Farmville Farms & Crops: Complete Listing

Hello! My name is Kandy and I’ve been playing Farmville since the beginning. It did not take long before I was addicted to the game.
I started working hard to master crops, animals and trees.
Below is a complete list of all the crops in Farmville .  Thank you for this opportunity and I hope this is useful to others.
Happy Farming!!
If you want to refer the stats for any of these crops in detail, click here..
Home/All Farm Crops
Home Farm Released June 19,2009
Abroma Flower
Acorn Marbles
Acorn Squash
Adventure Pumkin
African Eggplant
Afro Pom Poms
Alien Crop
Aloe Vera
Alpine Rose
Amaryrllis Flower
Amazon Eggplant
Amazon Exotic Bloom
American Cabbage
Anders Dahl
Angel Mother Bouquet
Angelic Watermelon
Apple Potion
Arabian Date Flower
Ardour Anthurium
Astro Flower
Australian Blooms
Baked Cookie Plant
Ball Flower Plant
Ballet Berries
Balloon Cucumbers
Balloon Float
Bamboo Totem
Bandhani Apples
Basketball Melon
Bastille Day Apple
Beach Sunflower
Bejeweled Daffodil
Bell Pepper
Bermuda Grass Hay
Bird Feeder Wheel
Bird Food Wheel
Bird’s Eye Chillies
Black Aztec Corn
Black Bat Flower
Blue Bean
Blue Buttercup
Blue Button Blooms
Blue Carnation
Blue Daisy
Blue Dragon Fruit
Blue Rose
Blue Tinted Statice
Blue Fox Wood
Blue Pearl Beans
Blue Pink Lycoris
Blush Brush Crop
Bold Beets
Bolt Flowers
Book Bean Vines
Book Pineapple
Bouquet Horn Bloom
Brass Bell Flower
Brazilian Coffee
Broad Beans
Bubble Blossom
Bubble Dandelion
Bubble Pop
Buckeye Bell
Buddha’s Hand
Bull Horn Blossom
Bull Thistle Flower
Bunny Pop
Burdock Root
Brussel Sprout
Bubble Blossom
Butterfly Clutter
Caged Heart Beet
Candied Caramel
Candied Onions
Candied Tomato
Candy Apple Plant
Candy Cane Sorrel
Candy Corn
Candy Cucumber
Candy Dust
Candy Watermelon
Cane Flute Crop
Canna Flowers
Caramel Popcorn
Carnantion Azure
Carnival Pineapple
Carnival Hoops
*Carnival Squash
Carrot Illusion
Ceremony Heath
Champions Pride
Charity Pumpkin
Charming Magic Flower
Cheddar Flower
Cherry Love
Cheesy Pumpkin
Chew Toy Crop
Chief Crop
Chinese Lantern Plant
Chinese Wonton
Choco Chip Cookie
Choco Easter Egg
Chocolate Chili
Chocolate Flower
Chocolate Coookie Crop
Chocolate Rose
Chomper Flower
Christmas Carol Aloe
Chromatic Berry Bloom
Circus Flowers
Claus Strawberry
Clover Hats
Columbine Pear
Compositious Pear
Cookie Cream Plant
Cookie Flower
Coral Geranium
Coral Hibiscus
Coral Sunset
Corn Flower
Corn Flowers
Corny Candy Corn
Country Guitars
Crayon Blossom
Creeper Book
Crime Master Orange
Crystal Cassava
Crystal Cut Lychee
Crystal Cut Lychee
Crystal Frostberry
Crystal Mangosteen
Crystal Shard Poppies
Cruel Barbs
Cupcake Brush
Cupid's Bow
Cupids Pretzel Arrows
Daily Apple
Damson Fruit
Dark and Light Blossom
Dazzled Flower
Deadened Skull Pops
Delightful Trophy Flower
Dervish Daisies
Desert Lime
Devilish Banana
Dewdrop Flower
Dewdrop Vanilla
Diamond Pea
Dino Lemon
Diploma Flower
Disco Camellia
Diya Lotus
Dog Biscuit Daisy
Dragon Berry
Dragon Bonsai
Dragon Eggplant
Dragon Egg
Dragon Sparklers
Dream Rose
Driscus Mace
Drizzle Choc
Dry Seaweed
Dusseldorf Pomegranate
Dynamite Pepper
Earthy Tone Corn
Easter Avacado
Egyptian Muskmelon
-Electric Lily
Elephant Peanut
Emerald Knots
Emerald Turnip
Emo Poppy
English Chip
Ersatz Garlic
Evil Eye Flower
Exotic Forest Flower
Fallas Shrooms
Fallas Swirl Mushroom
Family Foxglove
Fan Fic Pineapple
Fanged Pitcher
Fanged Daisies
Fairy Foxglove
Fairy Snowdrop
Fairyscotch Candy
Fallas Shrooms
Feather Wheat
Festive Sunflower
Festset Pumpkin
Film Roll Crop
Fiery Onion
Figwart Family Shrub
Fire Cactus
Firecracker Lily
Fireflame Flower
Firefly Grapes
Fireworks Agave
Fiery Berries
Fiery Jalapenos
Film Roll Crop
Fire Flame Flower
Fishy Frisky Bits
Flagged Fruit
Flaky Flower
Flaming Orange
Flamingo Flower
Flower Melons
Flower Pebble
Flowerwirl Plum
Flowering Banana
Flowering Nettle
Fortune Daisy
French Apple
French Hatted Fruit

Friendship Band Watermelon
Friendship Flowers
Frosty Cup Rose
Frost Poppy
Frost Raspberries
Frozen Rose
Frozen Rose Cup
Fruit Roll Up
Full Moon Flower

Galungan Flower
Garnet Poppy
Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes
Ghost Cake Pops
Ghost Chili
Ghost Sticks
Giftbox Wheat
Gilded Carnation
Gilded Flower
Ginger Bread Man  Crop
Golden Rice
Glare Guardian Sunflower
Glass Apple
Glass Butterfly
Glass Decanter Orange
Glitter Pinecone
Gloaming Gourd
Globe Amaranth
Globe Thistle
Glow Flowers
Glowing Apple
Glowing Bloom
Gold Fan Custard Apple
Gold King Cabbage
Gold Lace
Gold Plated Pineapple
Gold Spotted Lilac
Gold Wheat Crown
Golden Durham Wheat
Golden Green
Golden Laurel
Golden Poppy
Golden Popcorn Carnation
Golden Striped Watermelon
Golden Zucchini
Goldenrod Flower
Golf Litchis
Gothic Dandelions
Graffiti Watermelon
Grape Fruit Crop
Green Bean
Green Earth Crop
Green Glitter Rose
Green Strawberries
Green Tea
Green Wheat
Gumball Berry Bush
Gypsy Bloom
Hala Fruit
Halloween Balloon
Halloween Dust
Halloween Flower
Healthy Apple
Heart Shaped Coral
Heart Wheat
Hearty Cactus
Herbal Tea
-Heirloom Carrot
Highbush Blueberry
Hip Watermelon
Hipster Glow
Holiday Pine
Holiday Star Flower
Holy Pumpkin
Honeyroast Chestnut
Honker Crop
Hoodoo Lily
Horseshoe Berries
Hot Shot Flower
Hybrid Saffrons
Ice Lily
Icicle Flower
Icy Bloom
Icy Cake Pop
Ink Pear
Iris Flower
Jack O Lily
Jade Aloe Vera
Jam Flower
Jamaican Choco Pepper
Jamaican Coffee
Jamballah Flower
Jealous Mimic
Jelly Grape
Jewel Yam
Jiyuka ikebana
Juicy Berries
Kaffir Lime
Kale Flower
Kalibo Punpkin
Kansas Flower
Kansas Sunflowers
Kasa Melon
Kidney Bean
King Sugar Bush
Knitted Broccoli
Knowledge Flower
Labor Day
Labour Crop
Lamp Flower
Lantern Flower
Lantern Fruit
Latern Bloom
Laughing Pumpkin
Laughing Smiley Flower
Laughter Crop
Lavender Lily
Lavender Twirl
Lemon Balm
Licorice Plant
Lilac Marigold
Lilly Pilly
Lily of the Valley
Lirio Amarelo
Lost Island Eggplant
Lotus Candle Blossom
Love Carnation
Love Fortune Cookies
Love Pretzel Arrows
Love You Mom Bouquet
Lunisolar Flower
Lute Shaped Pear
Madder Root
Magenta Banana Flower
Magic Beans
Magic Lamp Flower
Majestic Crown
Mana Berry
Maple Carnation
Maracas Flowers
Maraca Popsicle
Mardi Gras Flowers
Mardi Gras Watermelon
Masked Melon
Matsuri Fruit
Medal Bouquet
Melon Berries
Melody Roses
Micro Pansies
Midnight Azalea
Milk Thistle
Mini Cauldron
Minty Blooms
Mistoe Berry
Monster Pod Peas
Mood Loops Flower
Moonlit Apple
Morning Glory
Morning Sun Dandelion
Muffy Muffs
Mummy Fruits
Musketeer Rose
Mystical Fairy Flower
Nageire Ikebana
Narcissus Geranium
Nato Mato
Negev Tulip
Neon Apple
Neon Flower
Night Gourd
Noisemaker Candies
Nordic Gill Flower
Nyepi Flowers
Nymph Morel
Oatmeal Nut Waffle Fruit
Ocean Parsnip
Odollam Seeds
Old Glory Fruit
Old Glory Sunflower
One Planet Crop
Orange Carves
-Orange Daisy

