Running on Empty: How to get more Fuel

 Running on Empty
Note: Special thanks to Heather and Fiona for together putting up this well written article for the Dirt Farmer community…
Remember the days when you had to plow, harvest and plant one plot at a time. Then the miracle happened, FARM AIDES came along, and we’ve been hunting for fuel to run them every since.

There are many ways in Farmville to get fuel for those gas guzzlers and here are some of them.

Crafted Goods

Probably the easiest way is to make as many crafted goods as you can. If you have a fully upgraded crafting building, you can make 6 goods every 6 hours. If you’re not working on a quest, try to level up one good at a time. That means instead of making 6 different ones, make 6 of one type. The higher level your goods are the more fuel you receive from them when converting. For tips on maximizing your bushel production and thus making your personal crafting easier click here

Also buy the maximum amount of goods you can from your neighbors each day (100). If you have a lot of coins, then buy the most expensive they have for sale. If you’re low on coins then buy what you can afford. Just remember the higher the level is the more fuel you will get from it. This not only helps you out with the gas crisis, it also helps your neighbors to level up their crafts. Level 100+ goods can give up to 325 plots of fuel. An easy way to get a lot of fuel at minimal cost is to seek out neighbors who also need fuel, or are interested in leveling up their crafted goods. That way, you purchase from each other daily and the actual cost is minimal- just the tax that FV keeps on each purchase…

For true crafting aficianados, there is another option. It is now possible to place the winery, bakery and spa on every farm for coins. By placing all of these on every farm in addition to the farm specific crafting cottage, and planting and utilizing super crops to fill them as much as possible, you will be able to greatly increase your personal fuel production. (Thanks to Farmer CB for the tip)

Getting Fuel from the Feed

Grab as many sample goods as you can from your neighbour’s posts. Sample goods are Level 5 and give you 50 plots worth of fuel. They can also post goods when they level them up, if you’re lucky enough to get on of those, you get the true amount of fuel that good will give. For example, a crafted good at Level 125 will give you 325 units of fuel. Fuel samples can also be posted by neighbors while plowing (these give a small can) and can be posted to your wall by neighbors when they visit you and fertilize your plots.  You also get the equivalent of a small can when you are plowing (by hand, tractor or combine) and it asks you to post fuel to the wall…

Mystery Eggs

Mystery eggs can give you up to 20 fuel refills. White or brown eggs will give 1 refill, black 10 cans and gold and up will give 20 cans of fuel if you win. So grab as many as you can, and hit up the chicken coop when visiting your neighbours. Also bunny eggs now give fuel as well, usually one large can, so try to load up on them whenever you see them posted. You do not get to keep a mystery egg you find in your own coop, but do when you find one feeding a neighbor's chickens…

Daily Fuel Boost.

If you sign up for the daily fuel boost, Zynga will e-mail you either a large or small can of fuel each day. Just go and check your e-mail and click on the link. It’s not much but if you’re short on fuel then it’s better than nothing…


You can also obtain fuel by capturing gophers on your farm. Maria Sicillianno rewards you with one full fuel refill and Natalia Grey rewards you with 5 full fuel refills.



You can also make fuel in the craftshop. It’s relatively easy, but it takes 6 hours and requires 6 bushels for one small can. It doesn’t matter if all 6 stations are available, you can only make one can per craftshop at a time. Make sure to make goods in your crafting cottages first. There is a limit of 3 bushels purchased from each neighbor per day and using those purchases to make goods will yield significantly more fuel. Also, if you see a neighbor crafting fuel and asking for helpers on the feed, make sure to click the post. Most times, you will get a bushel, but occasionally you will get lucky and get the item being crafted…


Care Package

This option is seldom available, but when it is, you’ll find it on the Free Gifts page. You can send up to 100 neighbours a package that includes an Arborist, a Farmhand and 1 Tank of Fuel. There are different varieties of helping hands package, the other does not include fuel, so look closely to see if the one available does. Hopefully your neighbours will send them back…

Market Stalls

If you’re running low on fuel, then take the fuel option when neighbours buy your bushels. If 12 people buy bushels from you, you can get enough fuel for 180 plots. Again it’s not much but if you’re low on fuel, better than the experience or the coins…


Neighbor Visits

When you visit your neighbors and fertilize their crops you will receive the equivalent of a small can of fuel on random visits - if it asks you to post to their wall, you get some too… You can also harvest neighbors' gas pumps for a chance at fuel. If you get fuel by harvesting a neighbor's gas pump, you will be able to share some to your wall as well.

Farmville Express

Farmville Express, the mobile OS version of FV allows you to plow, plant and harvest without using any fuel. You can access Farmville Express via a smartphone, ipod or ipad. There are also extensions that will allow you to access express right from your desktop or laptop. Find out how here


When Farmville offers the "Get Crafty" Leaderboard, you have the opportunity to win bonus fuel for achieving goals with numbers of crafted goods during the duration of that leaderboard contest. All crafting cottages on all farms count toward this as well as the Craft Shop. Prizes include one fuel refill when you reach 3 crafted goods, ten fuel refills when you reach 20 crafted goods and thirty fuel refills when you reach 75 crafted goods. Keep an eye on your neighbors' walls as well during "Get Crafty" contests to catch posts of free fuel that they share when passing a neighbor in the contest.

Mini Games

Fuel is among the possible prizes that you can win from your daily free spin on the prize machine.


