Bushel Yields–Tips to Increase Productivity

Bushels Shortage
Is crafting your favourite part of the game? Do you need to do more of it for fuel? Are you frustrated by low bushel yields from your crops? Well, we have some tips to help you influence your results and get more of what you need. Check out the details below and do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

First a disclaimer: These tips will influence your results, but are not a guarantee. Bushel production is random and based on statistical probability. Planting 100’s of crops does not guarantee bushels. You can get 100 bushels, or even none from a full field of crops… The same has been stated on the Zynga Community Forums… Bushel production can be influenced, but not guaranteed…
As per Zynga Forums, the below factors affect bushel yields:
  • If a crop is mastered, your chance to receive a bushel is improved.
  • If a crop is fertilized, your chance to receive a bushel is improved.
  • If your crop is pollinated, (via beehive pollinated seeds), your chance to receive a bushel is improved.

Now we will dispel some rumours

imageUsing a bushel when you harvest DOES NOT have any impact on your crop bushel yields.  Using a bushel on an un-mastered crop only grants one extra mastery point per plot per harvest. Using a bushel on a mastered crop gives one extra XP point per harvest. The only impact that using a bushel has on crop bushel yields is to help you master faster. Bushel production does increase with mastery level. This is from the official guide to the Farmer’s Market in the Zynga community forums. The other use for bushels is to unlock a two hour license to plant a crop that is locked to you by level only. (You cannot obtain a free license for a farm cash crop, plant crops on farms where they are locked or unlock a crop with another crop’s mastery as it’s prerequisite in this way ) You can read that guide in it’s entirety here.

For more information on Organic Crops and how to maximize the yield of regular bushels you get from them click here.

Choose Your Farm Wisely

Bushel Farms
As discovered by our answers dude Prashanth, the Jade Falls farm yields bushel at five times the normal rate on other farms, while the Mistletoe Lane & Hawaiian Paradise farm give double the normal rate of bushels. If you are looking for a larger yield on a particular crop, it is wise to plant on one of these farms.


The Beehive is an excellent feature to help boost crop bushel yields. A full beehive can produce pollinated seeds when you harvest fertilized crops on the same farm – so make sure to use fertilize all prior to harvest. Pollinated seeds last for two days and give bushel bonuses to future harvests. You can obtain them by harvesting your own crops or collecting those shared by friends on the feed. You can read the Zynga official guide to beehives here.
Polinated Crop in Market

Super CropsSuper Crops

Super crops, which include the Forbidden or Royal versions of other crops, grant the same bushel as the one you must master to unlock them. Their bonus is that they grant those bushels at four times the rate of the original crop. This was also announced officially in the Zynga guide to super crops which you can read here. 

What do you think? Did you learn some new tricks to get more bushels from your harvests? For discussion or questions on this or any other Farmville related topic please join us in our discussion group on Facebook Ask The Dirt Farmer

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  1. Thanks for this information..I was unaware you could get a bushel and USE it and then be granted a license to plant that crop....that will surely help in a quest if a quest has an alternate crop and you don't have access to this crop!

  2. Organic crops yield very few bushels..... :( Less than normal o super crops

  3. Could anyone tell me what to do to get more Fertilize All. I have been playing since Farmville started but took a two year break. In the old days Fertilize All were easy to find visiting neighbours and even offered on the gift list from time to time. But that is no longer the case. At least not to my knowledge. So could someone please tell me how to get more??

  4. Giuliana, if you build a hot spring on every farm you can harvest it every 2 days for a fertilize all on each farm! My hubby and I have one on each farm and always have more fertilizer than we need as we claim it from each others' posts as well.

    1. ...This works with Fishing Holes as well. This week I plan to have my 22-hole collection fully upgraded, which means I'll be able to harvest close to 1000 Special Delivery Boxes per week.

  5. This guide needs to be updated.


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