Greenhouse Guide

The greenhouse is a three stage  building in which you can mix a variety of special seeds, by combining selected seeds from the market and create new crops. The greenhouse can only be placed, and its crops mastered on the Home Farm.

The greenhouse frame can be purchased from the market for 5 coins. It is built with nails, bricks and boards which can be obtained from special delivery boxes. Building the greenhouse will require  3 bricks, 4 nails and 4 wooden boards. Once built you will have two trays in which to mix seeds.

After completion you can expand your greenhouse by using 15 each of the same three parts. When finished, your available mixing trays will increase from two to four. There is also a second expansion. This requires twenty each of the same three parts and upon completion your mixing trays will increase to eight.

Once you have trays available, you can begin to mix seeds. You can do this from the nursery tab, by choosing seeds to combine.

Click the green "Place a seed" button on the left

Choose a seed from one of the recipes and click "buy"

Click the green "Place a seed" button on the right.

Choose the seed that is the other component of your chosen recipe and click "buy"

Seeds take three days to be ready to harvest from the trays. At this time, the only way to speed up that process is to pay farm cash to complete the seeds instantly.

You can also mix seeds, even more easily,  via the "Seed Genealogy" tab

Simply choose a seed recipe from the menu and click on it. You will then get a popup indicating which seeds are to be mixed and the cost in coins to make the recipe.

If you wish to proceed, click the "Make more for ____ coins" button. Seeds will take three days to be ready, unless you pay farm cash to make them instantly ready via this method as well.  Each time you mix seeds you will fill one tray. You will need to repeat all of the steps for each available tray that you wish to fill.

All seeds can be made via either method at any time. The one exception to this is Red Spinach. The first time you make it there will not be a make more button via the seed genealogy method, and the pop up will not show the second ingredient. Just that first time, you will need to manually combine spinach with rhubarb via the nursery tab method.

After you have made Red Spinach for the first time, your greenhouse will then recognize both ingredients and you will be able to make it from the seed genealogy tab.

After the three days have passed, or you have paid farm cash to speed them up, your seeds will be ready to harvest.

At that time, you will harvest 50 seeds per tray that is ready.

You will also be prompted to share a post to the feed that will allow your neighbors to claim 20 seeds of the same type that you made.

If you have not mastered a greenhouse crop, you will only be able to plant as many seeds as you have on hand  from mixing them or claiming from the feed. Once you have mastered each crop, you should then be able to plant them directly from the market for coins, without further need to craft seeds.

Greenhouse seeds can be useful in the craftshop. Shovels require Double Grain, for example. They can also be helpful in gaining XP. Straspberries take only  2 hours to grow,  grant 2 xp to plant. Once the crop is mastered, a bushel will grant 1 additional xp point at harvest. Fertilize all will add another point per plot. Add in the 1xp per plot to plow and they can give you up to 5 xp per plot every two hours.

That completes the Guide for the Greenhouse... Sincere thanks to Heather Chew for making this guide...

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  1. I remember when we could speed up the process with help from other players...I hope that feature is reintroduced.


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