Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quests: Info and Tips

Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest
Expected duration of the quests is from 5th July 2012, to 19th July, 2012

Note: Quest can be carried out on all farms, are repeatable, and don’t have any request links… Requirements can change at any time without notice as and how Zynga updates them… Images will only show up when they are available in the game files…

Quest Story: Ever encountered the magical ponies of Farmville? You don’t believe there are magical ponies in Farmville? Well, do as Sheila says and you will see them for real...

Important Notes: For all the pony harvests, you can use the Horse Stable or the Paddocks... Also, for each of these quest stages, you get free tokens for the Big Picnic Basket...This was a collect and redeem event that ended soon after this quest was originally run. They will not be useful anymore, safe to just sell them.
Quests Info:
Quest Icon Rainbow Rider Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 1 1. Get 4 Rainbows
2. Harvest 50 Strawberry (4 Hrs)
3. Harvest the Horse Paddock Twice
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: Super Strawberry (4 Hrs), Red Iceberries (8 Hrs) Rainbow Double Rainbow Pony

Quest Icon Starring: Ponies! Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 2 1. Get 6 Fallen Stars
2. Harvest 75 Ghost Chili (6 Hrs)
3. Harvest Double Rainbow Pony Twice
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: None Fallen Stars Star Pony

Quest Icon Too Much, the Magic Brush Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 3 1. Get 8 Magic Brushes
2. Harvest 100 Pineapple (2 Days)
3. Harvest Star Pony Twice
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: Super Pineapple (2 Days), Hilo Pineapple (14 Hrs)… Magic Brush Mystery Game Dart

Quest Icon The Magic of Friendship Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 4 1. Get 9 Friendships
2. Harvest 125 Rhubarb (16 Hrs)
3. Craft a Fertilize All
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: None Friendship Friendship Pony

Quest Icon Getting Butterflies Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 5 1. Get 9 Butterflies
2. Harvest 150 Golden Poppy (1 Day)
3. Master Double Rainbow Pony 1 Star
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: None Butterflies Yellow Butterfly Pony

Quest Icon One Smart Pony Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 6 1. Get 9 Wisdom
2. Harvest 150 Peas (1 Day)
3. Harvest the Friendship Pony Twice
Quest Tips: Crop Alternative: Super Peas (1 Day), Purple Podded Pea (1 Day), English Pea (12 Hrs) Wisdom Book of XP

Quest Icon Do You BEElieve In Magic? Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 7 1. Get 10 Bumblebees
2. Harvest 150 Chickpea (20 Hrs)
3. Harvest Butterfly Pony Twice
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: None Bumblebee Bumblebee Pony

Quest Icon Pony Mania! Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 8 1. Get 11 Rays of Sunshine
2. Harvest 150 Sunflower (1 Day)
3. Master Friendship Pony 1 Star
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: None Rays of Sunshine 3x Unwither

Quest Icon Pony Party! Item to Ask Reward
Farmville’s Magical Ponies Quest 9 1. Get 12 Balloons
2. Harvest 150 Eggplant (2 Days)
3. Master Butterfly Pony 1 Star
Quest Tips: Crop Alternative: None… Balloon Balloon Pony


Note:  As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests across the farms for better planning... More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned... ;)

If you have any questions or suggestions (or any errors to point out), just let us know on our Facebook Fan Page “The Dirt Farmer” , or else just join us in our discussion group “ASK the Dirt Farmer” where we have a lot of experienced players discussing a lot of stuff related to Farmville and also helping out other fellow farmers who are having any queries… Happy Farming!

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  1. We don't need more eggplant because of last quest.
    Notice we have an award of XP, good to have.

  2. Now will these ponies we are getting need to be grown? Like in a horse paddock or what I have a stargazer pony that will not go on anything just open on the farm. CA

  3. Yes--I'm wondering whether these ponies will be grown in playpens or paddocks. My suggestion is to build several more once we know which, or even some of both ahead of time, though ones in Jade Falls or Hawaii won't help for these quests. Also, make sure there is plenty of room in each pen for these new ponies, taking some current residents out temporarily. Next, stagger harvesting as much as possible. If we harvest, it will take a whole day to be ready to harvest again, and at first, this cannot be helped; we'll have to harvest to get to the next level. However, when working on level 3, pens 1 & 2 will be slowly climbing back to 100%, but pens 3 & 4 can start the star pony AND, for just 1 more hour delay, hold the double-rainbow pony to give it its third, then fourth harvest on its way to one-star mastery.

  4. Ponies never go in the playpens. Pony foals do, but not the adults. People are confusing the term "pony" which is a small BREED of horse with "foal" which is a baby horse.

  5. why cant we have the ring for our countryside farm

  6. I think the new Pony's look amazing and am loving the quests. thankyou Dirt Farmer for the great service ....

  7. Just in case anyone had not tried you can harvest your ponies in the stable. It makes it a lot easier and faster to harvest and master if you use the stable instead of the paddock.

  8. Hilo pineapples DO work for the quest....I had some planted, tried harvesting one and hey, got credit for it.

  9. What am I doing wrong!put horse in a ready stable and it just goes back to 0% giving me no coins or mastery, got a few paddocks, but would be good if I could put quest horses in the stables. Thanks

  10. You don't put a horse in a ready stable. You put the pony you are wanting to harvest in, it goes to 0%....take a horse that is sitting on your farm and is at 34% to 99% and put it in your stable. It then becomes ready, harvest. Take another at 34% ready, stick it in the stable, insta-ready and harvest. Does that help?

  11. Thanks for the intimation about the Hilo Pineapples... Looks like they added them to the pineapples list when I was out of town... I should have checked for changes better... Well, I just checked and they should work for the quests... Thanks again... :)

  12. When you move the 34% or over horse to the stable USE THE MOVE TOOL (hand) do NOT click and move normally as the stable will re set to 0% if you do so. If you use the move tool, the stable immediatly becomes ready to harvest as soon as you drop the 34% horse into it.

  13. The only time I have to use the MOVE tool for the stable trick is if my horses are at 100%. Other than that, I just pick them up and drop them on the stable. I've been using this trick for ages now.

  14. My Magical ponies have given me foals from stables have done the quest 3 time!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I have a question if You dont have a stable or the nursery can babies still become adults without buying farm cash some of us are on a limit income and just cant afford the farm cash expense

  17. Linda Coates: the nursery is the only way to grow foals into adults that you can keep. For the stable, you produce foals to share with neighbors, not to keep.

  18. ticket booth still not working what is the deal


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