Open Eye Flower
Orange Marigold
Orange Santol
Oregon Grape
Origami Pineapple
Origami Tulips
Ornamental Crop
Paddy Pop
Painted Watermelon
Paper Flower
Paper Rose – unreleased
Parisian Lavender Parsnip
Parrot Flower
Party Bubble Flower
Party Favor Greens
Party Horn Flowers
Party Lollipops
Party Prop Apple
Passion Cherry
Patriotic Starburst
Patriotic Striped Berry
Pattypan Squash
Paw Flower
Paw Treat Daisy
Peace Sunflower
Pearl Millet
Penguin Banana
Penguin Popsicle
Perfumed Passionflower
Peruvian Lily
Petal Petal Flower
Picinic Basket Flower
Picnic Blanket Flower
Picnic Corn
Pilgrim Pumpkin
Pink Anthurium
Pink Easter Lily
Pink Frangipangi
Pink Pansy
Pink Roses
Pink Sunrise Stalk
Pink Wood Sorrel
Pinwheel Daisy
Pirate Watermelonstr
Pixel Crop
Plum Blossom
Pofgus Lissac
Porcelain Jasmine
Porcupine Blobs
-Posole Corn
Prickly Ewilis
Primative Peanut
Printed Planes
Protea Aristata
Puppet Watermelons
Purple Cauliflower
Purple Crocus
Purple Decor Turnip
Psych Rose
Pumkin Blossom
Pumpkin Monster
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
Pumpkins With Cause
Purple Anthurium
-Purple Asparagus
*Purple Pod Peas
Purple Poinsettia
Purple Poppies
Purple Potato
Purple Snowberry
Purple Spinach
Purple Tulip
Puya Alpestris
Queen of Hearts Flower
Rainbow Berry Bloom
Rainbow Candy Apple
Rainbow Kabob
Rainbow Star
Raspberry Swirl
Rattle Weed
Red Carnation
Red Chrysanthemum
Red Corn
Red Gogi Berry
Red Orchid
Red Pineapple
Red Radish
Red Star Squash
Red Torch Tulip
Red Tulips
Red Wheat
Reds Blues Whites
Reel Weed
Retro T.V
Ringed Flower
Ringo Scarlet Flowers
Roasted Marshmallow Sticks
Rocky Rainbow
Romatic Banana
Rose Berry
Rose Grape
*Royal Artichoke
*Royal Cantaloupe
Royal Crown
Royal Dragonfruit
*Royal Forget-Me-Nots
Royal Love Rose
*Royal Mum
*Royal Mustard
Royal Strawberry
Ruby Cabbage
Ruby Radish
Ruby Rose
Ruby Saltbush
Sailor Pumpkin
Sand Star Flower
Sapphire Corn
Sapphire Watermelon
Sawtooth Blackberry
Scarlet Pitcher Plant’'
Sea Beet
Sea Carrot
Sea Clover
Sea Fingers
Sea Squash
Sea Star Urchin
Seashell Berries
Seika ikebana
School Wall Flower
Shampoo Ginger
Sheriff Snapdragon
Shiny Grape
Ship Wheel Bush
Skeleton Rose
Skelly Cactus
Skull Berries
Skull Cookies
Skull Cherries
Sky Blue Fruit
Slinky Corn
Smiling Blossoms
Snowball Flower
Snow Carnation
Snow Cherry
Snowed Daffodil
Snowy Birdfeed
Snowy Globe Cactus
Sour Blue Raspberries
Sour Punch Berries
Southern Mangosteen
Spain Triband Rose
Spanish Rose
Spanish Tomato
Sparky Star Flower
Sparkle Safflower
Sparkly Rainbow Flower
Spider Rose
Spider Skullberries
Spider Web Grapes
Spidey Watermelon
Spiked Cactus
Spiky Trophy Flower
Spiral Sunflowers
Spring Prairies
Spoon Gourd
Spooky Pear
Spooky Pirate Pumpkin
Spooky Spin Flower
Sports Shoe Vines
-Square Melon
Squirting Sunflower
Stained Glass Allium
Starlight Fruit
Starlight Pear
Star Fish Flower
Starlight Berry
Star Maize
Star Spangled Barley
Strawberry Aperitif
Strawberry Carrots
Strawberry Hearts
Strawberry Rose
Street Sauce Crop
String Flowers
Striped Berry
Sun Clover
Sunburst Orchid
Suncatcher Starfruit
Sugar Cane
Sugar Coated Onion
Sugar Skull Rose
Summer Apple
Summer Savory
Sunburnt Berry
Sun Plums
Sunglasses Sunflower
Sunny Dahlia
Sunset Lychees
Sunset Bloom Flower
*Super Aloe Vera
*Super Blackberry
*Super Blueberry
*Super Cabbage
*Super Cotton
*Super Cranberry
*Super Daylily
*Super Ginger
*Super Grape
*Super Green Tea
*Super Lilac
*Super Morning Glory
*Super Pattypan
*Super Pea
*Super Peanut
*Super Pepper
*Super Pineapple
*Super Pink Rose
*Super Potato
*Super Pumpkin
*Super Raspberry
*Super Rice
*Super Strawberry
*Super Sunflower
*Super Tomato
*Super Watermelon
*Super Wheat
*Super Yellow Melon
Sweet Potato
Sweet Red Corn
Sweet Tooth Bush
Sweet Wheat
Swiss Chard
Tangled Iphettle
Tasty Truffle Fruit
Temple Flowers
Tennis Grapes
Thai Clay Rose
Thai Native Jackfruit
Thanksgiving Flowers
Thanksgiving Peanuts
Thimpu Flower
Thorn Pomelo
Thorny Rose
Tiger Mellon Fruit
Toad Lily
Tomato Blast
Tomato Bombs
Tool Blooms
Toolbox Vines
Tooty Fruity Pine Cone
Torch Ginger
Transparent Flower
Treasure Map Crop
Triangular Poppy
Trick Pumpkins
Tricolour Strawberries
Tromo Star
Tropical Sugarcane
Truffle Sprout
Trumpet  Vein
Tsechu Flower
Tsepdro Rose
Tuba Gourd
Twinkle Shrub Flower
Undead Grapes
Unity Flower
Victoria Plum
Viking Helmets
Viking Pear
Venus Bird Trap
Vine Blooms
Violin Pear
Walnut Blooms
Water Apple
Water Wheel Plant
Watermelon Drum
Watermelon Earth
Wax Seal Poppy
Wheels Berries
White Carnation
White Garlic
White Grapes
White Milkweed
White Nectarine
White Posies
White Roses
White Sea Flower
Wild Alfalfa
Wild Cactus
Wild Radish
Winter Cherries
Winter Frost Camara
Wispy Blooms
Witch Eye Citrons
Witchy Pumpkin
Wium Acorn
World Flower
World Stamp Watermelon
Wormy Plant
Wrapping Paper Flower
Yaki Sushi Seaweed
Yellow Bell Flower
Yellow Daffodil
Yellow Flag
Yellow Freesia
Yellow Lily
Yellow Marigold
Yellow Melons
Yellow Paper Roses
Yellow Rhubarb
Yellow Ribbon Blossoms
Yellow Trillium
Yellow Wheat
Yerba Mate
Yoga Flower

Green House Crops
Double Grain / Fire Pepper / Lilac Daffy / Long Onion / Purple Tomatoes / Red Spinach /Squmpkin / Straspberry / Sun Poppy / Whisky Peat

English Countryside Farm Crops
Released 03/22/2011
Black Tea
Bachelor’s Button
Cara Potatoes
English Pea
English Rose
Field Bean
Pink Asters
Red Currant
Royal Hops
Spring Squill
*Super Hops
*Super Pink Aster

Lighthouse Cove Farm Crops
Released 09/19/2011
Butter & Sugar Corn
Cape Peppercorn
Chandler Blueberry
Cove Cranberry
Darrow Blackberry
Kennebec Potato
Lady Slipper
Red Clover
*Super Chandler
*Super Hay
*Super Kennebec
*Super Lady Slipper

Winter Wonderland Farm Crops
Released 12/05/2011
Candied Yam
Frozen Grapes
Glacial Rose
Gummi Bear
Iceberg Lettuce
Iced Rice
Mint Candy
Red Iceberry
Snow Tulip
*Super Candied Yam
*Super Gingerbread
*Super Gummi Bear
*Super Snow Tulip

Hawaiian Paradise Farm Crops
Released 03/07/2012
Land Crops
Double Pikake
Golden Sugar Cane
Hawaiian Ginger
Hawaiian Orchid
Hilo Pineapple
Kona Coffee
*Royal Taro
White Hibiscus
Yellow Hibiscus

Water Crops
Rock Crab
Stone Crab
Yellow Fin Tuna

Jade Falls Farm Crops
Released 06/11/2012
Ground Crops
Baby Carrot
Bok Choy
Chinese Cotton
Chinese Eggplant
Green Onion
Imperial Tea
Jade Bamboo
Jade Peanut
Lowland Ginger
Sichuan Pepper
Snap Pea
White Cloud Tea
*Forbidden Carrot
*Forbidden Eggplant
*Forbidden Onion
*Forbidden Tea
Water Crops
Red Nori
Rock Cod
*Forbidden Calamari
*Forbidden Rock Cod
*Forbidden Unagi
*Forbidden Udon
Terrace Crops
Baby Corn
Bean Sprout
Brown Rice
Chinese Daikon
Imperial Rice
Jasmine Rice
Pearl Barley
Sticky Rice
Water Chestnut
Water Cress
Water Lily
*Forbidden Barley
*Forbidden Chestnut
*Forbidden Daikon
*Forbidden Ginseng
*Forbidden Lily
*Forbidden Sprouts

