Draconis Occidentalis: Complete Dragon List


Many stories revolve around the Dragons, and how they lived, and ruled the land in their times… We even heard stories and watched movies on how people used them to become more powerful with the magic of the dragons… No matter what the facts are, Dragons have always been looked at as a symbol of strength and a beauty in making… Zynga Farmville has made an attempt to show to the world, why the Dragons were admired… With the release of the Farmville Dragon Lair, we now have the ability to create our own dragon using their scales…

Note: This post has now been shifted to a better managed, and informative segment on our Farmville Items Info Site… It is part of the Storage Info page, where you just need to select the building name (Dragon Lair) from the drop down, and all the animals that go inside it will show up… Click here to go to the Storage Info page for more info…

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  1. What are the little numbers or letters or markings, under each dragon?


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