Coin for Cash Subscription: First Look

Not many exact details at this point...The "bottom line" will depend on what they offer as the exchange rate...Keeping in mind that a $10 Game Card is worth 55FV$...You will need to decide if this subscription service is right for you...

What we know from official ZYNGA text on the new subscription feature that will soon be offered to players:


“Turns coins into cash with the new COINS INTO CASH program! Every month, you will be able to exchange coins for Farm Cash by converting set amounts of coins into Farm Cash. The full coin amounts become available again next month. All packages not used within the month do not carry over to the next period. Your membership is automatically renewed but you can cancel at any time through the Subscription Management page.”


The subscription will be ranging from $5 to $10 USD per month


Unknown what the "exchange rate" may be for this feature...Possibly 40-160 FV$ per month from what we can tell from this image...Which may very well be a "place holder" image


Unknown if everyone will be offered the same "exchange rate" or if they will differ from player to player


Apparently you can sign up and cancel anytime you wish


Possible that the "exchange rate" may stay constant for you or may even fluctuate from month to month


We will try to share more details as they become available...Current discussions on this topic may be found in ASK the Dirt Farmer

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  1. Some of you are really idiots. Either be satisfied with what you get for for free, or don't play the game. One of the posters above said it perfectly: get over yourselves, and I'll add this:

    Those of you who complain that some things cost "real" money, give me one example -- movies, restaurants, retail stores -- that you have the ability to enjoy COMPLETELY free, unless you want to upgrade. And that's exactly what the FC items are -- an upgrade to the basic free game. Whiny little self-involved, unappreciative shits. Zynga owes you NOTHING.


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