A Guide to Breeding in the Dino Lab

Well, Dino breeding is the talk of the farming community right now... Everyone seems to be excited... But will this new feature live to its expectations? In an effort to make things simple for the player, we have made this guide to the Dino Labs to explain how it actually works... Read on...

The Dino Lab is just like other animal pens... You build it using materials, and then you can store the Dino’s in it... Below are the materials that you will be needing to build the Dino Lab... You can build as many as you want as there is no limit for the number of Dino Labs that you can have on a farm...

Cement Dirt Fill Metal Post


10 Parts

Fill Dirt

10 Parts

Metal Posts

10 Parts

Dino Lab


How the Dino Lab Works 

Tutorial Images

How the Dino Lab will Work

Build a Dino Lab... You get capacity to store 20 Dino’s in each Lab... The Lab takes 1 day to get ready to harvest...

Once ready, you can harvest the Dino Lab for DNA... The more the Dino’s, the more the chance of getting rare DNA... You get to keep one, and also share with friends... Build multiple Labs to get more DNA Bushels and share more too...

Use/Exchange the DNA (like bushels) to craft/breed your own Dino’s (from available options)... Its similar to crafting a recipe... Check out the DNA Chart for the combinations...

You can even master these Dino’s just like regular animals... Harvesting the Lab will not only give DNA, but also add to the mastery of the Dino’s inside it...


When you look inside the building, you get option to look inside for animals, or for the lab... Below is a placeholder image of how the Lab will look like...


There are a total of 6 different DNA bushels in the game... They can be told to be the 6 different levels of DNA that we will be using... The more the Rare DNA’s that we use, the better the Dinosaur... Below are the 6 DNA, in order of their Rarity...

Red DNA BushelGreen DNA BushelBlue DNA BushelYellow DNA BushelPurple DNA BushelOrange DNA Bushel

Don't forget to check out the DNA Chart for the possible Dino combinations...

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  1. All my neighbors got it....but not me....grrrrrr.
    And I do not hve it in the mrket....thanks Zynga

  2. I wish they would wait for a little while. I just got the new farm and am overwhelmed as it is with that and all the quests. i wish they had given us a chance to build our asian farms first

  3. How does one get the dino lab>

  4. I also don't have a dino lab in my market. I've sent an email to Zynga support...

  5. i finished building my "Dino Lab" but a week or 2 after building and zero harvests?? like it says in the description above??? so i had to go to the market and buy a few of the coin 4 purchase dino's!!! and i'll see what happens..lol and i dont see anyone sharing or posting any dino dna?? kinda wierd?? lol

    1. If you aren't seeing any DNS in the feed it is likely one of two things- they are not doing it anymore because they made or mastered them all OR they are sharing the DNA only in groups. Try asking your friends or find some friends still doing them that will share with you..for the record I am & sharing freely.

    2. I typo'd on DNA the 1st round lol. You can reach me by clicking my name

  6. I hope that this all works out for the good of everyone.

  7. Where can you get dinosaurs to buy or raise?


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