Switch Gears for Summer Quest: Info & Tips

Farm May Fair Quest
Expected duration of the quests is from 10th May, 2012 till 24th May, 2012

Note: Quest can be carried out on all farms, are repeatable, and don’t have any request links… Requirements can change at any time without notice as and how Zynga updates them… Images will only show up when they are available in the game files…

Quest Story:  Remember Rispoli? The guy whom we met in Winter wonderland, trying to have some fun in the snow? Well, he’s had enough snowboarding all winter long, and now needs to prepare himself for the summer ahead but does not have the proper clothing to do so… Help him get set for the summer in his own unique style…

Quests Info:
Quest Icon The Shammy Shimmy Item to Ask Reward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 1 1. Get 4 Shammies
2. Harvest 25 Grapes (1 Day)
3. Harvest 25 Strawberry
Shammies Salesman Mongooses
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: Frozen Grapes (1 Day), White Grapes (12 Hrs), Super Grapes (1 Day), Zinfandel (1 Day) & Chardonnay (10 Hrs)… Super Strawberry (4 Hrs) and Red Iceberries (8 Hrs) for Strawberries… Shammies Salesman Mongoose

Quest Icon Skew and BBQ Item to Ask Reward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 2 1. Get 6 Veggie Skewers
2. Harvest 75 Vegetables
3. Harvest Salesman Mongoose Twice
Veggie Skewers Munchin
Quest Tips: Taro (Hawaii Farm - 4 Hrs) are easy to get the vegetables done… Harvest the Mongoose in the Zoo… Veggie Skewers Munchin' Marten

Quest Icon Lounge Act Item to Ask Reward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 3 1. Get 8 Patio Furniture
2. Harvest 100 Soybeans (1 Day)
3. Harvest the Munchin' Marten Twice
Patio Furnitures 3x Unwither
Quest Tips: No Crop Alternatives… Harvest the Munchin’ Marten in the Wildlife Habitat Pen… Patio Furniture 3x Unwither

Quest IconShorts WeatherItem to AskReward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 41. Get 9 Cargo Shorts
2. Harvest 75 Peanuts (16 Hrs)
3. Harvest 75 Fruit
Cargo ShortssSummer Alligators
Quest Tips:Super Peanuts (16 Hrs) will also work… For Fruits, harvest Raspberry (2 Hrs) or any of the 4 hr Strawberries…Cargo ShortsSummer Alligator

Quest Icon Sun Blocker Item to Ask Reward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 5 1. Get 9 Sun Hats
2. Harvest 150 Sunflowers (1 Day)
3. Master Salesman Mongoose 1 Star (5 Harvests)
Sun Hats Slip and Slides
Quest Tips: No Crop Alternatives… Harvest the Mongoose in the Zoo… Sun Hats Slip and Slide

Quest Icon Hot Foot Item to Ask Reward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 6 1. Get 9 All Terrain Shoes
2. Harvest 150 Wheat (12 Hrs)
3. Harvest the Pet Run Twice
All Terrain Shoes Book of XP
Quest Tips: Red Wheat (3 Days) will also work… All Terrain Shoes Book of XP

Quest Icon Rispoli's Ride Item to Ask Reward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 7 1. Get 10 Sponges
2. Harvest 150 Bell Pepper (2 Days)

3. Master Munchin' Marten 1 Star (5 harvests)
Spongess Car Wash Otters
Quest Tips: No Crop alternatives… Harvest the Munchin’ Marten in the Wildlife Habitat Pen… Sponges Car Wash Otter

Quest Icon Shinny and New Item to Ask Reward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 8 1. Get 11 Cans of Car Wax
2. Harvest 150 Grain
3. Harvest the Livestock Pen Twice
Car Waxes 3 Pack of Turbos
Quest Tips: You can harvest Oats (8 Hrs) for the grains… Cans of Car Wax 3 Pack of Turbos

Quest Icon Fuzzy Dice! Item to Ask Reward
Switch Gears for Summer Quest 9 1. Get 12 Fuzzy Dice
2. Harvest 200 Cranberry (10 Hrs)
3. Master the Summer Gator to 1 Star (5 Harvests)
Fuzzy Dices Rispoli
Quest Tips: Crop Alternatives: Super Cranberries (10 Hrs) and Cove Cranberries (1 Day) will also work… Harvest the Gator in the Zoo… Fuzzy Dice Rispoli's Ride

Note:  As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests across the farms for better planning... More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned... ;)

If you have any questions or suggestions (or any errors to point out), just let us know on our Facebook Fan Page “The Dirt Farmer” , or else just join us in our discussion group “ASK the Dirt Farmer” where we have a lot of experienced players discussing a lot of stuff related to Farmville and also helping out other fellow farmers who are having any queries… Happy Farming!

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  1. Teresa Sedgwick - now don't go having a stroke. Why get so worked up:

    1. Over a game (that's all this is, a game. Are you this miserable in your "real life" too?)

    2. Over a game within the game? (no one is forcing you to play the quests. If you are so obsessed that you don't have the ability to choose what to do in the gae, isn't that more on you than Zynga?

    By the way, Zynga can't hear your bitching here. And they couldn't care less if you quit the game. In fact, don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.

  2. A suggestion for you. Time line does stink, but here is what I do. On the left side of your home page you will see your games, under that groups and under that you will see friends. Hover mouse just to the right of friends and you will see more. Click on that. Now on the top right you will see Create list. I have individual lists for all of my regular neighbors. So, on create list, put a name in, then in a new window you will see Add to this list. There, you start typing a name and it will find that friend. Create as many lists as you want, I find it best to keep everyone seperate. Then once lists are done, just open all, right click on a friend and open in new tab. Collect away.

  3. for me quest are the only funny thing that this game has right now:) so I want to thank you Dirt farmer for this blog and this help me to plan my quests:)

  4. if u would just go back throu the news feed to help ur neighbors they will help u u can get many of the quest itemes u need stop being so dam lazy & help & help urself that way

  5. The problem is when Zynga created the "invisible box" to store our Quest items WE COLLECT, Zynga also started TURNING OFF our ability to Collect from a Neighbor once they have been helped with all they need. ie. neighbor needs 9 items, and they collect 4 on their own and then 5 people help and click like, so you come along ready to "help AND collect" and Zynga says, "Sorry your neighbor has all they need." This has put me in a predicament as most of my neighbors are behind me in getting quests done and the ones ahead of me I am shut out of, so I have had to resort to MAJOR BEGGING to meet Quest Deadlines. I NEVER had trouble before and collected most of what I needed and HELPED A LOT of people who NEVER visit my page. Best thing to do is WRITE ZYNGA SUPPORT OR SUGGESTION PAGES ABOUT YOUR CONCERNS or learn what others are doing to improve your game. DIRT FARMER has a Link above to Zynga Support, so be sure to use it. I too have CREATED INDIVIDUAL LISTS and use the FARMVILLE ONLY NEWSFEED LINK https://www.facebook.com/?sk=app_102452128776 which I saved to my Favorites Bar so I can access it quickly, as well as each Dirt Farmer Current Quest, so I can refer to it during game play- works awesome and view appears normal without Timeline issues. :)

  6. hello FV people, I have been having trouble posting quests. I also can't claim anything posted by friends, the page just goes blank/white. FV doesn't automatically post for me any more. Help me, I need to finish the quests. Any suggestions?


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