Sunflower Meadows– A Guide To The New Mini Farm.

Sunflower Meadows is now in your backyard! Farmville by Zynga has released the apparent first in a series of mini-farms with a special connection to the Home Farm. Check out all the details below and please share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Special thanks to DF team member Dennis for the majority of information and images contained herein and to Farmer Denis for comparison images.


 Sunflower Meadows can only be accessed through your home farm, it is not in the standard travel menu. When you first travel to your home farm after the feature is released to you you will find the Sunflower Meadows icon on the top left corner border of your home farm.

off to side

The highlighted patch is where you will need to click to travel to Sunflower Meadows. The purple patch beside it is a small teaser showing the next possible mini farm.

When you click on the highlighted patch it will ask you if you wish to purchase access to Sunflower Meadows. Access can be purchased for either 199 Farm Cash or 200 million Farm Coins.

buy n go
You may have noticed that the images in this post show Sunflower Meadows with different backgrounds/themes. Sunflower meadows does not have it’s own unique color themes. Instead, it will take on the color characteristics of your home farm at the time when you purchase access and travel to Sunflower Meadows for the first time.

Experiments conducted by DF team member Dennis in changing the theme of his home farm after traveling did not change the theme of the meadows. It remained on the theme his home farm was on at the time of purchased access through travel and refreshing. Make sure you have your home farm on the theme you prefer for Sunflower Meadows prior to purchasing access.  We do not know if this will change in the future, but will be sure to update you if it does.

Purchased access from home farm with Desert Theme

Purchased access from home farm with Traditional Theme

What you get.
Sunflower Meadows access includes the horse and tree pictured here and shared storage with your home farm. The storage comes with the yellow barn which has 20 storage slots upon arrival. You can place a storage cellar on Sunflower Meadows for additional storage capacity. You can only access the items in Sunflower Meadows storage from shared storage within home farm storage, not from other farms for which you own shared licenses with the home farm. Your usage may exceed your depth on either home or Sunflower Meadows when you hover, due to the game recognizing the combined depth of both. In an interesting surprise, a free Spooky Lantern Tree – the same gift for early access to Haunted Hollow was found in the gift box of those who purchased.
It is a 12x12 expandable farm. At the current time, expansions for Sunflower Meadows are only available up to 36x36 and only for farm cash.


Aside from the proprietary horse and tree waiting to greet you upon arrival, Sunflower Meadows is unique in that there are no themed market items to go with it.  There is also no indication at this time of specialized quests planned for this farm. It is extra space to do with whatever you wish.

You can travel to and from Sunflower Meadows only from the home farm, it is not accessible via the normal travel menu.

hop back
We hope you have found this guide helpful. Will you be traveling to Sunflower Meadows and purchasing the additional space? For discussion or questions on this or any farming topic, please join us in our discussion group Ask The Dirt Farmer on Facebook.

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  1. has anyone got it yet, I have the coins,just want to know if it's worh it

    1. I have had it for a while now. I use it for all my mastered trees. You can put any of your animals and trees there and also make orchards/pens as needed too. Nice empty farm to do what you want with... No quests or anything special. No frills!!! :) Plus I am happy to be able to get rid of some of my useless coin. I have billions now & wish I could spend them!!!

  2. it's great for emptying the 100+things from gift box

  3. I try accessing the farm, but wont let me. Also the other side farms like Celestial Pastures etc don't show on my world map. How do i get them?

  4. I can't get into this farm, and the others don't show on my farm, either. I just keep getting farm won't load and try again, followed by click ok to submit a report, yet it won't let me do that either. It just reloads. I've tried clicking on the farm from my home farm and also doing it like I travel to my other farms. Any thoughts?


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