Insta Grows : What Do They Do

Many of us have Insta Grows in our Gift Boxes that we are itching to use, but what's the difference between them all ? Here's a quick run down of what they do... 

Free Instant Grow Flight --- Instagrow is used to instantly grow your Crops and Trees (including trees in orchards & groves) Requires plane on farm.

 Instagrow Potion ---- Instagrow is used to grow all your CROPS instantly. 

Capitol One Grow ----- is used to instantly grow your animals OUTSIDE of animal pens.

All Cross Promotion Insta Grows will Work as Instagrow Potions and ONLY grow Crops. 

RIO Instagrow 

Megamind Instagrow 

Miracle Grow Instagrow

CastleVille Instagrow

Stouffer's Instagrow 

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  1. i have over 500 orchards and it cost more than 350 fc to instant grow them(I never do it of course) so the instant all grow plain is awesome when zinga git them to me for having problems on my farms

  2. What about th instagrows with a B on the bottle label? That's what I have--in addition to the flights of instagrow.

  3. my flying saucer does crops trees and did animals and building once the 5 were used it doesn't do the animals and pen buildjngs

  4. In order to use the "flight" you have to own a biplane

  5. InstaGrow used to grow everything, including animals, if I remember correctly.

  6. wow i've never seen all but the 1st four..


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