Chicken Coop Limit Changes


The last enhancement has started allowing farmers to place an extra Chicken Coop on their farms... The limit now seems to be 2 coops... But you can only place the regular farm coop as the extra one, and not the other farm specific coops as yet...


Screenshot showing the limits for the Chicken Coop raised to 2



A screenshot from Chris’s farm, showing the newly placed Chicken Coop...


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  1. If you add a second coop, make sure you keep track of what is in BOTH coops. I added the second coop yesterday, and expanded it ONCE. When I got the last person's help for the barnraising this morning, I clicked to see the expansion, and my FIRST coop (the one with 100 chickens of ALL varieties) VANISHED!! Fortunately, I keep spreadsheets of what I have where... I had approximately 40 different varieties of chickens in that coop... they could only replace 30 types, but all 100 chickens in number and they gave me 80 FVC... annnndddd... I get to build a coop all over again. ~~~Sigh~~~~ So be forewarned...

  2. Two of my old coops have disappeared leaving me with only the new (empty) coops. I have no record of what was inside. So sad.

    Must be a bug/glitch. Wish I had never added those second coops!!

  3. My first coop is gone too...all of the chickens were in my gift box

  4. That professional chicken coop building plans take into account welfare of your chickens through inclusion of elementary factors, which are responsible for the safety of your chickens as well as their health, well-being and longevity.


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