Its Time to Beat Jade Falls

Beat Jade Falls Trophies

We recently posted some images related to the Beat the Jade Falls event... Well, here is the info related to the same... This looks to be divided into parts, just like the Quests, but if you achieve goals for all of them, you get a good bonus... Check post below for more info...




Expand the Mountain Palace to Max level

2000 Zen Points

Expand the Imperial Shipyard to Max level

3000 Zen Points

Get 3 Star Mastery for each of these Jade Falls Crops:

Sticky Rice, Azuki, Grouper, Sichuan Pepper, Chinese Daikon, Imperial Tea, Chinese Cotton, Prawns, White Cloud Tea, Rock Cod, Bok Choy, Lowland Ginger, Water Cress, Horse Radish, Ramen, Green Onion, Imperial Rice, Sesame, Lemongrass, Brown Rice


3 Pack of Turbo

Upgrade the Tea House to Level 5

Instagrow Potion

Instagrow Potion

All 4 of the above tasks (Crops, Tea House, and Max level to Temple and Shipyard)

Beat Jade Falls TrophiesJade Falls Licenses

Beat Jade Falls Statue, and Shipping License for Jade Falls



So, what do you think of this new way to make available the Free Shipping License? Is it hard? or maybe doing the quests has already made you achieve the requirements?

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  2. I will wait until they are not do quests anyway..with 6 farms to work just to much..

  3. how do we get the hawaiian licence....

  4. Bring it on! I've already got all of that stuff completed!

  5. For those who say they will wait for a free license, keep in mind, this MIGHT be the only way to get the shipping license for free.

  6. Yep, before, all you had to do was get the cove or the train station or the volcano fully completed and then just wait for the shipping license. This time, it looks like they're going to make us work a little harder to get it.

  7. Is the Tea House referred to above actually the Tea Garden?

  8. I hope they hurry up, I finished all of these a long time

  9. make use of your trade house and you'll be mastering the crops in no time ;)

  10. We had to do a "quest" to get the English Shared storage too.

  11. What is meant by" make use of your trade house" so that we can master the crops in no time???? Can you please explain that? Thank you :)

  12. Yea, it's a LOT and all I have left on the list is the crop masteries !

  13. "What is meant by" make use of your trade house" so that we can master the crops in no time???? Can you please explain that? Thank you :)" (it wouldn't let me just reply) - if you open your market stalls, the second tab from the left is "use bushels" - if you use one bushel of whatever you are about to harvest it gives you DOUBLE MASTERY for that harvest ! I use it a LOT.

    1. Since I'm relatively new to this, I just now read the post about the "Trade House". I wish I'd have read this a LOT sooner! lol I have mastered the Jade, Hawaii, Home, Haunted and am working on the Enchanted. I'll start using this tip immediately!
      Can anyone tell me if they will be offering the free shipping license for English and Lighthouse? Thank you for all the information you've posted on The Dirt Farmer. I use it on a daily basis and am sure everyone else does too.

  14. how long is this going on for? is there a time limit on it?

  15. make use of your trade house i think means order bushels from your neighbors it will help credit u with some towards the crop....atleast if its working correctly...
    and ya a bit harder - thought doing the mountain was a bit of a task and it originally awarded me with the license then it was gone so they were not done "programming" it and was a glitch :( and now as all in jade falls its twice the amount of the others everything is harder in Jade falls :)

  16. Does anyone know when this will end? Thank you, Datura


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