Haunted Hollow Farm Crops
Released 09/24/2012
Candied Corn
Franken Fruit
Ghoul Garlic
Green Toadstool
Jack O'Lantern
Phantom Frond
Spectre Berries

Mistletoe Lane Farm Crops
Released 11/19/2012
Choco Mint
Cider Apple
Flint Corn
Frost Holly
Holiday Cactus
Holiday Poinsettia
Honey Ginger
Light Orchid
Rudolf Radish
Wax Bean
White Cranberry
Winter Grain
Winter Squash

Enchanted Glen Farm Crops
Released 01/16/2013
Ambrosia Tulip
Boggart Bulb
Butterfly Rose
Dark Dahlia
Dream Cotton
Elfin Tea
Fairy Foxglove
Goblin Vine
Gossamer Ivy
Honey Melon

Atlantis Farm Crops ** Early Access Only Crops
Released 03/11/2013
Aquamarine Rose
Bubble Bean
Carrot Gold

Deep Sea Cabbage**
Lava Lotus
Manta Mushroom

Pirate Potato
Salty Squash
Sea Cucumber

Sea Onions**
Sea Sponge
Triton Turnip

Hanging Gardens Farm Crops
Released 04/03/2013
Gold Ore

My Australian Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
**Note** These crops are now unlocked and Plantable on all farms
Released 04/30/2013
Albino Pineapple
Australian Barley
Australian Cotton

Australian Flag **
Australian Pineapple
Australian Purple Peppers
Australian Red Pepper
Australian Sugar Cane
Australian Wheat
Blue Lupin
Fava Beans
Field Peas

Finger Lime **
Green Australian Barley
Green Kutjera Tomato
Green Muntries
Kangaroo Paws
Kutjera Tomato
Late Harvest Semillon
Late Harvest Shiraz
Lillipilli Muntries
Pink Myrtle Flower
Purple Canola
Purple Lillipili
Purple Sugar Cane
Purple Sweet Corn
Red Australian Cotton
Red Australian Wheat
Red Sorghum
Roo Xing Sign **
Semillon Grape
Shiraz Grape
Sweet Corn
White Sorghum

Wombat Berry **
Yellow Field Peas
Yellow Kangaroo Paws
Yellow Lupin
Yellow Myrtle Flower

Celestial Pastures Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 06/17/2013
Flava Corn
Milky Strawberries

Moon Melons **
Moon Mischief
Myne Melon
Ooval Tomato
Pod Peas
Shard Skin Onions
Solar Flare Bean
Space Dust Sugar Cane
Star Puff Cotton
Star Speckles

Stargazer Lilies **
Sun Dipped Pepper
Sun Fade Barley
Sun Fingers

Supernova Strawberries **
Thuck Wheat
Turni Carrot
Violet Vein Spinach
White Dwarf Sunflower

Sweet Acres Farm Crops  **Crops available to early access only
Released 0/05/2013
Butterscotch Blossom
Candied Cherries **
Candy Jasmine
Caramel Apple Pops **
Cookie Petals
Drop Lemons
Gumball Poppy
Gumdrop Daisy
Gummy Bud
Licorice Vine
Lollipop Twist
Long Stem Cupcake
Lotus Mint
Marsh Melon

Peppermint Poppies**
Sprinkle Strawberry
Sugar Rose
Sweet Tea Cups
Whoopie Thistle

Mystical Groves Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 09/23/2013
Aslant Carrot
Blakk Root
Bright Stalk
Brusen Berry
Dragon Vine
Dusk Turnip
Fairy Blossom

Fantasy Fireflowers **
Firelight Mushroom
Flaxen Strawberry
Harmony Rose

Mystical Jasmine **
Obal Pumpkin
Pericarp Potato

Shimmer Corn **
Twilight Cups
Violet Allium
Wan Raspberry
Whytea Leaves
Yellow Dock
Zaffre Oats

Holiday Lights Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 11/12/2013
Auroral Corn
Auroral Rosemary
Blazing Peppers
Borealis Blueberries
Borealis Rose

Boughs of Holly **
Candle Light Cranberries
Dazzle Apple
Fa La La La-Lavender
Frosted Poinsettia
Glass Candle
Glass Candycane
Glass Icicle
Glass Pinwheel

Golden Ivy**
Holiday Stained Glass
Hollybright Berries
Hollybright Poinsettia
Hollybright Snow Peas
Kindle Onions
Luminous Ginger
Moonlit Mistletoe
Radiant Radish
Roasting Chestnuts
Roman Candle Cauliflower
Seasonal Spirits
Shiny Sprouts
Silvery Squash
Sleigh Guider Cherries
Spark Wheat
Sugar n' Sprites
Winter Turnip

Yule Logs**

Fields of El Dorado Farm  Crops
Released 01/13/2014
Allspice Pepper
Avocado Squash
Banana Blossom
Beryl Rain Flower
Blue Agave
Blue Paradise
Bright Tomatillo
Butterfly Orchid
Chaya Spinach
Cocoa Coffee
Eclipse Sunflower
Emerald Pineapple
Golden Emeralds
Golden Wheat
Jungle Blackberry
Jungle Puffs
Passion Flower
Pointed Pinks
*Super Avocado Squash
*Super Banana Blossom
*Super Bromeliad
*Super Butterfly Orchid
*Super Cassava
*Super Chaya Spinach
*Super Chayote
*Super Cocoa Coffee
*Super Eclipse Sunflower
*Super Emerald Pineapple
*Super Golden Wheat
*Super Heliconia
*Super Jicama
*Super Jungle Blackberry
*Super Maize
*Super Prickly Pear
*Super Tomatillo
*Super Turquoise Puya
*Super Vanilla Vine
*Super Volcano Chili Pepper
Super Wild Pinto Bean
Turquoise Puya
Vanilla Vine
Volcano Chili Pepper
Wild Pinto Bean

Emerald Valley Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 03/03/2014
Azure Corn
Balloon Melons
Bitty Blue Tomatoes
Bubble Glass
Coil Lily
Crystal Cranberries

Emerald City Lollipop**
Emerald Rye
Glass Strawberries
Jade Spiralis
Mini Eggplant
Munchkin Flower

Pink Square
Purple Dahlias

Rainbow Starburst**
Red Poppy
Ribbon Daisy

Silver Shoes**

Squash Blossom
Swirling Blue Fern
Unfolding Plumeria
Whirling Buds
Yellow Brick Beets
Yellow Rhubarb

Mediterranean Riviera Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 04/21/2014
Aqua Cantaloupe
Blue Glass Rose
Brush Olive
Chioggia Beets
Flamenco Anemone
Freckled White Grape
Fuchsia Bougainvillea
Golden Oregano
Lima Bean
Lowland Pistachios
Riviera Buttercup
Orange Bell Pepper
Pinot Noir Grape
Saffron Crocus
San Marzano Tomato
Seaglass Wheat
Sea Holly
Sea Lavender
Sol Chickpeas

Oasis Garden Farm Crops  **Crops available to early access only
Released 06/09/2014
Arabian Onion
Blue Egyptian Water
Bok Choy
Chicory Lettuce
Crafted Melon
Elephant Grass
Egyptian Luffa
Egyptian Rye
Lavender Alfalfa
Narcissus Flower
Nile Grass
Pink Camellia
Pink Flax
Plume Thistle
Popped Sorghum
Rhode Grass
Royal Guar
Southern Lilly
Tiger Nut
Twisted Cowpea
Wild Hibiscus
Wild Leek

Fairy Tale Fields Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 07/28/2014
Bleeding Heart
Blue Pineapples
Blue Tulips
Crystalline Wheat
Eastern Plumeria
Eggplant White
Fairy Rhubarbs
Magic Oats
Mystical Cantaloupe

Pink Cotton**
Pixie Mushrooms
Purple Broccoli
Purple Dianthus
Queen Sheba Orchid
Rainbow Carrots
Red Glass Rose
Red Jade Vine
Red Rye
Sandersonia Flowers
Sky Radish
Tomato Blues
White Chrysanthemums
White Dianthus
White Indian Pepper**
White Lotus**
White Saffron
White Squills
Wholesome Cabbage
Yellow Toadstool

Horseman’s Hallow **Crops available to early access only
Released 09/22/2014
Autumn Cabbage
Crystal Ball Rose**
Echo Shellica
Falling Cowpea
Fat Bulb Onion

Ghost Cream
Glowing Mushroom

Grave Stonia**
Green Camellia
Nightly Stick Seed
Orange Hymella

Palm Plant
Pira Pira
Prickly Potato

Pumpkin Orange
Purple Geniola

Red Maize
Red Pitcher
Titan Arum
Wild Justle
Yellow Jasmine

Magical Toy Town Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Apple in a Box
Berry Teether
Candy Alphabet
Clay Pepper
Clay Poinsettia
Crazy Crayon
Durian Ball
Felt Rose
Flower Stack Bee
Gear Daisy
Gumball Bloom
Gummy Bear
Jigsaw Bloom
Knitted Grape

Melon Balloon **
Pompom Dandelion
Smiley Orange

Spinning Top Onion **
Strawberry Bear
Sunflower Rattle **
Toy Carrot
Toy Duckie
Toy Tulip
Wind Spinner Flower

Avalon Wilderlands Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 01/19/2015
Blood Root
Black Velvet Petunia

English Lavender
Fair Maid
Fleur De Lis
French Fingerling Potato
French Petite Plum
Golden Beet
Good King Henry
IIex Berry
Laurel Berry Loquat
Love Lies Bleeding
Ornamental Cabbage
Purple Passion
Purple Queen Bean

