Fortune Teller Guide – Guess and Win !

The Fortune Teller feature has now been released to Farmville. You can collect three types of tarot cards and redeem them for prizes by guessing at the combination that you need. Check out the details below and please share with friends if you find the post helpful. 

The loading screen offers a teaser of what to expect


 Tarot Cards

To win  prizes with this feature, you must collect three types of Tarot Cards, Past, Present and Future.

past present future

You can ask your friends for Past cards via the request system or alternately you can purchase them for 2 farm cash each. The feed posts that are generated when someone places a new Fortune Teller machine also give Past cards.

Present Cards can be requested every 3 hours by posting to the feed. 5 friends can help you with each post. Alternately, you can collect Present cards from clicking on your friends posts when they request them or when they win a prize from the machine. Present cards can also be purchased for 3 farm cash each.

Future cards are more difficult to obtain than the other two types. You can post to the feed to request them only once every 7 hours and only 2 friends can help you per post. You can also obtain them from the feed when friends request them if you are swift enough to be among the first two clickers. Interestingly enough, the most difficult card to get also has the highest price if you opt to purchase them for farm cash at 4 farm cash each.


You will need at least 4 past, 2 present and 2 future cards to attempt a guess. When you have enough, the greyed out “Guess” button will turn to gold and become clickable. As long as you use at least the minimum, you can choose how many of how few of the cards you have to use by scrolling with the up and down arrows.

guessbut guessgold


There are 10 possible prizes that you can win from the Fortune Teller machine. From what we have seen so far, every combination will net you a prize, so of course there are several combinations possible to win each one. Some combinations have been seen to give varying prizes at this time.
The prizes include the Old Telescope, Gypsy Wagon, Floating Mirror, Abandoned Sundial, Paper Fire Tree, Ruby Red Direwolf, Baby Carnival Elephant, Purple Jade Panther, Tarot Card Tree and Celestial Gypsy Horse.



Disclaimer – Some combinations including 30-30-30 have been seen to have yielded varying prizes for different players. The combinations below have all been tested by multiple players and all received the same prize. However, we cannot guarantee that the same results will be universal. This is meant to give you a starting point and one that uses the smallest number of hard to obtain future cards per prize. Good luck and hope you get what we did.

telescope wagon mirror
Old Telescope
Gypsy Wagon
Floating Mirror
fire tree
Abandoned Sundial
Paper Fire Tree
Ruby Red Direwolf
Baby Carnival Elephant
Purple Jade Panther
Tarot Card Tree


Celestial Gypsy Horse

What do you think? Will you be playing the Fortune Teller feature and trying to win it’s prizes? For discussion or questions on this or any other Farmville related topic please join us in our discussion group on Facebook Ask The Dirt Farmer. Happy Farming!

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  1. these are the combos i have tried that yeilded me the old telescope
    as you can imagine i am happy to have found the combos here and i am hoping they work.
    getting the Old Telescope isnt so bad, i have 11 of them and they sell for 8000 each. that means i could make 88,000 if i needed to.


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