Turtle Pen and Breeding Guide

Farmville has introduced a new and unique form of breeding, Turtle Breeding. This new feature combines aspects of sheep and pig breeding with aspects of the other breeding pens. Enjoy the guide and please share with friends if you find it helpful.

To breed your own turtles, you will need a turtle pen. You should receive a pop-up to place it on loading your farm.

If you do not receive a pop-up you can purchase a frame for 0 coins from the market, or a completed pen for 32 farm cash

Once you have placed a frame, you will need three different parts to build it,  drift wood, java fern and potting soil. To build your pen, you will need 10 of each part. When complete, you will be able to house 20 turtles in the pen for breeding.


On the initial build menu, it allows you to ask for all three parts via the request system. Make sure you request plenty of java ferns, they become post request only at the first expansion. Once you have completed your pen, it will hold 20 of the patterned breeding turtles. Older turtles will not go into the pen.

You can expand your turtle pen to 30 turtle capacity by adding an additional 10 java ferns, 15 drift wood and 15 potting soil. You can expand further to the maximum capacity of 40 turtles by adding an additional 15 java ferns, 20 drift wood and 20 potting soil. The java ferns remain a post only request for the second expansion.

Once you have completed building your pen, you are ready to start breeding. You receive a free Navy Fuchsia Spotted Turtle in your completed pen and can post a feed to share more with your friends.

complete share

You can then purchase additional breeding turtles from the market for coins or farm cash.


Unlike the sheep and pigs, the turtles have no gender. You can select any two turtles to breed with. Simply click on the turtle and select “breed”


After you have selected two turtles the conga line pop-up will come up. At that time you can change your mind and select different turtles by clicking the arrows beside each turtle. You can also choose whether or not to add potions and how many. Potions can be obtained from the feed, by clicking “ ask for potions” from inside your breeding building every 4 hours and posting to the feed, or they can be crafted in the craft shop. The moving conga line at the top will show you the possible results of breeding your two turtles of choice. When you have made all of your selections,click “breed” to proceed.


Number of Potions Breeding Time
0 5 hours
1 4 hours
2 3 hours
3 2 hours
4 1 hour
5 Instant

When breeding is complete, you will get a pop-up for a baby turtle


Unlike the lambs and piglets ,there is no option to name your baby. You have the choice to keep the baby turtle and raise it on your farm or give it away, by posting to the feed. Baby turtle adoptions offer three claims per post. All baby turtles inherit the pattern of one of the parents.


Also unlike lambs or piglets, they are not limited. You can adopt as many baby turtles as you would like each day. If you choose to raise your baby, or if you adopt one from the feed, you can raise it to an adult with 10 baby bottles. Bottles can be obtained via the gift/request system, from the feed or from special deliveries.


To make the breeding feature more interesting you can also earn new turtle patterns by completing various collections of bred turtles. As you level up there are nine different pages of collections for you to complete.

Click on the brown boxes with collection names at the top of each page to view the bred turtles needed and the reward for each collection.

When you have bred all the turtles required for a collection, the greyed out “trade in” box will turn green and you will be allowed to redeem your reward. Unfortunately, you will have to trade in the five bred turtles required to redeem the new turtle. Even after clicking redeem, you will still have the opportunity to accept or decline trading them in.

trade in

If you do not wish to trade in the turtles you have bred, all of the turtles can alternatively be purchased for 20 farm cash per turtle. You can opt to purchase one color combination in a pattern and breed with different colors in other patterned to eventually get different colors in your purchased pattern.

Until you have traded in at least one collection, however, the additional patterns are locked for breeding to most players. if you purchase one with farm cash, you will be able to breed it. If you adopt one, hovering over it will not give you the “breed” option.



There is a workaround for this though. Simply select two turtles that have the breed option, then use the arrow keys in the conga line pop-up to switch turtles until the one you wish to breed is active.


There are five patterns available thus far. Spotted, Daisy, Zap (lightning bolts), Stars and Melody (musical notes) and a variety of colors.


All babies inherit pattern and colors from their parents, there are no plain turtles in this feature. Combining different colors and patterns and pattern colors gives you different turtles from what you already have.

What do you think? Will you be breeding turtles?

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  1. i have white with the usual stripes, spots, got a black one as a gift so can now bread black & white with the usual markings gave up on this a long time but decided to start again


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