Red Charm Peon**
Royal Mandrake
Scarlet Pimpernal

Velvet Queen Sunflower**
Wild Tudor Rose
Wild Leek
Wilderlands Rosemary

Avalon Kingdom Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 03/09/2015
Amethyst Eggplant
Butterfly Carnation
Emerald Pea
Fiery Dragonfruit

Forbidden Rose**
Frilly Cabbage

Gem Crusted Pineapple
Golden King Melon

Hive Ginger**
Jade Vine
Magical Bonnet
Mystical Lotus

Peacock Orchid
Pearl Currant
Royal Banana
Royal Buttercup
Royal Candle
Royal Cauliflower

Ruby Paprika **
Sorcerer's Lily
Stained Glass Pansy
Star Dust Apple
Storm Tomato

Wild West Ranch Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 04/27/2015
Barrel Cactus
Blooming Sneezeweed
Ranch Blue Agave
Cactus Flower

Canary Creeper **
Canola Flower Oil
Chickpea Bloom

Daisy Bush
Desert Floweret
Evergreen Frangipani
Exotic Pineapple
Exotic Sorghum
Flaming Chili
Ranch Flint Corn

Lace Cactus **
Mist Flower
Pink Buckeye
Radiant Sunflower
Slicer Tomato

Sunglow Mustard **

Sunshine Rye
Terrain Blossom
Victoria Mealy Sage
Wild Florescence
Wild Poppy
Wild Red Cabbage

Treasure  Tides Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 06/15/2015
Land Crops
Buccaneer Pumpkin
Exotic Starfruit
Floral Bush
Glow Coral
Grape Swirls
Hooked Flora
Horned Melon
Hydra Bloom
Kraken Bloom
Land Crops Cont:
Larval Anemone
Mystic Mushrooms
Oyster Pearl
Pink Astilbe
Pirate’s Prism

Sea Coral Blast**
Sea Rambutan
Sea Shell Mangosteen
Sea Sprout
Seashell Weed

Land Crops Cont:
Seawave Orange
Seaweed Sunshine**
Skull Poppy
Sparkle Bubble

Starfish Coral**
Toxic Apple
Tropical Blooms
Xeronema Lily
Water Crops
Ethereal Flower
Fringed Tulips
Layered Orchid
Peacock Morea
Rainbow Lotus
Teardrop Lily
Transparent Flower
Whirlpool Flower

Savanna Safari Farm  Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 08/03/2015
Land Crops
Ackee Lychee
African Botanica **
African Cucumber
African Gourmet Mushroom
African Pear
Baobab Flower
Beaded Grape
Bloomed Bounty
Drosera Regia
Dubium Flower
Land Crops Cont:
Exotic Africana
Exotic Twirl
Flaming Aloe
Floro Swirl
Guinea Pepper
Ixia Hybrid

King Protea **
Lychee Strawberry
Marula Fruit
Miracle Berry
Land Crops Cont:
Patterned Banana **
Pineapple Lily
Poha Berry
Pollia Condensata
Ruffles Copper
Spider Iris
Striped Watermelon
Swirly Vinebowl
Winged Flora
Woven Muskmelon

Phantom Valley  Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 09/28/2015
Land Crops
Bat Flower
Bat Pumpkin
Brown Knapweed
Buddha’s Hand Citron
Creepy Creepers
Devil’s Hand Flower
Devil’s Paintbrush
Evil Head
Eyeball Flower
Land Crops Cont:
Grinning Blooms
Horned Kiwano
I See You Flower
Marbled Red Eggs
Meringue Bones
Mummied Bananas
Nasty Pineapple
Osiria Rose
Pinwheel Blooms
Land Crops Cont:
Skull Pods
Skull Blossoms

Spooky Spikes**
Trapped Dews
Venin Apples**
Webbed Muskmelon
White Baneberry

Water Crops
Candy Corn Rice
Horned Water Chestnut

Masquerade Pumpkins**
Stitched Apple
Venus Mantrap

Alpine Jingle Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 12/07/2015
Land Crops
Alpine Strawberry
Angel’s Trumpet**
Aurora Flower**
Beatrice Lily
Bird’s Nest
Blue Wildflower
Candy Cane Swirls
Eucalyptus Bud
Gift Wrap Yield
Hebe Balls
Holiday Stockings
Land Crops Cont.
Ice Beads Corn
Icicle Carrot
Latern Cherry
Manabu Oda
Mistletoe Lantern
Morning Dew Blooms
Snowy Pinecone
Spiraled Agave
White Cottongrass
Yelow Pompons
Water Crops
Alpine Shooting Star
Coral Cactus
Crimson Ashwood
Fur Bells
Globe Thistle
Misty Tail Vine
Pink Water Mushrooms
Water Cactus

Water Lily Wisp**
Water Rose
Water Ruby

Namaste India Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 01/25/2016
Land Crops
Aloe Vera Flower**
Banana Flower
Bandhani Watermelon
Batik Orange
Bird of Paradise
Block Printed Apple
Braided Sugarcane
Cashew Apple
Coconut Table
Colorful Marigold
Land Crops Cont.
Cotton Pom Poms**
Date Plum
Embroidered Banana
Eucalyptus Flower
Finger Millet
Floating Petals
Indian Blanket Flower
Juniper Berries
Jute Muskmelon
Kodom Flower
Mystic Hibiscus
Pineapple Orchid
Water Crops
Bubble Rose
Fragrant Water Lily

Holi Flowers**
Leaf of Victoria Lily
Lotus Bud
Mirror Work Lily
Mosaic Water Plant
Patterned Lotus
Peacock Diyas
Rajnigandha Rangoli
Sea Grass
Water Lettuce
Water Snowflake

Story of Sakura Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 03/14/2016 
Land Crops
Ajisai Cluster
Cane Knot Kumquat
Dewdrop Sweet Pea
Fishnet Zucchini
Flaming Pandan
Glass Sakura
Grilled Tofu Flower
Jade Asatsuki
Japanese Wineberry

Katana Banana**
Kirikane Peache
Muskmelon Lamp**

Land Crops Cont.
Nihon Lamp Sugarcane
Ningyo Pear
Nippon Taka Chili
Origami Flower
Painted Cherry Blossoms
Pink Rose Candle
Plum Bloom
Ruby Red Grapefruit
Sakura Shells
Teacup Flowers

Umbrella Blooms**
Water Crops
Cherry Lantern Hozuki
Chestnut Wagashi
Chibi Cherries

Garden Pond Plant**
Giant Daikon
Glowing Bamboo
Hearty Melon
Ichijiku Shell
Mizuhiki Fuji Apple
Native Kaki
Nishiki Rice
Sushi Tsubaki
Wasabi Kodomatsu
Watery Sudachi
Wild Fragaria
Yubinuki Yuzu
Zen Crops
Butterfly Fan Blossoms**
Candied Chopsticks
Gummy Koi Flower
Handfan Momo
Kinmokusei Carrot
Kousa Berry
Marshmallow Sushi
Mushroom Statues
Myoga Ginger
Neko Kinkan
Pentagon Mikan
Pinkstar Pin Blossoms
Temari Kyobo
Wagasa Bloom
Wisteria Fukinagashi

Caveman Club Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 06/27/2016
Land Crops
Blooming Onions
Blue Chrysanthemum

Blue Paddy**
Cactus Flower
Cactus Watermelon
Color Spiral Banana
Crimson Shade Flower
Early Snowflower
Exotic Apple

Exotic Swirl Flower**
Explosive Berries
Land Crops Cont:
Fire Burst Flower
Flytrap Beetroot
Hanging Fuschia
Hidden Pumpkin
Ooga La Fruit
Ooga’s Carrot
Pendant Heliconia
Pre-evolved Hibiscus
Queen’s Magnifica
Shelled Cabbage
Stick Zingiber
Sunset Flower
Water Crops
Ocean Feather Flower
Patterned Seashells
Pearl Sprouts
Pitaya Fruit
Underwater Lily
Water Bromerlia

Whirlpool Flower **

Ode to Olympus Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 0/15/2016
Land Crops
Blood Red Chikoo
Bloomed Dahlia
Bloomed Foxglove
Blue Lupine
Caped Gooseberry
Culsia Fruit
Cursed Thorn Flowers
Evil Corn
Eye of Hades
Golden Apples
Golden Twirl
Greek Beets
Land Crops Cont:
Greek Key Melon**
Hades’ Abyss
Hermes Avocado
Hollow Mushrooms
Kunhios Flowers
Penta Bhagi Flowers
Pitto Berries
Snake Fruit
Spartan Cabbage
Spiral Star Flowers
Transparent Lily

White Stone Flower**
Water Crops
Gold Knotted Seaweed
Golden Cranberries
Nugget Sprouts

Red Crystal Pear**
Silver Carnival
Vilta Zucchini
Water Poppy

Carnivale De Los Muertos Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 10/03/2016
Land Crops
Abandoned Lotus Pods
Bleeding Drupe
Bone Flower
Chocolate Cosmos
Coffeen Pods
Datura Seed Pod
Dried Ghost Pepper
Ferris Wheat
Flowers of the Dead
Ghost Blooms

Land Crops Cont.
Glowing Moon Rocks
Grapeyard Tombs
Hairy Clown Nose
Itchy Beans
Mexican Skullflower
Poppy Capsule
Prickly Pear

Skully Pear**
Sour Pumpkin
Toxic Pumpkin
Water Crops
Cotton Candy
Cursed Cluster

Muertos Water Lily**
Purple Blades
Ruby Moon
Spider Flower
Upside Down Shades

Once Upon A Winter Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 11/21/2016 – 12/12/2016
Land Crops
Aurora Grapefruit
Bush Flower
Candy Cucumber
Celebratory Tomatoes
Christmas Grapes

