Hurricane Sandy Relief Neighbor Gifting

The recent Hurricane Sandy has caused lots of devastation and causalities, affecting thousands of people and leaving them without homes, no food supplies, electricity or any other basic facilities for days… In an effort to contribute to the society, Zynga Farmville has started a new neighbour gifting event, where you will be sending your friends exclusive gifts, getting rewarded yourself, and also help in contributing towards those affected by Sandy…

A quick look at the Gifting popup


Via the above gifting, you will be able to send your friends the exclusive Skyline Unicorn… Each Unicorn costs $1 real cash to send to your friends…


Its not just your friends that gain in this gifting event, but you also get to keep an exclusive Skyline Tree for every set of Unicorns you gift…

So, are you gonna reach for your pockets and help the affected by sending gifts to your friends? Do let us know… And yes, do pray for those affected and hope that they get to lead a normal life soon… Happy Farming!

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  1. I've tried to send 6 they took the money but I didn't get the tree and my friends didn't get the unicorn-at least the relief money went!


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