Craft-tastic! Lets make Crafting simpler

Meet your new neighbor, Gilda... She is here to help you with the various crafting recipes... To help you out, she even has some bushels to spare for you... Surely looks like good help is coming for those interested in Crafting... Just hoping that this feature really helps instead of messing up like other feature, but yes, I am optimistic this time...

Below are some of the unreleased images that we stumbled upon... Have a look... More info will be posted as and when we get to it...

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  1. It says "Here a Bakery to get you started".

    But if I already have Bakery, do I get a second one or they would give an other building (Spa or Winery). Has a second building I would like the Spa. All 3 would be the best of course.

  2. Where would I put this building? My EC 34X34 farm has been at 100% full for over a month. When is Zynga going to let us expand the larger farms for coins?

  3. I need a Spa Please I have a winery,Bakery I need a Spa but can not buy it with FV cash. I have enough coins, but they don't offer it for that. Hello out there can you hear me just sayin


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