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Zynga has recently released a new feature in which you can grow pigs with your friends to redeem special prizes. The faster you feed the pig to completion, the more it will weigh and the better the prize.
Special Thanks to Dirt Farmer team member Dennis for the majority of images and information contained herein.

When the Prized Pig feature is released to you, you will receive a pop-up to place the scale on your farm.


When you receive this pop-up, make sure that you are on the farm that you wish to use this feature on. If not, click the arrow next to the plow tool, to send the scale to your gift box and travel to where you want to place it. At this time, once you have placed a piglet on your farm, there is no option to store or delete it, even when it is fully grown.


Once you have determined which farm and placed the scale, you will be prompted to place your first piglet.


There are four different types of piglet.  Magnificent and Noble piglets can be purchased for coins. Fabulous and Majestic piglets can be purchased for farm cash. When you first place the feature, only the Magnificent Piglet will be available to purchase for coins. The Noble Piglet will unlock for coins after you have completed the raising of 8 piglets.

You can place up to three piglets on your farm initially. Once you place a piglet, you have 7 days to feed it. Each piglet requires 100 chow to grow up. The faster you complete feeding your piglet, the more it will weigh and the better your bonus prizes.

You can obtain chow in five different ways.

1) Post to the feed asking for chow. When a friend clicks to help you, they get one too. Up to 5 friends should be able to help. This can be done every 8 hours.


2) Clicking on friends’ posts to help them get chow.

3) Adding a friend to feed your pig with you. Choose carefully when sending requests. You are allowed only one friend to help you feed each piglet, and once a friend accepts your request, you cannot change your partner for that piglet. Send requests only to your neighbors whose activity level you are comfortable with. When your partner feeds your piglet, you will get a notification like this inside the scale and over your piglet.


4)Making chow in the Craft Shop. You are currently not able to post for helpers when making chow. This requires 3 Parsnip bushels, 3 Sorghum bushels and 3 Wheat bushels


5) Purchasing Chow from the market or from the piglet itself.


Once you have acquired some chow, you are ready to feed your piglet. You must do this from the piglet itself or inside the scale. You will not be able to use chow from your gift box.




When you have chow available, your feed button will be pink and say simply “feed”. When there is no chow in your gift box, you will see a farm cash price to feed your piglet.


WARNING – watch your farm cash when using this feature. According to a post on the Zynga support page, you are supposed to get a confirmation pop-up when you run out of chow before it begins to charge you. Farmers are reporting not getting that pop-up or even being charged farm cash when they have feed available to use. 

When you have fed or helped a friend feed a piglet 100 chow you will be prompted to weigh it. The owner of the piglet must weigh it first. The partner will be unable to click this screen until the owner completes this step.

When you weigh your piglet, you will receive a full grown pig and some bonus prizes. If a friend helped you feed your piglet, they will receive the same prizes and adult pig.

weigh in.PNG

You can choose to accept help requests from friends to feed their piglets to earn prizes as well as raising your own. You must have a scale placed on your farm in order to accept a help request. Help requests must be accepted from inside the scale, they do not work from the Zynga Message Center or Facebook App Center, although they do show up there. Once you accept the help request, you must place the duplicate of your friend’s piglet to be able to feed it. Piglets and adult pigs from helping friends, like your own, currently have no store or delete options. You can view your help requests from inside the scale.


When you view your help requests, you will see either a green “Accept” button or “Not Available” If you click on accept, you will be the one partner to help your friend feed that specific piglet. Requests that are not available are friends who sent requests to you and others and someone else accepted first. Again,only one partner is allowed per pig. If you place three piglets, you can have three different partners, one for each one.
Each of the four types of piglet can grow up to be one of five different pigs. Which pig you will get depends on how fast you feed them and is determined at the halfway point, when you add the 50th pig chow.

Magnificent Plump Pig Magnificent Good Pig Magnificent Bad Pig Magnificent Ugly Pig Magnificent Town Sheriff Pig
Plump Pig
Butler Pig
Noble Distinguished Pig Noble
Formal Pig
Tweed Pig
Fabulous Plump Pig Fabulous Bow Pig Fabulous Bling Pig Fabulous Hollywood Pig Fabulous
Bedazzled Pig
Majestic Plump Pig Majestic White Pig Majestic
Black Pig
Plane Pig
Majestic Butterfly Pig

When your piglet grows up, you will receive the grown piglet as well as some other prizes. These can include turbos, unwithers a bonus prize, xp  and the adult pig.  When you help a friend feed a piglet, you receive the same adult pig and bonus prizes that they do.

A look at the possible bonus prizes that you could earn in the middle column….

Pulled Pork
Fair Gnome
Elephant Ear
Giant Elephant
Ear Tree
Albino Redwood
Albino Redwood

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  1. I already have a lot of pigs. But until now I can't store them anywhere.Can they be made storable sometime ?


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