Crystal Corn**
Diamond Cabbage
Gift Watermelon
Glowy Radish
Green Crystal Pear
Icy Carrot
Icy Tulips
Land Crops Cont:
Neon Starfruit
Ornamental Apple
Patterned Corn
Snowball Sprouts

Snowflake Flower**
Snowflake Mushroom
Snowy Rambutan
Star Cut Apple
Tangy Turnip
Winter Artichoke
Winter Beets
Winter Dandelion
Water Crops
Blue Lotus**
Elf Lettuce
Frosted Flower
Holiday Bell Flower
North Star
Peppermint Flower
Water Hyacinth
Snow Crops
Angel Flowers
Blooming Anemone
Chocolate Strawberry
Gingerbread Flower
Mistletoe Fruit
Sprinkle Broccoli
Winter Bush
Winter Pumpkin

Groovy Hills Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 01/16/2017
Land Crops
Allium Bulbs
Apple Tart Rose**
Barret Browning Flower
Blanket Flower
Breaded Pumpkin
Candy Button Cucumber
Colored Pretzel Flower
Cookied Flowers
Land Crops Cont:
Cosmos Flowers
Dotted Mushrooms
Eggplant Earrings
Flowering Dogwood
Hassleback Potatoes
Hippie Jewels Grapes
Hive Flower
Jacks Apple
Land Crops Cont:
Jello Bananas
Pink Charm Flower
Polka Pinapple
Rainbow Banana
Rainbow Custard Apple

Rainbow Raspberry**
Retro Milkweed
Twin Popsicle Carrot
Water Crops
Color swirl water apple
Illusion Pear
Iridescent Corn
Lotus Jello

Oyster Mushrooms**
Pickled Zucchini
Tie n Dye Watermelon

Opal Kingdom Farm Crops
Released 03/06/2017
Land Crops
Bubble Tulip
Elkhorn Coral
Fordit Apple
Gemstone Pineapple
Glowing Thistle
Heart Cockle Lily
Lime Green Rose
Lymnorea Bulb
Pillar Coral
Orange Coral
Land Crops Cont:
Ribbon Coral
Star Feather
Salt Water Coral
Seagreen Plant
Sea Pen
Shell Guava
Spiral Carrot
Starfish Fruit
Star Watermelon
Tentacle Floweret
Land Crops Cont:
Underwater Cabbage**
Urchin Pumpkin
Venus Clam

White Lined Dirona**
Water Crops
Bubble Fish**
Heart Feather
Iridescent Fishtail
Jellyfish Mushroom
Peach Bloom
Sand Dollar Lily

Legend of Tengguan Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 04/24/2017
Land Crops
Cempedak Fruit
Durian Isu
Dusk Gak Fruit
Fall Gold Fruit
Lotus Flame
Marang Fruit
Marian Plum
Maypop Passion Flower
Pandanus FruitThai
Pearly Langsat
Purple Appleberry
Queens Garland
Land Crops Cont:
Rare Aerides Flower
Rose Star Flower**
Royal Grape Pendant
Sparrow Flower
Sunset Lemons
Tengguan Basil

Thai Marigold Fruit**
Thai Velvet
Watermelon Flower
Yangmei Berry
Yellow Thai Cherry
Ylang Ylang
Water Crops
Butterfly Orchid
Golden Crown Mango

Nariphon Fruit**
Rare Afgeki Flower
Red Ginger Flower
White Currants
Yellow Burapa Pepper

Turtle Rock Crops
Asam Galugar
Climbing Lily
Dragon Muskmelon
Flaming Plumeria
Flower Pear
Patterned Chesa
Thai Orchid
Twin Lantana Flower

Isle of Dreams Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 06/05/2017
Land Crops
Bell Flower
Chained Mango
Color Fruit
Crystal Cherries
Elegant Star
Enchanted Watermelon

Fairy Bloom Flower

Fairy Bubble Wand**
Fairy Slipper
Fantasy Twirl

Hanging Hibiscus
Hatted Tomato

Lightstone Butterfly**
Land Cont:
Night Queen
Open Pear
Orange Persimmon
Passion Shrub

Pink Nipah
Pixie Cove
Pixie Melon
Sheltered Fruit
Spikey Cauliflower
Star Glow
Star Orange
Toadstool Apple
Vine Flower
Water Crops
Chain Lily’s
Deep Water Flower
Enchanted Lotus

Fairy Bubble Flower**
Trapped Eggplant
Water Berries
Water Pear
Fantasia Crops:
Eye Fruit
Lamp Flora
Light Orb Lily
Night Glow Flower
Odd Sprouts
Ring Pineapple
Night Glow

Straits of Ardour Farm Crops
Released 07/24/2017
Land Crops
Ale Onion
Awning Bell
Bonnet Flower
Candle Corn
Crown Imperial
Crystal Stud Flower
Cupcake Daisy
Danish Bloom
Eclair Corn
English Apple
Land Crops Cont:
English Crown Apple
English Scepter Bamboo
Excalibur Rose
Faberge Eggplant
Feathered Tulips
Golden Apricot Flower
Golden Lily Buds
Hearty Barley
Insignia Tea
Land Crops Cont:
Paulownia Blossom
Royal Watermelon
Summer Blaze
Tea Cozy Orange
Wood Flower
Water  Crops
Chocolate Bouquet
Currant Bun
English Watermelon
Mushroom Buttoncup
Ribbon Pearl Flower
Tea Lotus

Samba In Rio Farm Crops **Crops available to early access only
Released 09/04/2017
Land Crops
Avacado Tiara
Brazil Nut
Cerulean Cactus
Corsage Orchid
Grandmas Bonnet
Guarana Berry
Hearty Canistel
Jazz Daylily
Land Crops Cont:
Lobster Claw  Flower
Parrot Blooms
Party Pineapple
Pinecone Petals
Rainbow Bromeliad
Red Dacca Banana
Royal Tube Flowers
Land Crops Cont:
Ruby Gold Pepino
Spiky Bromeliad
Spiky Rollina
Starfish Peppers
Sunstar Dahlia
White Flame Peppers
White Pinwheels
Wild Tucumas

Water Crops
Cape Buttercup
Clusia Star
Foxglove Flower
Lady Slipper
Queens Tears
Teacup Blooms

Shadow Creek Farm Crops List **Crops Available for Early Access Only
Released 10/23/2017
All Eyes Flower
Apple Mummies
Bloody Apple
Brain Gourd
Candy Grape
Carved Pumpkin
Cheezy Broomsticks
Crooked Bamboo
Evil Bubble Corn
finger Carrot
Land Cont:
Halloween Berries
Halloween Special Grass
Melting Candles
Moon Banana
Orange Jack-O-Lantern
Potion Pear
Pumpkin Rice Krispie
Skeleton Strawberry
Spider Vine
Tangerine Moon
Land Cont:
Teethy Strawberry
Tombstone Crop
Spooky Treats
Veined Muskmelon
Watermelon Scare


Bloody Seed Pod
Illuminous Plant
Illusion Lily
Purple Nymphaea
Skeleton Wisteria
Webbed Amazonica

Winter Noel Farm Crop List **Crops Available to Early Access Only
Released 12/11/2017
Land Crops
Alpine Candy Mushroom
Aurora Ball Flower
Autumn Multi Flower
Candy Capsicum
Chocolate Chip Wheat
Fall Cabbage
Fall Roses
Holiday Avocado
Land Crops Cont:
Holiday Dragon Fruit
Jello Corn
Jewelled Autumn Mango
Jingle Apple
Lantern Melon
Mistletoe Orange
Mushroom Bonsai
Peppermint Barley
Land Crops Cont:
Plaid Sprouts
Ribbon Blossom Beets
Ribbon Peaches
Ribbon Rye
Snowy Squash
Swirl Sunflower
Winter Green Flower
Winter Red Pumpkin
Wool Striped Aloe
Water Crops
Button Flower
Button Lily Flower
Fall Hyacinth
Lake Flake Melon
Tangerine Candy Flower
Woolen Water Blossom

Alba Tuscany Farm Crops List **Crops Available to Early Access Only
Released 01/22/2018
Land Crops
Bouganvillea Blossom
Chickory Flower
Florentine Iris
Green Jellybean
Leafy Persimmon

Land Crops Cont:
Pricky Lettuce
Raw Plum
Red Plum
Red Chard
Red Ribes
Red Shallot
Rosemary Flower
Scarlet Poppy
Land Crops Cont:
Snail Orange
Snow Lavender
Sweet Fig
Tuscan Chestnut
Wedding Peony


Water Crops
Ombre Water Lettuce
Pink Water Lily
Whitewater Hyacinth


Emberhill Adventure Farm Crops List **Crops Available to Early Access Only
Released 03/12/2018
Land Crops
Banana Shallot
Cheery Cherry
Dortheae Aloe
Ember Raspberry
Enchanted Poly Count Flower
Fallen Chestnut
Hedgehog Cactus
Leafy Coconut
Land Crops Cont:
Mana Berry
Mixed Grape
Monster Chili
Ornate Pineapple
Pink Papaya
Red Mushroom
Soursop Berry
Stained Garlic
Summer Fennel

Land Crops Cont:
Sunny Apple
Taro Plant
Water Color Lily
Water Pepper
White Marble Pear
Wild Cantaloupe
Wild Step Mushroom
Wonder Berry
Yellow Bell Pepper
Yellow Dragonfruit
Water Crops
Aquarelle Floret
Black Rice Paddy
Red Rice Paddy



Caribbean Adventure - Pelican Reef Farm Crops List ** Crops available to Early Access Only
Released 04/30/2018

