Farmville & Twitter: An unusual bond


Get ready for a one of a kind, never thought before of sharing method for your Farmville posts... If you have a Twitter account, you will soon be able to post some of your posts directly to Twitter (atleast, the unreleased images below suggest that)... Not sure how that is gonna benefit anyone, and why Zynga is taking such a move (unless they are in sort of a partnership with Twitter to give them a boost)... Well, we will get you more info on the same, as soon as we get it...

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  1. I tried Twitter and it is not easy to navigate so I don't bother with it. I tried the FV for Android and would rather see the whole farm. Those options for planting need tweeked, who wants to click 150 times to choose the number of crops to plant??? It's great if you want to plant the same number of the same crop again.


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