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If you're tired of being constantly tagged when neighbors click your posts or having the game post on your wall for all to see, even if they don't play, this guide is for you. Check it out and please share with friends if you find it helpful.


Special thanks to Dirt Farmer Jason for image assistance

Farmville has recently added a new feature that spams your wall with posts for everything you claim and every animal you harvest and every time you buy bushels. These posts are not locked to your neighbors, even if you have all FV posts locked to a list- they follow the default privacy on your profile, friends, friends of friends or public.

This is NOT a solution to items being claimed with no like unless they only click on your item or items. If people click on multiples, there is nothing to show who they got it from. It will only list up to 2 people from what I have seen. In fact, allowing ticker and extra game activity posts will have quite the opposite effect. It allows the game to auto-post your items as “shared”  either individually or in a group. These are in addition to your regular posts and, unlike the rest of the posts in this feature which grant special deliveries, when a friend clicks on the “shared” post, they get the item shared if it has not already been claimed. These posts most often have no like button or ability to  comment.


 What's more, it can easily be turned off.
If you do not like this it is easy to remove
1) Click on the down arrow next to home
2)Click on account settings
3) Click on apps in the upper left
4) Click edit next to Farmville
5) Remove the "Posts on my behalf"  that you can see. In most cases, you can no longer see or remove the mandatory posts on my behalf that covers your general game posts. There are also currently several different versions of this screen, so yours may not look exactly like this. All you have to do is simply click on the check mark so it goes away and the circle is blank.

You will  be unable to use one-click sharing if you opt to do this.
The feature may also need to be disabled in your activity log in the following way.

To make an informed choice, here are some things the new feature will post
According to the guide in the official forums, it will do 10 of each of these items per day and then stop.

If someone claims from one person (this will tag your neighbor and send them a notification and post on both your walls)


If someone claims from multiple people or claims several items


The ticker feature is so called, because it posts to the ticker as well as your wall. Disabling ticker and game activity posts entirely also requires unchecking it in settings under the game. If you do not want your posts shown below the game with no comment or like button when zfeeds are re-enabled, you can disable those in the same menu.



If you do not want constant notifications that someone has sent you a gift or request or has tagged you in their activity, you can opt out this way.



To fully disable tagging from auto posting to your wall, since the activity log options have been removed, you will also need to adjust some of your tagging settings while you are in account settings. You will need to turn on the option to approve tags before posting and turn off the ability for tagged items to show on your timeline without your permission. If you opt to do this, you will also have to review and approve anything else that your friends tag you in before it will appear to your friends on your timeline.

For additional tips from The Dirt Farmer on maximizing your Facebook experience with Farmville click here.

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  1. Thank you so much :)

  2. Just what I needed :)

  3. now how do we turn it back on, I reenabled posting and its not doing it.

  4. THANK YOU! Now, to get my other FV neighbours to do this as well...

  5. I didn't stop it for me. Oh well!

  6. Those notifications that so and so claimed or harvested or shared an item have been showing up in my feed ever since I turned off the ticker. What I like about them is that if you click on those, you get an SDB as a reward. I have collected many many SDB's this way, and I would hate to see that stop working. I'm not having any problems with all the tons of extra posts people say they're seeing, it's just as it has been for quite a while now. I don't plan to turn it off, but if my farm friends do that, no more SDB's free for the taking. Sucks.

  7. I don't like that the compressed version of neighbor activity is still duplicated below the compressed box. Yow end up trying to collect the same item if you can't remember already trying.

  8. My posts in the ticker have been disabled for some time but I still get them. :/

  9. Help! When I click the link to re-enable Auto Sharing, I can't connect - it says the link has timed out.


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