Land Crops
Banana Orchid
Barbados Buttonwood
Barbados Palm Fruit
Beach Cherry
Bermuda Mystery Rose
Cannonball Flower
Caribbean Fantasy
Caribbean Pineapple
Dominica Bloom
Hope Flower
Land Crops Cont:
Jamiaca Melon
Jamacian Ackee
Mamey Sapote
Noodle Beans
Patch Eye Pineapple
Pelican Flower
Pink Ginger Flower
Quene Peas
Red Caribbean Rose
Shell Ginger
Land Crops Cont:
Sorrell Herb
Sunshade Orange
Trinidad Cherries
West Indies Mahogany



Water Crops
Antigua Frangipangi
Barbados Mangrove
Caribbean Crystal Ice
Caribbean Plumeria
Jamiacan Watermelon
Pumpkin Cashew
Wild Fowl


Pavlozny Festival Farm Crops List  ** Crops available to Early Access Only
Released 06/11/2018

Land Crops
Arum Poppy
Cactus Cabbage
Chandelier Bloom
Checkered Lily
Cherry Mushroom
Crimson Sunflower
Emerald Eyelet Bloom
Faberge Grape
Faberge Watermelon
Floral Berry
Land Crops Cont:
Gem Encrusted Cucumber
Heart Mint
Honey Pod
Jade Water Chestnut
Jeweled Wheat
Knit Corn
Lake Sapphire Bloom
Marine Heart Flower
Mosaic Tomato
Nested Egg Plant
Land Crops Cont:
Onion Dome Mushroom
Rainbow Pineapple
Ring Berry
Silk Pearl Lotus
Steppes Pumpkin
Ural Apple
Ural Potato
Water Cotton Bloom

Water Crops
Ivory Baneberry
Wild Calla


The Frontier Trail Farm Crops List
Released 07/30/2018

Land Crops
Amaranth Flower
American Persimmon
Bitter Vetch
Blue Curls
Blue Elderberry
Blushed Jicama
Canna Lily
Gold Acorn
May Grass
Land Crops Cont:
Paw Paw
Pinion Pinenut
Pink Lemonade Berries
Purple Soursop
Red Agave
Red Mayhaw
Scarlet Fig
Service Berry
Land Crops Cont:
Vibrant Kale
White Cherimoya
Yellow Sunchoke

Water Crops
American Lotus
Cow Lily
River Spinach
Sugar Cranberry
Water Mint
Water Wasabi

Old World Expedition Farm (Israel) Farm  Crops List
Released 09/10/2018

Land Crops Land Crops Cont Land Crops Cont Water Crops
Acorn Squash
Alpha Cucumber
Anna Apple
Asparagus Flower
Bazaar Avacado
Chick Pea Flower
Desert  Cabbage
Desert Pomegranate
Galaxy Tomato

Gemstone Pomegranate
Goldy Zuccini Squash
Grape Tomato
Hyancith Squill
Hybrid Corn
Mini Basil
Nano Watermelon

Ogen Melon
Passiflora Parritae
Pink Garlic
Salt Marsh Aster
Seedless Bell pepper
Spring onion

Aloe Ferox
Amazonian Victorian
Common Myrtle
Grevellia Johnsonii
Hyacinth Squill
Sea Squill

Castle Kapustone  Farm Crops List
Released - 10/29/2018

Land Crops
Bite Strawberry
Brainy Watermelon
Candy Corn Flower
Carved Canteloupe
Finger Chilies
Franken Kiwis
Ginger Dead Man Crop
Hollow Orange
Hollow Skull Radish
Land Crops Cont:
Lime Potion
Mummified Bananas
Mummified Blueberries
Mummy Potato
Plum Bats
Poison Bite Tendril
Poison Skull Orange
Purple Poison Apple

Land Crops Cont:
Rice Crispy Pumpkin
Scream Strawberry
Skeletal Pear
Skull Leaf Plant
Skull Pumpkins
Spooked Bananas
Tealight Pineapple
Vampie Mango
Webbed Strawberry
Water Crops
Candied Corn
Candycorn Grapes
Eyerie Plant
Skeletal Flower
White Skull Melon

A Winter Fable Farm Crops List
Released 12/10/2018

Land Crops
Christmas Acorns
Christmas Thread Carrots
Decorative Plums
Dewdrop Avacado
Elven Banana
Flakey Heart Strawberry
Frosty Pinecone
Gingerbread Ornament
Land Crops Cont:
Gingerbread Star Flower
Goldberry Pine Flower
Lemony Jingle Bell
Mistletoe Cherries
Nisser Cinnamon Sticks
Ornamental Grapes
Ornamental Melon
Ornamental Strawberry
Land Crops Cont:
Pinecone Nisser
Pinie Rose Flower
Silverbead Grapes
Snowball Gooseberry
Snowman Pear
Strawberry Snowmen
Winter Cherry Bush

Water Crops
Frost Berries

Frosted Christmas Apple
Clove Stuffed Orange
Glitterflake Flower
North Pole Bamboos
Pinecone Frost Flower
Snowball Floret

Magic of Morocco Farm Crops List
Released January 21, 2019
Land Crops
Blooming Chestnut
Butterfly Dandelion
Copper Pear
Drippy Artichoke
Embossed Raw Banana
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Golden Art Zucchini
Henna Carrot
Land Crops Cont:
Massive Hibiscus
Meyer Lemon
Mixed Olive Plant
Moroccan Star Anise
Moroccan Sunflower
Mustard Brassica
Ornate Orange Slice
Patterned Potato
Pig Weed
Land Crops Cont:
Porcelain Watermelon
Prickley Pear
Printed Mushroom
Radiant Grapes
Steely Onion

Water Crops
Block Flower
Bursting Blossoms
Honey Dipper Flower
Morning Mist Lily
Radient Floret
Sunlit Lamp Flower

An Ancient Saga Farm Crops List
Released 03/11/2019

Land Crops
Balsam Pear
Beach Cherry
Caterpillar Banana
Cotton Burst Bloom
Dogwood Blooms
Flame Lotus
Ginkgo Fruit
Heart Burst Berry
Land Crops Cont:
Heart Burst Berry
Hearty Custard Apple
Imagem Flower
Irvingia Mango
Paradise Banana
Peanut Butter Fruit
Pini Jambu
Pink Gooseberry
Pink Whampee
Land Crops Cont:
Red Bayberry
Ruby Strawberry
Sunset Cashew
Sunkissed Mango
Pink Torch Ginger
Twilight Mulberry
Yew Berry

Water Crops
Blue Sow Thistle
Cape Gooseberry
Midyim Berry
Nagalinga Flower
Parrots Beak
Salmon Berry

Alaskan Summer Farm Crops List
Released 06/10/2019
Land Crops
Aaponde Uscoot
Ancient Spirit Flower
Black Beauty Dahlia
Calonas Carrito
Cresent Lotus
Fudith Noil
Gradient Orange
Land Crops Cont:
Lobus Gloom
Mapped Roses
Native Potato
Night Gloom
Ovio Iblyre
Pine Wreath
Pixy Sage
Land Crops Cont:
Rium Flovlon
Sunshine Shroom
Totem Fruit Heads
Uwopah Takridil
Water Crops
Cagre Ofrasse
Confiture Rose
Native Capsicum
Totem Melon


Coco Wonderland Farm Crops

Land Crops Land Crops Cont: Land Crops Cont: Water Crops
Candycane Orange
Candy Cane Sorrel
Candy Floss Rose
Candy Peach
Chocolate Onion
Chocolate Pear
Chocolate Peas
Citrus Apple
Cotton Candy Avacado
Cream Cherry
Cupcake Cabbage
Dragon Candy Fruit
Gummy Tomato
Ice Candy Mango
Jellybean Corn
Jelly Grapes
Jelly Strawberry

Licorice Garlic
Lolipop Banana
Mint Strawberry
Sprinkled Potato
Sugared Succulent
Sunkissed Carrot
Toffee Cucumber
Water Bamboo

Candy Lotus
Floating Sunflower
Lolipop Flower
Sprinkled Choco Poppy
Vanilla Lily

Limited Edition Crops -  Usually used for Leaderboards
*NOTE* Plantable on all farms
African Eggplant
Aguaje Fruit
Alabaster Fan Flower
Angel Bloom
Anti Love Letters
Aphrodite Hearts
Assorted Candy Crop
Astro Rose
Aztec Corn
Baby Maneater Bush
Ball Player Pumpkin
Ballerina Slippers
Ballerina Tiara
Ballet Queen Flower
Balloon Bloom
Balloon Pepper
Bamboo Orchid
Banksia Flower
Barcelon/ Daisy
Baroque Pumpkin
Bells of Ireland
Berry Boo
Bicolor Pear Gourd
Bigfoot Radish
Birds Eye Chillies
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake 2013
Birthday Treat
Bitter Melon
Black Carnation
Black Pumpkin
Black Roses
Black Tulips
Bling Apple
Blood Banana
Blood Moss Flower
Blood Pelt Pitcher
Bloomaberry Fruit
Blooming Angel Flower
Blooming Wings Orange
Blossoming Cone
Blue Broccoli
Blue Carnation
Blue Crystal Grapes
Blue Gemstone Corn
Blue Romanesco
Blue Strawberry
Blue Tine Statice
Blue Tunicate
Bonnet Orchid
Borage Flower
Bordeaux Grape
Broken Heart
Bubble Raspberry
Bubble Strawberry
Bubbly Building Block Orange
Buckeye Bell
Burdock Root
Burgundy Verbena Flower
Butterfly Apple
Butterfly Cherry
Butterfly Woosh
Caged Blue Pear

