DF Mastery Points Chart: Crops and Trees


    There seems to be a lot of confusion among the players regarding the mastery events and how many points are they supposed to get for the crops and trees… Adding to the confusion is the introduction of Groves for getting bonus mastery for trees… The Dirt Farmer has made simple charts that will try to show the exact mastery points that you should be receiving for the trees and the crops at various levels of Mastery bonuses…

    Let’s start with the trees… A regular tree on a regular day, without any bonus groves, or mastery bonus is considered to be 1x mastery as you are getting the exact promised values there… There are some things that you should remember when calculating the mastery points for trees:

    1. When calculating for trees, first check the number of grove bonus zones that orchard with the tree comes under… If you have 1 bonus zone for the orchard with the tree, you will get 100% bonus points, which means 2 points of mastery… Similarly, for orchard in 4 bonus zones, you will get 400% extra, or 5 bonus points of mastery… Calculating for these points is important before calculating the mastery multipliers…

    2. Another thing to understand here is that each mastery event will only mean that you get an additional point of mastery for every multipler… Like, on a regular day, you will get 1 point… On double mastery event (or with a mastery statue), you will get 1+1 point… On triple mastery, you will get 1+1+1 points (and not double of double mastery)… Every item (like mastery statues, or mastery bonus items like the Amex statue, etc) will add just another point to the sequence… Hence, if you harvest anything on a triple mastery event, along with a mastery statue, you will get 1 (regular) + 2 (for triple mastery) + 1 (for the statue), which comes to 4 points… This applies for the crops too…

    3. After calculating the groves bonus, you need to multiply that with the mastery that you are getting… In the existing example, if you have triple mastery and a mastery statue, you will fall under 4x category… That way, a 4 bonus zone orchard, which regularly gives 5 points, will give you 5x4 = 20 points of mastery on a single tree harvest inside 4 bonus zones… and if you have an orchard full with 20 trees, and 4 groves, and the triple mastery event along with the mastery statue, you get a whooping 400 mastery points...

    4. If you are still confused, just use the chart below for your calculations… Just make sure that when calculating the mastery, you first take the mastery event into consideration, and then add +1x to each extra mastery bonus giving item you have active, like Double Mastery statues… and then just follow the table as per the Grove Bonus Zones…

    Crops: Just 2 points to remember here… First, check if you are using bushels and getting bonus for that… Next, just understand point 2 in the above notes (for the tree points) and apply the same to the crops mastery table below… Should be simple if you get it once…

    Well, hope that the values are clear now and you won’t need to run your brains with confusion trying to know how much points you get with every harvest… Just follow the charts and you should be fine… If you have any questions or suggestions (or any errors to point out), just let us know on our Facebook Fan Page “The Dirt Farmer” , or else just join us in our discussion group “ASK the Dirt Farmer” where we have a lot of experienced players discussing a lot of stuff related to Farmville and also helping out other fellow farmers who are having any queries… Happy Farming!

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