Bloom Garden Guide


Blooms are flowers that are a new masterable category in Farmville.

There are two types of blooms:

a) Full Blooms

Full blooms are obtainable only with Farm Cash, via purchase in the market or by upgrading single blooms to full blooms. If you opt to upgrade a single bloom, simply place it on the farm, click on it and click “upgrade”


You will get a confirmation pop-up informing you of the cost and at that time you can opt to accept and pay to grow the bloom or x out and let it remain a single bloom 


Damask Rose – full bloom


Features of full blooms:

  • Two mastery points per harvest (there is only one mastery per type of flower and it includes both full and single blooms)

  • Different visual appeal for decorating

  • Full blooms never wither, you can place them on the farm for decorating and leave them harvest ready and they will remain as they are.

b) Single blooms

Single blooms can be obtained by purchasing them in the market for farm cash or coins, full grown on the feed, from mystery bulbs from your own gardens and from mystery blooms on the feed. Single blooms of every type can be obtained for free via some of the above methods.

Damask Rose – Single bloom

Features of single blooms:

  • Single blooms give one mastery point per harvest (both single and full blooms of one type share one mastery)

  • Single blooms will wither out on the farm if not harvested for 7 days after they are ready. If a single bloom withers, it can be revived with flower food.

  • Single blooms out on the farm can either be harvested one by one by hand or by using a new type of consumable called a gardener. Thus far the gardener consumable can only be purchased for farm cash in the market.

Bloom garden

The bloom garden stores blooms and allows you to harvest multiple blooms in just one click. Bloom gardens can be purchased completed from the market or built with flower ties, garden edging and trellises. It takes 10 of each of the three parts to build your bloom garden and when completed it will hold 20 blooms. 

A completed bloom garden can be expanded to hold a total of 30 blooms for an additional 10 of each part and then again to hold a total of 40 blooms for a third set of 10 of each part. Bloom gardens can be harvested daily and will produce a mystery bulb or flower food on each harvest.

Mystery Bulbs

The unique aspect to mystery bulbs as opposed to other mystery items on Farmville is that they are not a mystery. When you harvest your bloom garden, the bulb you receive will grow to be something that you have in the garden (similar to other pens). The difference is that when you share a bulb to the feed, your friends will grow the same flower that you did. 

Mystery bulbs require 5 flower food to grow and always grow into single blooms. 


  • When you harvest your bloom garden, if you get a mystery bulb you can post to the feed and five of your friends can claim from your post.

  • If you get flower food, there are ten claims per post.

  • Full grown single blooms offer three claims per post.

Hope that the guide has been informative and has covered all your queries about the Blooms

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  1. Excellent Guide! I especially appreciate you including the last part - # of items per feed. I have had a lot of issues since Zynga has caused a lot of the Quest feeds, etc. to expire, so I'm spending time "collecting nothing"; it's been very difficult to finish Quests because of this. I usually have everything I need but the Quest feeds are dead, and more people are not helping back. The only other thing I also appreciate is some kind of chart that outlines the amount of Coin earned from each bloom. I have found the Lilies and Sunflowers seem to be huge coin earners, but not sure if all these flowers earn the same amount or not in the Bloom box with Daily Harvest. I have tried to separate the box to one bloom type each, but not sure if this helps increase Coin profit or not. I enjoy the items, but I also like to increase items that earn more Coin which helps at time to Expand Farm, etc. Thank you all for all you do. Only you have made the game worth enjoying via all the info for the Quests! Much thanks! :)

  2. Is there a source anywhere for the coin amounts for harvesting the different types of blooms?

  3. I would like to harvest all blooms in lieu of having to click on each one when I don't have anymore room for them after then are bloomed.


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