Power Hour Bonuses

      Power Hour 


      Farmville has recently started another new in-game feature... the Power Hour... Everyday, if you farm during 5-6 PM Zynga time, you can get awarded with a random Power Hour bonus...




      Farmville has been coded with some of these Power Hour bonuses... During the power hour, any one of them can get active randomly for a player... Those bonuses will stay active only for 1 hour from the time of the popup... Below is a list of the Power Hour bonuses that are presently coded:


    • Double XP on Crops

    • Double Avatar Walk Speed

    • Bonus 20 Fuel

    • Double Mastery for Crops, Trees and Animals (+1 point to mastery)

    • Double Coins on Crops

    • Trees Ready for Harvest on your current farm (includes orchards)

    • Crops Ready for Harvest on your current farm

    • Double the chance to find Fertilize All on Neighbor Visit

    • Double Bushel Yield

    • Animals Ready for Harvest on your current farm (includes animal pens)

    • Double the chance to find Mystery Baby


      Did you get your Power Hour? What bonus did you get? Think that it’s a helpful feature in the game?


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  2. I could totally get with the ready crops or orchards thing!


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