The Perfect Pet: Unreleased Info

Hey FarmVille it's time to VOTE!!!
Just like our Ideal Vacation House...We now have our Perfect Pet

Just wait for the event to release

Place the PERFECT PET Feature on your Farm


Perfect Pet Houses Stage 1Perfect Pet Houses Stage 2Perfect Pet Houses Stage 3Perfect Pet Houses Stage 4Perfect Pet Houses Stage 5Perfect Pet Houses Stage 6

Perfect Pet Houses Stage 7Perfect Pet Houses Stage 8

Then ask your Friends to VOTE!!!

What you need to ask and what you get… the 2 options…

American Bobtail Cat

Suburban Cottage

Candle Tree

Artist Gnome

Marathon Tortoise

Farmer Horse

American Bulldog

Neon Building

Pink Diamond Tree

Jock Gnome

Marathon Hare

Fancy Horse



A Look at the hi-res animations of the 2 final Perfect Pet Houses

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  1. A Romel Tabang, do you get off by bullying people on the internet? Grow up.

  2. these look cute I hope we can do them as many times as we did the last one.

  3. I thought the Pet Run was for these types of animals....this is just something more to build.

  4. what ticks me off is u buy items from market using fc and then something comes up later and its free!

  5. Can't ask, if it WON'T post !! Grrrrrr..Zynga

  6. Jeez, SO MUCH WHINING.....I hope more of you do pack up and quit Farmville. Does it take sour grapes to make so much whine?

    Spoiled children.


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