I have. If I have 85, I know I better quickly clear some things out and get it down to the "83 page +2 limit" or I will get the message, they have cleaned things out for me. :( I click on the first box after ALL, which is "Consumables"; then I forward all the way to the end, maybe 27 pages and I work my way backwards; the FIRST thing I do is: "Use All" the Currency Bundles, Fuel Refills, and Coin Rewards. That might eliminate 5 or 6 "Unique Item" boxes, and 1 less page right there. Then I work my way backwards using the Left arrow I go through the pages and I Sell or Re-Gift items I don't need but have collected as I was helping my friends like anything for Tree of Love, Cupids Castle, past farm palace building stuff, etc- mine are done so I get rid of these. I look for anything I don't want to build anymore, like the Penguin Skate Park, and I Sell those. Hope that gives a few ideas for the people that still have questions about the limits. Always check that you are under the "500 Unique Item" Limit first, by a quick look at how many pages you have. 500 divided by 6 items per page = 83 pages plus 2 items on the 84th page. If you go over that Limit, you may get a notice that they have removed items for you. Have a great day! :)

  5. You are lucky that when you have 85 pages of items you can "quickly clear some things out." I have exceeded that limit while either getting trees off the feed or harvesting them in my seedling nursery. They don't even give a 15 minute grace period to remove them from my box...WHILE I am "quickly removing them" I get the message from Zynga that THEY have removed items. They need to fix this....if we go over the limit, they need to give us time to remove the items.

  6. Is there a way to expand the giftbox?

  7. My bad is I forget to put those mastery signs in their billboards. I forget and then notice I have 45 pages of them to get rid of. I think I put it off because it is the MOST tedius chore on the farm and I really don't like doing it!

  8. My gift box must be glitched because when it reaches 5000 with 24 pages it starts deleting items out of it and wont let me claim anything else

  9. Is there a limit on number of rewards one may claim from news feed?

  10. Can they not automatically put mastery signs in the billboards for you as you collect them? It is very time consuming to do so yourself. That would be so helpful!

  11. I only have 15 pages, and yesterday a FV assistent told me it is full because of seedpackages that I can't even see!

  12. Well i have to say in all honesty are the team Zynga intentionally trying to close Farmville down (IN MY OPINION THEY MUST BE!!) They have put a cap on my gift box so i can no longer receive gifts which is fine year i get it guys i have too many gifts unfortunately this also means i can no longer purchase FV cash trees/animals due to the fact i need to redeem free items before i can go on to purchase more and the free items go directly to gift box.So they have managed to cap my spending in the process .just missed a sale due to this problem :( oh well but i am not going to throw the contents of my gift box away not with a main building on each farm that requires parts at least a dozen seed buildables same amount of coin/currency buildables not to mention crafting extensions such as the arabian stallions wishes/pig chow,fawnfood/treasures bla bla bla that before you even get to basic farmhands/water feed etc so going to wait it out a week or so and well if nothing happens just going to cancel my subscription for FV cash won,t need it if i can't spend it

  13. Does anyone know the definition of "passive/aggressive"? I think I do, now. I have just over 5000 watering cans now. After trying so hard to get my supply built up I think I'm there. Really have to keep a watch on those mastery signs now because I don't have any idea how many total gifts I have in there.


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