Gopher Garden Guide

The Gopher Garden is a feature which allows you to receive special rewards and grow special crops by capturing gophers. You can place a Gopher Garden on every farm, however you only need one in order to use the feature. In order to capture gophers, you must first obtain treats. You can see how many treats you have and ask for more from inside your garden by posting to the feed.



You can also receive treats by clicking on friends  request posts. However many treats you can currently hold (it increases as you progress) is how many can help you on the feed.


When harvesting your crops, a gopher can pop up on your farm. You can capture one gopher every 12 hours.


In most cases you will receive a pop up telling you a gopher has appeared on your farm.



However, sometimes the pop up will not appear and you will need to spot the gopher on your farm.


To capture the gopher, either click the "Capture Gopher" on the pop up, or the actual gopher on your farm. You will then get a pop up telling you what rewards you have received.


Sometimes when receiving your rewards, you will end up with a flower in your giftbox. These flowers can't be used, and it is safe to sell them.


The gopher garden has several levels. The more gophers you capture, the higher level building you will have, and you will unlock different gophers with better rewards.


Level 1 Gophers

Studley Duke

Big Daddy Carter

Lil Dolly Hill


Level 2 Gophers

Donny Dangerous

Maria Siciliano


Level 3 Gophers

Rick Overdrive

Natalia Gray


Level 4 Gophers

Wyatt Dirt

Dirty Jack Julep


Level 5 Gopher



If you would like to see your progress towards the next level, simply click the progress tab inside your garden to see how many gophers you have captured, and how many more until you unlock the next stage


Below you will find a list of all possible gophers you can capture and the rewards you will receive

Level 1 Gophers:
Big Daddy Carter: 100 XP, 250 Coins, 20 Dragon Flower Seeds
Lil Dolly Hill: 100 XP, 250 Coins, 20 Spiral Flower Seeds
Studley Duke: 100 XP, 250 Coins, 1 Fertilize All
Level 2 Gophers:
Donny Dangerous: 100 XP, 250 Coins, 20 Pitcher Plant Seeds
Maria Sicillianno: 250 XP, 500 Coins, 1 Fuel Refill
Level 3 Gophers:
Rick Overdrive: 250 XP, 500 Coins, 20 Walking Iris Seeds
Natalia Grey: 500 XP, 750 Coins, 5 Fuel Refills
Level 4 Gophers:
Wyatt Dirt: 500 XP, 750 Coins, 20 Sundew Plant Seeds
Dirty Jack Julep: 1000 XP, 1000 Coins, 3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Level 5 Gopher:
G.H. Moneybags: 1500 XP, 5000 Coins, 1 Instagrow Potion

That completes the Gopher Garden guide... If you have any more doubts, join us in our discussion group, ASK the Dirt Farmer... And special thanks to Mr. Jason and Ms. Fiona, for writing up this guide for the DF team...

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  1. Hello! Do you knw which crops are related to level 5 gophers? Or there is not a realtion to that?Thank you


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