Prestige Mystery Box Contents

Remember the days when we were able to buy and gift mystery boxes with special items inside them? Well, we again have such a mystery box available in the market now, and it has some exclusive prizes too… Costs 40FC per Box… The following are the confirmed contents of the Prestige Mystery Box... Remember that you can only win one of the below items every box you open:

Gem Pegacorn Cherry Pegacorn Lava T-Rex Gem Bonsai Rainbow Prism Bonsai Pink Azalea Bonsai

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  1. 40 FC for a possible Bonsai tree are you kidding me? The animals I can see but a tree!!?? that's a bit much considering I am seeing them posted all over the place that's a bit much.

  2. Framville needs to go the way of the Beanie Baby Craze...Down the tubes They getting too greedy

  3. um.. last i heard there is NOT a "GUARANTEE" of ANY KIND that you will NOT get duplicates in ANY MYSTERY GAME/BOX ETC. i would suggest that maybe that part needs to be reworded or is wrong... cuz i know of at least three people that got the same item at least twice.

  4. While I dont disagree that its too much - these are not the same ones you see posted all over the place. Those are level 2s.
    But yeah I cannot and wont do this. Wayyy too much for my farming budget. And believe me, I DO have a fv budget!


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