Jade Falls Forbidden Coast: What’s New?

Jade Falls Forbidden Coast

The recently much talked about Forbidden Coast is now rolling out to players as early access... Cost for the early access is 25FC, and you get to keep a Cute Baby Phoenix as a gift for paying for the early access... But is the access really worth the money? Well, that’s for you to decide... Here we bring to you the complete details on what is new along with the Forbidden Coast...

(Note: Free access should start on the end of 16th or early 17th July, 2012)

So, now that you know about the early access, lets see what else you get new in the Forbidden Coast... You should know that the Forbidden Coast is not any new farm, nor does it unlock any new area for you to farm on... It is just a set of additions to the Jade Falls in terms of Crops, Animals and a new harvestable buildable (similar to the Mountain Temple, or Hawaii Volcano, or Winter Train Station, etc)... Below is a list of the various animals, trees, crops and decorations that you get to buy after unlocking this package...

Green Onion Horse Radish Sesame Scallops Star Anise Tree Daruma Doll Step Stone Path
Green Onion (Land Crop)

Horse Radish (Land Crop)

Sesame (Land Crop)

Scallops (Water Crop)

Star Anise Tree

Daruma Doll (Deco)

Step Stone Path

Druk Dragon

Well, if you are trying to scroll down for more info on available items, I would like to mention that currently we only have the above items as extras on unlocking the Forbidden Coast in Jade Falls... You only get to keep the Cute Phoenix as a free gift on paying for the early access... Rest all stuff you need to buy from the market (just 1 tree, 1 animal, and 4 new crops and 2 not so super cool Deco’s)... Now, its up to you to decide if you really want to pay for the early access, or wait another 6 days to get them for free (minus the Cute Phoenix)...

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  1. I think I will wait and start collecting parts now as it will take 663 parts in total to complete. I have not even finished my palace yet.

  2. Does anyone know if the Star Anise Tree says it is in the market for a specific number of days? I'd like to know if I need to pay for the Early Access in order to buy it, if it's going to be leaving the market before they let us over there for free. And, is it also listed for sale for Farm Cash or Jade?


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