Candied Grapes
Candy Cane
Candy Cauliflower
Candy Corn
Candy Cucumbers
Candy Mandarin
Cacndy Stripe Dalhia
Candy Skulls
Candy Corn Fruit
Candycorn Apple
Cannibal Pumpkin
Canning Peaches
Carves Flower
Cascadian Farm Organic Blueberries
Chamomile Flower
Champagne Bottles
Checkered Eggplant
Cheese Berry
Cheesy Pineapple
Cherokee Rose
Cherry Fruits
Chervil (Thanksgiving 2012)
Choco Cookie Bloom
Chocolate Dipped Cherry
Chocolate Garlic
Choco Vanilla Berry
Chocolate Hearts
Chocolate Spewing Crop
Christmas Tree
Chrome Daisies
Cinnamon Stick
Circle Fan Flower
Clam Onion
Cloud SnapDragons
Clover Shrub
Clown Broccoli
Clusia Fruit
Coffeenut Flower
Coloured Spikey Pepper
Cool Carrot
Coral Sunset
Corn Flowers
Cowboy Lassos
Cozy Pumpkin
Crafty Flowers
Creamy Mushroom
Crime Master Orange
Crimson Aurora Crop
Crimson Starfruit
Criss Cross Flowers
Crystal Ball Fruit
Crystal Hearts
Crystal Mixed Fruit
Crystal Spot Gourd
Cuban Boniato
Cumulus Puffs
Cupid Corn
Currant Tomato
Dancing Lady Flower
Daybreak Lemons
Delta Fur Flower
Desert Cucumber
Devils Tongue Chilli
Deviled Berries
Diamond Grain
Disco Pineapple
Dog Rose
DNA Licorice
Dracula Orchid
Dracula's Flower
Dream Catcher
Dream Celery
Dreyer’s / Edy’s Fruit Bars
Drooping Blossom Flower
Drooping Umbrella
Dumpling Squash
Eardrop Fushsia
Eclipse Orange
Electric Roses
Ember Cherry
Emerald Grape
Emerald Turnip
Emo Poppy
Egg Fruit
Egyptian Muskmelon
Evening Flower
Explosive Kesusu
Extraordinary Maize
Fairy Flower

Fairy Frost
Fairy Wand
Fairy Wings
Fallgold Orange Raspberries
Festive Marracas
Fiddle Head Plant
Fiddle Heads
Fiery Aploppas
Fiery Pink Bloomdale
Fiery Onion
Firecracker Pear
Fire & Ice Roses
Flabellata Orchid
Flaming Pumpkin
Floral Bloom Orange
Flower Cones
Flower Pattern Mellon
Flowering Banana
Flute Bamboo
Flying Duck Orchid
Fortnightly Lily
Frost and Flame Flower
Frozen in Ice Apple
Fruit Popsicle
Fruit Potion
Fun with Flower
Gala Pinkberry
Gemini Hibiscus
Ghost Lollies
Ghost Pear
Gilded Wheat
Glaia Melon
Glass Rose
Globe Amaranth
Glowing Bouquet
Glowing Orb Bloom
Gnome (Birthday 2012)
Gods Mandala
Goji Berries
Gold Bead Tristar
Gold King Cabbage
Gold Lace
Gold Leaf Apple
Gold Ornate Pears
Gold Spotted Lilac
Gold Starstudded Fruit
Golden Artichoke
Golden Berries
Golden Chili
Golden Custard Apple
Golden Gourd
Golden Oyster Mushroom
Golden Pear
Golden Poinsettia
Golden Purple Corn
Goofy Smiling Watermelon
Gradient Flower
Grape Fruit Crop
Grass Widow
Gratitude Peanuts
Green Apple Cookies
Green Banana
Green Peppermint
Green Roses
Green Yucca
Groovy Sunflower
Gum Seeds
Habanero Chili
Hakea Flower
Hala Fruit
Halloween Daisy
Hawaiian Lei
Hazy Caramel Flower
Heart Candy
Heliconia Flower
High Roller
Hipster Glow
Holiday Bells
Holiday Cookies
Holiday Goodies **
Holiday Wreath
Honey Pot
Horned Cucumber
Hot Chocolate Mugs
Humbug Pear
Icy Bloom
Illusion Flower
Indian Fig
Jack O Lantern
Jack O Lantern Lights
Jade Aloe Vera
Jelly Fusia
Jellyfish Blossom
Jelly Grape
Jewel Flower
Jeweled Scarab
Juicy Cauliflower
Juicy Orange
July Pie
Kadupal Flower
Kaffir Lime
Kale Fruit
Kasa Melon
Kawakawa Fruit
King Cakes
Kirigamy Tapioca
Kitsch Fruit
Kohlrabi Lettuce
Korean Long Tomato
Lace Hearts
Lace Pumpkin
Lave Tail Flower
Lacy Mace
Landini Lilies
Lantern Flowers
Lantern Meadow
Lava Flower
Lavender Flowers
Lawn Flamingo
Layer Flower
Leafy Chard
Leprechaun Gnome
Leopard Lychees
Leopard Carrion Flower
Leopard Star Flower
Lilac Marigold
Lilac Tasselflower
Lirio Amarelo
Love Bouquet
Love Strawberry
Lucky Clover
Lucky Marshmallows
Lumen Bulb Crop
Luminated Moss
Magic Beans
Magic Dandelion Flower
Magic Exuding Flower
Magic Guitar Kiwi
Magic Hat Flowers
Magnifying Lollies
Majestic Roses
Mampey Seeds
Maple Flower

Maple Syrup Leaves
Markut Lime
Medinilla Flower
Melody Roses
Mexican Chili's
Midnight Snow Pears
Mini Earth
Mini Holiday Trees
Miricle Fruit
Mixed Blackberry
Molten Apple Potion
Monkey Pod
Monster Mouth
Moon Bite Cherry
Moonlit Apple
Moravian Stars
Mosaic Custard Apple
Muffin Hats
Mummy Orange
Mulberry Chilies
Multi-Color Corn
Nebula Peach
Nectar Drop Flower
Neon Dalmations Bloom
Neon Lemons
Neon Pineapple
Nerdy Daisy
Night Before Candies
Night Cereus
Nordic Gilliflower
Nova Flower
Ocean Date
Ocean Parsnip
Ophrys Flower
Orange Calendula
Orange Cauliflower
Orange Santol
Oregon Grape
Oriental Lily
Origami Rose
Ornate Spike Fruit
Ornamental Plum
Ornamental Sprouts
Owl Eyes
Ozian Coins
Pale Pandanus
Paint Brush
Paparazzi Apple
Paper Flowers
Peace Brooch
Peace Sunflower
Peace Wreath Flower
Peachy Bow
Peas in a Pod
Pecan Pinecone
Peppermint Pumpkin
Perfumed Passionflower
Persian Cornflower
Petal Dolls
Pineapple Cactus
Pink Apple
Pink Bow
Pink Carnation
Pink Frangipangi
Pink Hearts Kiwi
Pink Hibiscus
Pink Kiss
Pink Lantern Flower
Pink Loquat
Pink Okra
Pink Parrot Tulip
Pink Sunchoke
Pink Wood Sorrel
Pinky Peas
Pinto Beans
Pixie Pink Flower
Polka Avacado
Porcelain Shrub
Porcupine Blobs
Pot of Gold
Pots of Gold
Primrose Sequin
Princess Hat
Prized Pumpkin
Protea Bloom
Prune Plum Fruit
Psoriasis Flower
Pulasan Berries
Pumpkin Wreath
Purple Beautyberry
Purple Cauliflower
Purple Coneflower
Purple Gemmed Fruit
purple Passion Fruit
Purple Toadstool
Purple Tulip
Puya Berteloniana
Queen Anne's Lace
Queen of Sheba
Queen's Jewel Berry
Radiant Cabbage
Ranch Banana
Rainbow Chard
Rainblow Cloud
Rainbow Jigsaw Apple
Rainbow Snowflake
Red Bell Pepper
Red Cabbage
Red Carnation
Red Hot Jalapenos
Red Kiss Flower
red Noodle Bean
Red Rose
Red Starfruit
Red Toadstool
Red Yardlong Beans
Retro Rose
Rio Grande Cherry
Ringed Flower
Roaring 20s Peacock
Romanesco Broccoli
Rose Apple
Rose Cabbage
Rose Grape
Rose Peel
Ruby Berries
Ruby Berry
Ruby Pitanga
Ruby Radish
Sapphire Aster
Sapphire Grapes
Sapphire Pecan
Sapphire Watermelon
Sawtooth Blackberry
Scarlett Banksia
Scary Melon
Screwpine Ball
Sea Carrots
Sea Clover
Sea Coral Nut
Sea Squash
Shampoo Ginger
Shave Ice
Shiny Hearts
Shooting Stars
Showy Medinilla
Shriveled Rose
Shroom Bloom
Sicilian Honey Bulb
Silver Berry
Silver Foil Pineapple
Silver Leaf Blackberry
Silver Nutmeg

