Animal Pen Mastery Totem Guide

Farmville has released new animal pen Mastery Totems to provide bonuses similar to the ones that Groves provide for orchards. The animal pen mastery totems are only available for farm cash. Enjoy the guide and share with friends if you find it helpful.

When you place a Mastery totem, you will see the following tutorial

There are three types of animal  pen mastery totems.

Mastery Totem I  - sells for 15 farm cash and has one bonus zone on the left

Mastery Totem II – sells for 15 farm cash and has one bonus zone on the right


Mastery Totem III – sells for 25 farm cash and has two bonus zones

When you have your pen correctly aligned with the mastery totem you will see the bonus pop-up

Each bonus zone that a pen sits on will provide a 100% mastery bonus



For example – if a pen is placed in the bonus zone for both a totem I and a totem II, you will get the extra bonus pop-up

The bonus will then be raised to 200%


Similar to groves, mastery totem bonus zones require one harvest cycle to activate. Harvest ready pens placed on a bonus zone will not receive the bonus until the next harvest.

If your pens are ready and you wish to receive the bonus on the first harvest, simply drop another animal into the pen, which will drop the pen’s readiness down to 96%. If you place the pen in the bonus zone prior to it becoming ready again, you will receive the mastery bonus when you harvest.

Also similar to groves, if you own the gold animal mastery statue, it will double the original mastery point and you will get one additional for the statue. So if you have the statue and 2 totems, you will get 4 points per harvest.

Special thanks to DF team member Gaby for the information and screenshots in this guide

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