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DF Farmville Crop Index
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  1. Okay, this is needed in everyone's Bookmarks for continuous referral. But a printed copy, updated by a new print listing whenever significant crop additions occur or when a new farm is added (thus maintaining all crops in an alpha sequenced listing) is highly recommended.

    Still, one more column identifying crop location (including the distinction of Terrace, Land and Water for Jade Falls as well as Land and Water for Hawaiian Paradise) would be helpful.

    Also, I need a key whenever an abbreviation is offered such as (LE) in the above listing. Perhaps, a reader of this comment will offer some help. Thank you.

    1. LE limited edition. which means it a limited time crop grow it while you can.

    2. What do the entries in the ref column mean?

  2. Have the complete FVDF Crop Listing as an Acrobat Reader file (pdf). View it at a link that follows. Or, using your own Acrobat Reader (free software), download the file to View /Print… http://sdrv.ms/SJRvaV (address is case sensitive).

    With complete info that includes the number of crops that must be harvested at each level of Mastery, make your plans now for when the next Double Mastery or Triple Mastery event is offered.

    Easily understand how Double and Triple Mastery represent huge benefit when reviewing the Mastery requirements. Know this: There is no single element in the Play of Farmville that has more impact on all participants than does the Mastery of crops used in recipe production. Know that a single bushel gained from even a non-Mastered crop results in the Market Stall for that single bushel being Open for 24 hours and that each Mastery level gained adds 8 hours of time to the time that a Market Stall is Open. And that one bushel can mean an unlimited number of bushels being available for the duration of the Open status of a Market Stall albeit only 3 bushels can be had by any one Player within a 24 hour time period - a time period that restarts at 9pm PT (-8 GMT). But please be mindful that in the 5 minutes before 9PM and the 5 minutes after 9pm (PT), bushel availability is 6 since 3 may be taken in each 24 hour period. And all those bushels taken by your neighbors have no effect on the quantity of bushels that initially opened the Market Stall. Just 1 bushel is needed to either Open and/or to re-start the Open time of a Market Stall. So, why the importance of Crop Mastery? Besides gaining a higher ratio of bushels per number of plots harvested, the Level 3 Mastery offers an open time of the Market Stall of 24 +8 +8 +8 or 48 hours.

    View /print /download a nicely formatted copy of "Understanding more about the Play of FarmVille" by opening the link in Adobe Reader, pdf format http://sdrv.ms/TWKulO (address is case sensitive)...

    Zynga should offer a Player Bill of Rights. Or will the diminutive concern for the Player's experience continue to force more Players to quit the game? Regardless of their level? Regardless of their investment /contribution to the Play of the game? Regardless of pleas from their friends /neighbors who still wish to continue?

    FarmVille celebrates only its 4th Birthday in 2013. In my 3-plus years as a FarmVille Farmer, I have learned to accept pint-sized grief (and sometimes, much more) for the chance to continue exploring the seemingly limitless vistas of FarmVille landscapes and activities. My hope is that both Players and Developers will continue to seek out experiences of their better angels, especially as the activity of social gaming becomes a way of life for a larger share of the world's 6.8 Billion people.

    It is my very strong belief that the future of humankind will see more and more leisure time for all, everywhere! And an always increasing audience for leisure play in social gaming.

    My hopeful wish is that all can work together, helping to create transparency by working to resolve enemy nation and/or any issue that serves to induce separation. In FarmVille, as occurs in real life, there is certainly need to go over many hurdles found on the pathway by realizing that all effort is in partnership. As occurs in a relay race, every action must be given careful thought. Before the first baton is passed, all runners should be with one mindset.

    Good always expands. Good never diminishes; good is not limited. In all instances, our helping to increase the greater good is good to **know** as part of our individual legacy! So be it... join FarmVille. "C'est la vie!!!"

    Is it time to consider the Wishing Fountain? Have a viewable /printable /downloadable copy of “FarmVille Wishing Fountain: Everything you need to know.” PDF file format … http://sdrv.ms/YMf2M1 (address is case sensitive).

    Have just the content as offered in an addendum, “An Overview on Needs Fulfillment” in PDF file format … http://sdrv.ms/12wLZuX (address is case sensitive).

  3. Awesome and I am glad I can view PDF. Thank you I need to know how many plots = a bushel. With the recipe requirements becoming so numerous, I find it hard to complete quests due to this problem.

  4. Using fertilize all helps when you need to get more bushels for crafting.

  5. how come I dont have any of the short harvest crops available in my market??? like 8, 10, 12 ,minutes??

  6. All crops that can only be grown on a certain farm should be noted in the chart as to which farm it goes with.

  7. I clicked on the link above for the chart and this is what I got...Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. Where can I find the chart??? Thank you!!!


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