Farmville changes Consumables POP UP

Farmville has recently changed the way consumables now pop up on your Farm. Instead of a POP UP that must be attended...You now get a "roll up" that will "roll back" in a few seconds. Much like the coin "roll up" you get when harvesting a Stables

Animal Pens will still give you a pop up for the Mystery Baby or Baby Animal but now you get a "Roll Up" for the Animal Feed
You can still SHARE it if you can catch it in time but if you don't want to share just wait for it to roll back
Seedlings still pop up but the Water Cans will "roll up"
Even when harvesting Animal Buildings you will now get a "roll up" for Crafting Consumables
The Flower Feed Consumable will now "roll up"
The Mystery Bulbs will still pop up like usual 
Consumables from Consumable Producing Features like the Water Mills and Fishing Hole will continue to POP UP as usual...At least for the time being

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  1. I don;t have these changes yet.....but then again I always get everything late :/

  2. The Roll Ups are a pain. Have had this on my farm for many weeks. For seedlings, "ask for water" when placing the seedling down, have to wait for each one to get out of the way or click the x. You can't multi task anymore on orchards or animal pens to put down the animal baby, etc when you need to post to the feed before it drops to the bottom of the screen into the zynga abyssm. It's extra clicking, extra waiting and extra BS. At least with the Facebook pop up, you could stop mid activity, get a cup of coffee or tell your spouse to look for a publish.

  3. Rita Bragg I hate going to my crafting places as every time I click it looses connection it didn't used to to craft 6 items takes a good half hour and I have 4 craft shops each one gets done a minimum of twice a day GRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Agree with Terri T. They "roll back" too quickly and I lose 25-50% of them so they can't be posted.

    I got this feature the same time I got all the bouncing coins/jade/coconuts when harvesting...which I HATE!!! Little kids might like it, but it is too much stuff in the way when harvesting.


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