Stallion Flower: A Fools crop by Farmville

Farmville sure knows how to give special attention to events around the world, and it has already proved it by making some wonderful market stuff available for most of the events till date… Come the 1st of April, Farmville is all set to release a new crop to celebrate Fools Day… Yes… A Stallion Flower crop that depicts a stallion with flowers being grown on our plots… Here are some early images for your reference…

Planted StageGrowing Stage 1Growing Stage 2
Fully GrownFully Grown & FertilizedWithered

Market Stall ImageStallion Flower Bushel

Some info about the crop:
  • The crop will only be in the market for 24 Hours
  • The crop can be planted by everyone as this is not a Farm Cash crop…
  • Requires 2 hrs to grow, 20 coins to plant, 43 coins on Harvest, it does not give any XP for planting…
  • The Mastery stats are: 150+300+600 = 1050 totally for 3 star mastery…
  • Can be planted on any farm…

So, are you going to plant this unique crop on your farm?

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  1. I wish that was real but I don't believe you. Or Zynga. Whoever is the real perpetrator of this.

  2. Sara, the crop is real, but you don't get a horse for it, hun. Just planted them myself

  3. there real if only they came out with more of the 2 hour crops MORE OFTEN.

  4. Already mastered it !!!

  5. it's not a joke, i've already planted mine


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