Mystery Game Prizes: 30th April, 2012

Mystery Game

Extinct Animals Theme

A new week, a new Mystery Game… This time, it’s a Extinct Animals theme in Farmville… All new animals… And a bird on Stick as a bonus prize…

Note: Images will load when they are on the game servers… Also, the sequence below might not be the final one, but we hope that it is true to our knowledge... Will be updated after the game goes live and we have confirmation...

Rare Rare Uncommon Uncommon Common Common
Caspian Tigers Cave Lions Aurochss Quaggas Moas Great Auks
Caspian Tiger Cave Lion Aurochs Bull Quagga Moa Great Auk

To complete the collection, the game includes the Carolina Parakeet as a Bonus prize for winning all the above 6 in the game…
Carolina Parakeets

So, are you going to play the Mystery Game this week?

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  1. I got the Moa ... love it as I live in New Zealand and one of our extinct birds

  2. I got 3 of the Aurochs, 2 cave lions,3 auk,7 moa, and 3 quagga, Not one of the tiger. What a rip off, You think with that many darts you would get at least one. This is why I do the quests so many time, for the darts, but this ridiculous.

  3. nope saving my darts for when we go to Japan and maybe get some animals I can use to further myself in the game


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