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The County Fair is here! It is time to collect mulch and feed the animals the color they crave! Enter them in the contest to win the animal and when you complete a ribbon, a special bonus prize! You can win chickens, pigs, sheep, horses and cows ! Check out the guide for all the details and please share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Special thanks to my guide partner and Dirt Farmer teammate Dennis for images and information contained herein

When the County Fair is released to you you will be able to access it via a floral icon on the right side of your game screen or beside your gift box.


Upon opening the County Fair for the first time, you will have 20 mulch available to feed to the animal of your choice that is craving that color. Each animal will be assigned one of the five colors of mulch (Red, Blue, Green, Brown or Yellow) and will need to be fed that color to enter.

When you feed mulch to an animal, at the bottom, there is a happiness meter. When you hover it tells you how many mulch the animal has capacity for and how many you have fed it so far. The enter button turns green as soon as you have fed the animal one mulch, but chances of winning improve the closer to the animal’s capacity (maximum happiness) you are.


If you feed an animal to it’s capacity you are guaranteed to win.


You can enter with less than full capacity, but odds of winning are less. If you enter with just a few mulch and do not win, odds are you will be asked if you wish to purchase the animal for farm cash to move on.

If you are close to feeding the animal to maximum happiness, and you do not win, odds are you will be asked if you wish to buy back your mulch/happiness for farm cash. (This example was one less than full)

If you do not win, you will also get the following popup reminding you to try to collect more mulch next time.
try againwm

When you win you get to keep the animal. There is one animal per type in each ribbon level.

contests 1-3wm
contests 4-6wm

The animals on the top tier, the Perennials have a special bonus. They offer bonus zones, similar to the groves and animal totems, but instead of a mastery bonus, you will get a bonus of 5xp per animal harvested in the bonus zone. Read more about them here

There are five possible colors of mulch, red, green, yellow, blue and brown.  Each animal will crave a specific color of mulch for a set period of time as shown in the picture above and then it will swap to a different random color. When the mulch color swaps, you will retain the happiness for as much as has been fed to date, but additional feedings must be done with the new color. As you can see below, the pig has switched from craving yellow mulch to craving blue mulch.

Mulch is obtained by harvesting crops. According to the guide in the official Zynga forums, every crop in Farmville has been randomly assigned a mulch color that it gives. When you find mulch in your crops, you will receive a popup indicating what color.


Some crops that give specific colors are listed below. This chart will be updated as we learn more information.

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  1. Something is not right as I just harvested pumpkins and got green mulch .. sigh! :(

  2. Super Hops gave me a Blue Mulch

  3. If you only have a certain number of mulch you can still feed the animal and wait til you get more. You do not have to enter the animal in the competition til it is full

  4. Durum Wheat (10 minute crop) = red mulch

  5. Crimini Mushroom (12 minute crop) = red mulch

    White Wheat (8 minute crop) = green mulch


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