Planting Long Term Crops

This isn’t a way to obtain fuel but a way to conserve it. If you’re not questing maybe plant longer term crops, so you’re not using as much fuel. This will give you an opportunity to go about getting some stockpiled. Planting 4 hour crops is the fastest way to use up precious fuel. When you do this try to choose crops that are not usually found in quests but are used in crafting cottages. (For example watermelon, yellow melon and lavender are used in the winery). That way when you do harvest, more neighbors will buy those hard to come by bushels and you will be able to trade for fuel more often from your market stall…

Gas Pumps

Gas pumps are a multi stage buildable that can be bought from the market. Depending on the level to which yours is completed, you can harvest varying amounts of fuel every 48 hours.

Completed gas pump harvests for one fuel refill, after the first expansion it will harvest for two fuel refills and after the final expansion it will harvest for five fuel refills.

To get even more fuel, you can build one gas pump per farm.

Corner Gas Station on Farmer’s Square
Corner Gas Station
The Corner Gas Station on Farmer’s Square has given us a new way to get fuel. It costs 200 Square coins per harvest and as you level it up, it will give you more and more fuel in a shorter and shorter time. Up to 6 Fuel Refills every 4 hours  For a chart outlining how much fuel you get with each level and harvest times by level click  here & scroll to bottom of post 


1) Use the red SKIP button until you get orders for raw ingredients (can 

be used free every 30 min on each order)

2) Hover over the FS coin icon and find the ones that pay the most.

3) Use the coins to purchase the buildings and trade to harvest the


4) Level the buildings to get up to 6 FUEL REFILLS, every FOUR HOURS.

You have to troll the feed and take every advantage that you can. Remember though crafting goods and buying crafted goods, is the easiest way to obtain what you need. With another farm on the horizon, getting and keeping as much as you can is definitely to your benefit…

Well, hope that this topic has covered all major points on how to get the max fuel in the game… If you feel that there are some more options available, then please feel free to mention them in the comments below…

Would like to again thank Fiona and Heather for writing this article for the Farmville Community… 3 Cheers… and Happy Farming…

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  1. I ran out of fuel when I first started and vowed to never again...I crafted daily and bought daily...I now have over 15,000 units of I purchased the most expensive item from each neighbor, when I redeemed I received 138 units of fuel. It is so easy..I remember when Zynga didn't take a cut !

  2. My Spa has not been working for a few months now.Iv emailed Zinga and the presumably working on it! the meantime Im low as can be and in begging mode as well as doing everything else you have blogged here.Thank u :-) Frustrated Farmer Nolz

  3. Excellent submission and very valuable to the "newbies" out there.

    I have been "purchasing" the highest level craft item from my neighbors since it became an option and have a good store of fuel, the hubby on the other hand not so much so it is a running battle on who has the most, but then I have the most money too - LOL!

  4. Either there a mistake in this article or i am getting cheated on my fuel pumps cause they are maxed out as far as building but i only get 4 refill from them.


  5. It's difficult to get fuel from neighbors crafted goods when you only have 8-10 who are crafting goods! I used to have more than 40 neighbors crafting so I always had access to a large amount of fuel. No longer...10 neighbors, out of my more than 400 neighbors, crafting at most...I always buy the max amount but it's barely enough to complete one farm. Why isn't anyone crafting anymore or has Zynga limited the amount of neighbors I can buy from? The amount of fuel we receive is inadequate for the amount of farms and plots we have to work. Zynga needs to come up with more ways to receive more, much more, fuel in a lesser amount of time!

    1. Send me a friend request if you would like to be neighbors, I always have something for sale.

  6. I haven't been able to click on my neighbors fuel pumps for the last week or so, has anyone else had this problem?

  7. my problem is when I purchase any item over 100, zynga takes my coins but I don't get the item. I reported this to zynga who only said that they are aware of the problem and they are working on it. It has been months and it is still not fixed

  8. easiest way to get fuel... poi.. royal taro grows in 4 hours and poi only takes one ingredient

  9. I'm tired of accepting new neighbors thinking that they craft goods but hey only 9 of my neighbors do, so I've decided not to accept any more neighbors... what for?

  10. Anyone know what the inventory limit is on goods for fuel? I know that you can purchase goods from neighbors only if your inventory is less than 200, but that doesn't appear to be the actual capacity as you can continue to craft goods and the inventory exceeds 200. I had my inventory up to 1600+ at one point and finally got an "inventory is full" message, meaning my personal inventory. (Even when the personal inventory is exceeded, newly crafted goods continue to be added to the "for sale" inventory.) Recently, however, I allowed my personal goods inventory to drop into the 900s. When I got back to 940, I noticed that finishing new goods produced the "inventory is full" message. After a day or so, that limit edged up to 962. Zynga Customer Support is telling me that the capacity is only 200 and I know full well that is not correct as that 200 mark has applied only to the cut-off point for purchasing from neighbors. Can anyone tell me what the goods inventory capacity actually is?

  11. How do I sign up for email fuel....????

  12. How do we get the email for the fuel boost?

  13. how do we get the email for the fuel goost?

  14. Does anyone know the total capacity for fuel a farm can have ? I have fuel enough for 1,457,187 plots but I'm not sure if I have 978 fuel or 9781 - sometimes it shows 3 digits and sometimes 4. I was told that if I go over 9,999 my fuel level will reset to 0. Anyone have an answer pls ?


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