Skull Candied Fruit
Skullified Watermellon
Skully Plums
Slipper Orchid
Smiling Durian
Smiling Starfruit
Snow Cone
Snow Woman
Snowy Maize
Soda Pop
Sour Blimbi
Sour Plum
Sour Tamarind
Soursop Fruit
Sparkle Gummy Raspberries
Sparkle Sunflower
Sparkling Pink Banana
Sparkling Ring Eggplant
Sparly White Parsley
Spectral Hibiscus
Spice Wheel
Spider Web
Spiked Cactus
Spiny Burrawang
Spring Hyacinth
Spiny Gourd Kakrul
Spiral Ball
Spooky Pepper
Sprinkled Pink Broccoli
Square Apple
Squash Pumpkin
Stallion Flower
Star Flower
Star Maize
Star Melon
Star Spangled Flower
Star Squash
Starry Tear
Starry Knot Flower
Stellar Carrot
Striped Pear
Studded Eggplant
Summer Apple
Summer Dandelion
Summer Dill
Sun Clover
Sunfall Flowers
Sunny Cattail
Sunny Dahlia
Sunny Flower
Sunny Passionfruit
Sunsetr Kousa
Sunset Mango
Sunset Poppy
Super Pumpkins
Surinam Cherry
Swingtime Fuchsia
Sweet Beet
Sweet Potato
Sweet Wheat
Tea Cups
Teddy Bear
Thorny Cucumber
Tiger Striped Watermelon
Toad Fruit
Tomato Tulips
Topaz Sweet Lime
Tower Orchid
Torch Ginger
Toy Flowers
Treble Clef
Triangular Poppy
Tribal Snake Fruit
Tricolor Berry
Trumpet Vein
Trunk Fruit
Tulip Bloom
Turnip Cabbage
Tuscan Blue Rosemary
Twilight Dandelion
Twilight Mango
Umbrella Blossom
Umbrella Mushroom
Underwater Treetopper
Valentine Card
Vegas Flair
Venician Masks
Violet Toad Lily
Water Apple
Wax Flower
Whispy Tombstone
White Aster
White Bat Flower
White Cacao
White Maize
White Poinsettia
White Pumpkin
Wild Dandelion
Wild Orchids
Wild Radish
Wild Wonder Strawberry
Winter Cherries
Winter Frost Camara
Winter Melon
Witch Apple
Witches Broomsticks
Wormy Plant
Yellow Roses
Yangmei Fruit
Yellow Banded Koshare
Yellow-Black Gourd
Yellow Crocus
Yellow Eggplant
Yellow Finger Fruit
Yellow Mulberry
Yellow Puff Onion
Yellow Rambutan
Yeloow Rosehips
Yerli Berry

Featured Crops -  Buildable Seed Spitters Listed by Release Dates
Shows Building and Seeds that are rewarded upon Harvesting
Sally's Seed Shop 10/12 Flame Pepper
Tree of Life 12/12 Floating Flower
Sunrise Forest 3/13 Scarlet Sunflowers
Iris Rainbow Pond 05/2013 Iris Rainbow
Summer Pool House 0720/13 Sunshine Seeds
Astral Observatory 07/2013 Meteorite Shards
Duckula’s Dark Castle 10/2013 Batberry Seeds
Duckula’s Cryptic Castle 10/2013 Ghost Pumpkin
Giant Tree House 11/2013 Ottomelon
Animal Spa 12/2013 Spa Daisy
Deluxe Ice Cream Parlor 12/2013 Sundae Cup
Lovebird Roost 02/2014 Lovebird Lilies
Rabbit Hillside 02/2014 Amber Carrot
Magic Biodome 03/2014 Blue Bonnet
Country Clock Tower 04/2014 Clock Spirals
Wildlife Lodge 04/2014 Honey Suckle
Garden Cafe 05/2014 Espresso Cup
Rose Garden 06/2014 Spring Roses
Zen Tea House 06/2014 Sakura Tea
Bon Bon Boutique 07/2014 Chocolate Jewel
Orchid Garden 07/2014 Rainbow Orchid
Karaoke Bar 08/2014 Musical Wave
American Diner 08/2014 Pancake Stack
Pretzel Factory 09/2014 Strawberry Pretzel
Pirate Shipwreck 10/2014 Pirate Loot
Spooky Mansion 10/2014 Poison Apple
Pumpkin Kitchen 11/2014 Pumpkin Spice Cake
Soup Kitchen 11/2014 Soup Cans
Santa’s Workshop 12/2014 Candy Cane Blooms
Eggnog Stand 12/2014 Eggnog Bottles
Opera House 01/2015 Party Cracker
Valentines Day Cruise Ship 02/2015 Cherry Canape
Dimsum Cart 02/2015 Pumpkin Spice Cake
Clover Tower 03/2015 Clover Hats
Medieval Observatory  04/2015 Saturn Melon
Falling Leaves Snow Globe (Unreleased) Champagne Mushrooms
Brook Blossom House (Unreleased) Cherry Blossom
Parade Float (Unreleased) Fest Set Pumpkins

Progressive Crops- Must be mastered in a specific order to plant the next one
August 2012
Apollo Aster
Aquarius Arugala
Aries Azalea
Cereses Carrot
Celestial Camellia
Jupiter Juniperus
Mercury Melon
Moon Flower
Venus Fly Trap
October 2012
Lyre Leaved Sage
Trumpet Creeper
November 2012
Amber Grain
Amethyst Grape
Moonstone Onion
Pearl Pumpkin
Quartz Carrot
Sapphire Berry
Peridot Pea
Emerald Melon
Ruby Rose
Diamond Corn
The Herb Garden November 2012
Thai Basil
French Tarragon

Club Crops (Introduced November 2012) These will also be unlocked in order *currently on hold
1- Sparkleberries
2- Pricklepears
3- Roundaloupe
4- Crankyberries
5- Hydromelons
6- Tootmatoos
7- Curlyroots
8- Cornipers
9- Leafaloupe
10- Brocabits
11- Cuddlecumbers
12- Plumperkins
13- Razzledazzles
14- Daffydoils
15- Pepperpenos
16- Bountiberries
17- Grapears
18- Popadoes
19- Sunnybunnies
20- Coffaroot
21- Zuteeny
22- Gladypaddies
23- Airyberry
24- Peabees
25- Unyuns
26- Asparagles
27- Elderbizzies
28- Squashakins
29- Gingerlees
30- Spinachokes

CLUB CROPS v.2 (Introduced November 2013)
Club Asparagus
Club Blueberry
Club Broccoli
Club Cabbage
Club Cantaloupe
Club Carrots
Club Coffee
Club Corn
Club Cranberries
Club Cucumber
Club Daffodil
Club Elderberry
Club Ginger
Club Gladiolus
Club Grape
Club Jalapeo
Club Pineapples
Club Potatoes
Club Pumpkin
Club Raspberry
Club Spinach
Club Squash
Club Strawberries
Club Sunflowers
Club Tomato
Club Watermelons
Club Zucchini

Hiro's Pets
Paw Flower
Pet Paws Fruit
Scratch Post Cactus

Charming Vineyard Vote Feature Crops (July 2012)
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc

Time Machine Crops (October 2012)
Cherry Blossom
Peace Flower

Pizza Shop (December 2012)
Crimini Mushroom
Durum Wheat
Genovese Basil
Green Pepper
Red Pepper
Roma Tomato
Sundried Tomato
White Wheat
Yellow Onion

Gilda’s Crop Challenge (February 2013)
Genie Lamp
Mesa Queen Flower
Mushroom Fairy
Pink Toadstool
Rose Hearts
Cuddly Bear (final prize)

Musical Dash (January 2017)
Flute Cane
G Clef Corn
Quaver Berry

Wandering Pirate – Summer Skies (May 2017)
Frozen Roses
Glowing Blooms
Sour Punch Berries

Morph Machine (February 2017)
Cherry Pearl
Demeter’s Breadfruit
Persephone’s Pomegranat

Bob’s Berry Farm Crops
Clover and Gold
Dew Berry
Fiery Poppy
Horseshoe Charm
Rainbow Shamrock
Ginger Bread Man Crop
Honker Crop
Petal Petal Flower
Sunset Bloom Flower

Heart Rose
Quilled Clover

Animal Academy - November 2017
Butterfly Trapper
Diamond Tail
Flaming Mace
Glowfire Bouquet
Pug Paw Stems
Rainbow Treats
Red Devil Pitcher
White Nivea

Animal Academy V2. - May 2018
Abutilon Lantern
Blue Elf Cactus
Carrion Stars
Dew Drop Blooms
Donut Stars
Jeweled Carpet
Imperio De Rosas
Neon Blooms
Sunlit Gazania

Animal Academy V3.  Oct, 2018
Atomic Berry
Balloon Squash
IQ Mushroom
Molecule Barley
Plasma Ball Aloe
Puzzle Flower
Puzzle Fruit Ball
Rubix Mistletoe
Softball Sprout

Wandering  Pirate Sept, 2018

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  1. love this!! and love that it's printable thanks so much for taking the time to put together and post luv u guys!

  2. Great list all though some seeds now produce a broken market stall like the Herb Garden plants and the new Hanging Gardens seeds, and some of them produce Cove style market stalls like the new ones ( sorghum and lentils) Stone Crabs have gone now, I think we need more crops for WW and Hawaii as I have mastered all the WW crops now.

  3. can anyone tell me why I don't have regular wheat in my crops any more? I only have organic

    1. Once you have mastered the regular wheat crop it turns into organic wheat, but it is the same thing. Take your mouse and point to the stars under the wheat picture, if all of the stars are colored in and it comes up "mastered" and when you point to the organic sign it says "4200/4200" you have organic wheat now.

  4. how come I dont have access to crimini mushroom on any farms nor do I have any of the short harvest crops for 8 10 12 minutes

    1. I do not either, I am still a lower level, was thinking maybe you have to be a certain level to obtain

    2. the crimini mushrooms came along with the pizza shop crafting building, so if you never got it, you may not have access to some of those crops

  5. You missed one crop from the Cove Farm... Sun Fade Barley

    1. Sun fade Barley was with Celestial Pastures, Not Lighthouse Cove :)

  6. What about KELP, ?... Help me pleaseee

  7. Is there any way to unlock the Sea Onions on the Atlantis farm if I missed early access? The other crops listed as early access only are available, but not the Sea Onions.


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